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Q&A: Thomson Airways - Gatwick to Barbados

Published: 12/08/2010   RSS


My wife and I will be flying to Barbados as part of a P&O Cruise deal to join the cruise ship Azura.

We have been notified that the flight is TOM034 from Gatwick on 10 December 2010.

Can you please tell me what aircraft will be used for this journey so that when I get my

E Ticket I will know what preferred seats I would like to book.

Many thanks

Mr G. Jones

(04/08/10) replies:

Dear Mr Jones,

If all had gone well, your cruise might have had the added bonus of flying to Barbados on the new Boeing 787s that Thomson has ordered. Unfortunately, the aircraft hit a few design snags and is two years behind schedule.

The best we can say at the moment is that your flight will be on a Boeing 767, which is Thomson’s current long-haul aircraft type. There is an added complication that your flight may be a P&O charter, in which case seat reservations will be down to them rather than Thomson Airways. We suggest you check with P&O.

On Seatplans you will see several types and layouts of 767s listed. We can narrow this down slightly in that it is extremely unlikely that you will fly on the 328-seat version, as this is used for short-haul flights on busy routes.

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