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Class rating 6.5


  • Boarding 7.0
  • Seat for sitting 7.3
  • Seat for sleeping 1.8
  • Service 7.5
  • Entertainment 1.7
  • Food & drink 6.6
  • Punctuality 7.5
  • Baggage 4.8
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Club Europe is British Airways' business class product for the short-haul market.

The seat pitch is generally 34 inches, the seat width 19 inches (between armrests) and the angle of maximum seat recline is seven inches. Note that on some aircraft, these figures differ. For instance on Boeing 737 aircraft, the seat pitch is less than 34 inches.

Club Europe is configured 2-2, with the middle seat always left vacant, guaranteeing a window or aisle seat.

Note that on the Embraer fleet at London City Airport, seating throughout is 2-2 with no space between Club Europe seats.

Update December 2013: BA is thought to be reducing legroom in the Club Europe cabin on Airbus aircraft. It is understood to be cutting four inches of space from each row, meaning that the seat pitch will be the same as Economy. Seats B and E will continue to be blocked off.

This will increase capacity from the current 135-168 to 172, meaning that BA can make more of a challenge to the likes of Easyjet.

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Club Europe

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norbert2008 flew British Airways Club Europe, on a B737-400

Check in was perfect no wait in premium section, no fast track any more it seems but quick through nearest lane. Lounge, sandwiches very poor only 3 types and not good for everyone's taste at all. Were not changed during the 1.5 hours there. Nothing much else to eat only soup, (wrong label) boring cheese and some coleslaw. Lounge very busy with weekenders I suppose.... more




Slotski flew British Airways Club Europe, on a A319

Flew MLA-LGW, on an ex-bmi A319. The seating was inferior to the outbound flight on the old B737-400. We only paid £239 return in Club Europe, for a +3 hour flight, cant grumble, but would grumble to pay typical £350-400 required currently. We sat in seats A and C with the middle seat turned into a drinks tray, the width was fine, but the legroom was pathetic,... more




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