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Class rating 6.8


  • Boarding 7.3
  • Seat for sitting 7.0
  • Seat for sleeping 4.9
  • Service 6.4
  • Entertainment 6.3
  • Food & drink 5.3
  • Punctuality 7.9
  • Baggage 7.7
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So you've decided to pay the extra - or are not prepared to pay for Club World business. Either way, World Traveller Plus (WTP), the British Airways premium economy seat was designed for you.

The seat pitch is 38 inches (the distance from the back of your seat cushion (where it meets the upright support) to the back of the seat in front of you), the seat cushion width is 18.5-inches and the angle of seat maximum recline is 7". Overall length of seat back upright is 26-inches, large enough for, well, larger flyers, and providing much more comfort than the economy seat in a smaller cabin.

Depending on the aircraft, the configuration (how the seats are arranged) is either:

  • 2-4-2 (Boeing 747 and 777)
  • 2-2-2 (767)

WTP also offers

  • Noise reducing headsets
  • Enhanced amenity bag – to include pen and ear plugs
  • Choice of either the Daily Mail or the Telegraph newspaper
  • Fabric cushion and headrest cover

In WTP you used to get the same meal as in World Traveller (economy). That has changed and now you get one of the Club World (business) meals. Nevertheless, the main reason - some would say only reason - to fly WTP is for the larger seat. Other than that, it's an World Traveller (ie: economy) experience. If you are a member of the BA Executive Club you earn more tier points and miles than in economy, but then, you paid more for it as well.

Wondering which is the best seat to choose in WTP?

You need to look at the seatplans we have on this site (click the "Seat plans" tab above).

Remember to reserve a seat you will either have to pay extra, or fly enough that you get a BA Exec Club Card - though the rules on seat reservations are complicated.

Alternatively, click the tab above "Tried & Tested" to read several in-depth reviews of flying WTP written by the editorial staff of Business Traveller magazine, or "User Reviews" to read unedited reviewes written by flyers such as yourself.

And once you've flown, come back and rate your flight - the best reviews win prizes - see the home page of this website to see previous winning reviews and the latest reviews posted this week.

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World Traveller Plus (premium economy)

User reviews

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JohannesWidodo flew British Airways World Traveller Plus (premium economy), on a B747-400 Mid J

World Traveller Plus seat is a must for a long distance intercontinental flight, rather than the cramped World Traveller (Economic) class seat. Few degrees inclination and few more inches of seat width do really matter in making the long flight more bearable - with a reasonable fee addition. The plane is an old Boeing 747, which has been retired by other airlines like... more




Slotski flew British Airways World Traveller Plus (premium economy), on a B747-400 Mid J

Flew LHR to Las Vegas. As a BAEC silver member I used both the BA Galleries South Lounge and lounge at the B gates. The former was very busy but we managed to find seats easy enough. Hot food included a couple of curries, baked spuds and chilli. These we're being cleared away around 2pm but there were various salad and sandwiches available. I managed to grab two... more




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