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Q&A: Thomson Airways - Montego woes
We flew from Montego Bay to Gatwick on a Thomson 767 having paid for premium seats . We were seated in row 2 which has a bulkhead immediately in front of it providing less legroom than in an economy seat. An uncomfortable fight and a waste of the extra cost. (13/04/2011)

Q&A: Thomson Airways - London to Dalaman
Can you please advise the aircraft type that would be used on a June flight from London Stansted to Dalaman by Thomson Airways. Thanks, Val (22/03/2011)

Q&A: Thomson Airways - Telephone waiting times
I am unable to contact you by phone as you tell me I could have to wait for up to 30 minutes! I am unable to reserve my seats on the internet. I have already booked seats 33A & 33b for the outward flight (TOM4512) on 3rd June. Please reserve same seats for return flight (TOM4513) on 17th June. I look forward to your confirmation. (21/03/2011)

Q&A: Thomson Airways - Exit row vs last row (Birmingham to Jamaica)

Q&A: Thomson Airways - Birmingham to Sharm El Sheikh

Q&A: Thomson Airways - Gatwick to Barbados

Q&A: Thomson Airways - Special assistance
Hi, We are travelling with Thompson Airways in March 2012, to Florida. We are travelling with our family including a 10 and 12 year old. Our eldest Grandson has diagnosed ASD, (Autism). After some considerable pusuading he agreed to go abroad after many years, to his younger brothers delight. However due to his condition, will he be allowed the seats for travellers with a medical condition. I await your reply. Yours, Mrs I L Smith (14/02/2011)

Q&A: Thomson Airways - Manchester to Antalya
Hi, I'm due to travel on 8th and 22nd feb manchester to antalya return are you able to confirm what type of aircraft will be used and alo the seating arrangements wether its 3-3 or 2-3-2 etc Thank you, Sam Ozcan (04/02/2011)

Q&A: Thomson Airways - Gatwick to Mombasa II
Good Morning, I am trying to view the seating plan for this flight we are taking on 25/07/2011. Can you help? Thank You, Jenny Clark (02/02/2011)

Q&A: Thomson Airways - Manchester to Sal (Cape Verde)
Can you tell me which aircraft fly Manchester to Sal, Cape Verde please? Thompson airways, I can't seem to find the flight. Thanks, Ron Newton (31/01/2011)

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