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Seatplan rating 4.4


  • Boarding 5.0
  • Seat for sitting 4.5
  • Seat for sleeping 2.5
  • Service 3.8
  • Entertainment 2.0
  • Food & drink 3.0
  • Punctuality 6.8
  • Baggage 7.3

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SLee613 flew China Southern Airlines Economy, on a A330-300 (20/01/2013 04:29)

We just returned from a month's trip to NZ and flew lhr-can-auk return. we paid at least 25% less than any other airline and were worried about what to expect. We 'd heard service was bad, no individual entertainment consoles, no food (from two sources!!) etc. However we were really impressed with most parts of the journey.

Upgraded first leg to premium economy (slept most of the way....), had a quick 3 hour power nap at the Pullman airport hotel at Guangzhou then on to Auckland in regular economy. On return we got separated (their check-in IT for seating system is not good!) so we were given Emergency exit together instead.

Ok the staff are not particularly engaged (except the staff who answer the phone in London and Auckland who were the most polite airline staff I have ever dealt with (except in the good old Virgin Airlines day!). The food isn't brilliant, but i order veggie which was very fresh tasting with lots of tropical fruit.

All in all we'd definitely recommend them as a good, reliable, cheap alternative to the others. It's not fancy but good enough.



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KCai564 flew China Southern Airlines Premium Economy, on a A330-300 (13/10/2012 23:48)

Flown Premium Economy with China Southern twice, once from Melbourne to Seoul and another Melbourne to Chengdu. Must admit their low season fares are cheaper than most. However, their seats are a major complaint for me. First, you can't recline much. Second, there is no "wing" on the seat to allow you to sleep properly. Because of these two weaknesses, it is almost impossible to get any sleep - which is a major problem as both of these flights leave at 11.30pm.

Their entertainment system is really bad - the screen is like 3m away from your seat and the choices of movies are few and lousy. Food - you get the same choice as those flying Economy - extremely bad (dry and yukky).

Would I fly Premium Economy again?, probably yes if they are cheap.



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M.Godfrey flew China Southern Airlines Premium Economy, on a A330-300 (08/05/2012 08:10)

I just flew for the first time with China Southern: Premium Economy return Perth-Guangzhou-Paris-London.

What a rip off! What bad service! I have a whole catalogue of complaints. Having had to book the flight urgently, I unfortunately had no time to look at website critiques of the airline.

My main beef is the standard of PE seating. There was a mere 10cm extra leg room. The seat was just as narrow as that of economy class, reclining only about 10 degrees ... US $2,000 extra just for that?! All other appointments and facilities were as for Economy.

I needed to contact the airline in the week prior to my departure. I rang head office 3 times and was met by 20-minute phone queues that I gave up on each time. I then emailed the ‘Contact Us’ link on its website – my email was returned to me as ‘address invalid’.

I’d made advanced requests for a special meal and an aisle seat. Neither occurred on the outward journey.
I spent hours of transit time in Guangzhou/Paris queuing at the airline’s counter to rectify the unmet requests,
but this could only be made possible for the return flight.

The standard of spoken English in the terminals and on board was poor, and I sensed a distinct lack of enthusiasm and caring attitude.

As there’s no PE Paris-London, for that leg my ticket stated a compensatory ‘Business Class’. Yet there were no business class seats on the plane – hence I was seated in economy.

The airline proclaims ‘boarding priority’ for PE. In the 6 boardings, not once was PE called out in advance.

I also discovered later that “Sky Pearl, Gold and Silver Card accommodation and food service is available when irregular flights happen” i.e. use of the Business-Class lounge during delays. One leg of my flight was delayed 5 hours (inclement weather). I wasn’t aware at the time of this upgrade to the lounge, yet no such offer was made to me by airline staff.

The in-flight entertainment selection was very limited and featured a vast majority of Chinese films/music this, on international flights. The food was forgettable. At each meal, I had to ask for the bread to fill my blank bread plate. Coffee is only served black with sugar in a flimsy plastic mug; I separately requested coffee with milk and no sugar, after 30 minutes it arrived in the same mug.

I was served breakfast towards the end of a leg in which most passengers slept. The cabin staff placed my meal down and didn’t try to wake me. An hour later, I woke to a cold meal with barely enough time in which to eat it as the plane had started descending.

I’ve flown some lousy airlines from Bolivia to Sudan, and with the old Aeroflot. They all rank badly for service. I’m not saying that China Southern is the worst outfit I’ve used. But, any more experiences such as this, it’ll be hard to decide which was.

Mike Godfrey,



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dhesford flew China Southern Airlines Premium Economy, on a A330-300 (10/11/2011 12:36)

Flight from Wuhan to Guangzhou to Sydney in Premium Economy.

The quality of service on the Chinese mainland flight was vastly superior to that of the long all international flight. On the domestic flight there is a benefit in premium econcomy. On the long hall flight this was non existent and not worth the premium requested.

You get a bottle of water in domestic, nothing in economy unless you ask and then the service was exceptionally poor. The same meal served on a domestic 1.5 hour flight was the same served for an international flight.

In comparison to Virgin or Qantas one would never recommend China Southern with no personal inflight video or non existent service.



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