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Seatplan rating 5.9


  • Boarding 6.6
  • Seat for sitting 6.2
  • Seat for sleeping 0.2
  • Service 6.2
  • Entertainment 4.4
  • Food & drink 4.4
  • Punctuality 7.4
  • Baggage 4.8

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GailLayh flew Virgin Australia Economy (short haul), on a B737-700 (22/11/2012 01:23)

Have flown long haul Melbourne to LA and Australian domestic with Virgin before and they are acceptable but will never again fly short haul international with them.

We travelled with 2 young children (aged 1 & 2) to Denpasar and on both trips were put in the last few rows at the back.

There are about 170 seats in economy and 2 toilets at the rear of the plane (only one with a change table). This meant the queue for the toilets extended beyond our seats for most of the trip and you couldn't even get out of your seat to queue for the toilet or change the baby.

It was also impossible to just get out of the seat and walk for a short period with the children (or even to stretch our own legs).

When checking in for the return flight, we specifically asked for a seat closer to the front due to the issues we experienced on the earlier flight and were told Row 24 was the first available row (there were 30 rows on the plane) despite the fact that we were amongst the first in the queue to check in 3 hours prior to departure.

Obviously their policy is to put young children at the back of the plane with no consideration for the problems it causes. So, we had a repeat of the same issues .

On the return trip, the internal handle on one toilet door was missing so you had to move the engaged sign to green and wait for a steward to open the door from the outside. This was also the one toilet with a change table.

Stewards appeared to be amused by the problem. Our departure time for the return trip was scheduled for 10:05pm. Before we left Australia, this was changed to 10:30pm. The day before the flight it was changed to 8:50pm.

After passing through the final security and waiting to board, at 8:35pm we were informed it had been put back to 10:30pm. We had been at the airport since 5:45pm.

We had armrests that would not stay up during flight and the seats barely reclined at all. These are domestically fitted planes and are totally inadequate for a 51/2 to 6 hour international flight. Absolutely not worth the savings on the fare. This was our 30th trip to Bali and our first and last with Virgin.



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angel83 flew Virgin Australia Economy (short haul), on a B737-700 (20/05/2011 11:53)

Arguably Australia's best low cost carrier for internal flights. Virgin prides itself globally for customer service, and have never failed me once internally in Australia. The staff always are smiling and genuinely happy to have you on board, and go the extra mile to make sure the comfort and safety of its passengers come first.

The only minuses it gets are that you have to pay additional for food & drinks, inflight entertainment and for baggage. These should be inbuilt into the airline fee. Otherwise a great airline to fly with!!!



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PaulOxley flew Virgin Australia Economy (short haul), on a B737-700 (22/07/2010 12:14)

Friendly crew, flight left on time and I got one of the better seats up the pointy end.



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Sweeney flew Virgin Australia Economy (short haul), on a B737-700 (23/01/2010 01:47)

SYD-BNE, on-time, good service and decent seat pitch made for a good flight.



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EdmundCarew flew Virgin Australia Economy (short haul), on a B737-700 (15/02/2009 09:20)

Not as good as the 737-800. It appeared that the seat pitch was one centimetre less.



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