15 of the best airline safety videos


Seatplans compiles some of the best airline safety videos from carriers including Thomson, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand.

Thomson Airways

In 2009 leisure carrier Thomson Airways launched a safety video featuring children dressed as cabin crew members. To date the video has had nearly two million views on YouTube.

British Airways

British Airways recently unveiled a new safety video in aid of Comic Relief, featuring celebrities including Gordon Ramsay, Rob Brydon, Sir Ian McKellen and Thandie Newton.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin's safety demonstration from 2014 uses classic movie genres including the Wild West and James Bond to transform the humble safety video into an animated short film.


Air New Zealand

The Kiwi flag carrier has produced so many great safety videos it could have a page all to itself - just two examples are this video celebrating the third and final film in The Hobbit trilogy, and below it the "bare essentials of safety" with cabin crew sporting nothing but cleverly painted-on uniforms.


Air France

As you would expect from the French flag carrier, this video from 2015 is "tres chic", with passengers posing as catwalk models and lines like "your seatbelt must be securely fastened - it will elegantly highlight your waistline, while ensuring your safety".


Qatar Airways

Set in a packed football stadium, this video from 2015 stars footballers from the FC Barcelona team including Lionel Messi. Players can be seen demonstrating the brace position, while spectators are shown how to buckle their seatbelts in the stands.


Turkish Airlines

In 2016 Turkish Airlines launched an in-flight safety video featuring digital illusions created by US film maker and social media personality Zach King, including scenes where viewers are “flipped between reality and illusion” through digital sleight of hand tricks.


This Delta safety video "game" features animated versions of sports stars including Serena Williams, Chelsea player Gary Cahill and Major League Baseball stars, as they score points by completing various elements of the safety demonstration.



The Australian carrier's latest safety video showcases “everyday Australians in unique destinations across every state and territory”, with scenes including a window washer advising passengers how to fasten their seatbelts while cleaning the Q1 Tower in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland.

American Airlines

This stylised video from 2016 uses mirrors, shadows and lighting to create an intriguing safety demonstration which tricks the eyes - watch out for the pair of hands doubling up as a passenger's seat belt.


Bangkok Airways

This safety video from 2012 initially has the feel of a Eurovision song contest entry, with cabin crew dancing in front of one of the carrier's aircraft and lyrics like "You're my sunshine you know you make me fly", before settling into a more standard safety demo.



The Gulf carrier's video from 2011 uses animation to keep the passenger's attention, with the help from FREEJ, the Emirati three-dimensional computer animated television series for children.



The flag carrier used Iceland's beautiful natural landscape as the backdrop for this 2014 video, with scenes featuring mountains, volcanoes, beaches and waterfalls.


Pegasus Airlines

This video from 2015 is conveyed through the eyes of a child, who sees guests onboard as Marvel characters including Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Each hero uses their superpowers to display the rules as well as showing guests what to do in the event of an emergency.

By Mark Caswell