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Q&A: Thomson Airways - Manchester to Cancun (MAN-CUN)

Published: 21/07/2010   RSS


Dear Seatplans,

Myself and my partner will be flying out from Manchester to Cancun on 11/10/10 for two weeks, could you advise which aircraft we will be flying on? We are going with Thomson, but looking on the website it could one of two types of aircraft. I would like to pre-book my seats but seat configurations are different, also showing row 9 as having no window! That's a must for my boyfriend, it was the main reason I booked (secretly) premium class so I could choose where we sit, (I'll tell him at the airport when he joins the wrong queue!)

Many thanks

Sharon Riley

(21/07/10) replies:

Dear Sharon,

Thanks for your note, we must confess we didn’t know about row nine as we haven’t been onboard Thomson’s 767 for a while, but there should be an easy way to avoid a windowless journey. Thomson’s premium cabin is laid out 2-3-2, so simply pick seats A and B or F and G as far forward as possible.

The seatplans show cabins with five, nine and 10 rows of premium seats. We suggest anything ahead of row seven in the larger cabins to be sure.

If none of these are available, an alternative would be to sit in the middle section, then you at least have a distant view out of someone’s window.

In any case remember that there’s not a lot to see crossing the southern part of the Atlantic, particularly at night on the way back!

Have a great time and please report back to us.


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