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Class rating 3.8


  • Boarding 5.2
  • Seat for sitting 2.6
  • Seat for sleeping 2.0
  • Service 3.0
  • Entertainment 2.2
  • Food & drink 2.8
  • Punctuality 6.2
  • Baggage 6.7
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Economy seating is branded as Coach on short-haul flights and plain Economy on long-haul services.

Short-haul: Coach class on US Airways is a basic product which provides a seat and little else. There is an onboard pay menu, although soft and hot drinks are provided free.

You will also pay for checked-in baggage when travelling short-haul, with rates starting at $23 for the first checked in bag or $25 when bought at the airport.

US Airways allows seat reservations for a price under its ChoiceSeats option, but note that these do not offer extra legroom. Instead, these are window or aisle seats at the front of the economy section that allow you to disembark first.

On Long-haul flights, Economy passengers travelling to Europe are allowed one checked-in bag free. On flights to South America and the Middle East, a second bag is free except at key travel periods.

Long-haul flights are full service, i.e. food and drink is free, although you will pay for alchoholic drinks. There is a choice of two entrees and special meals can be ordered.

Entertainment systems depend on where you are flying to and which aircraft you are on. Boeing 757s and 767s flying from Philadelphia to Alaska and on routes to Hawaii have overhead screens, as do these aircraft used on routes to Europe and South America. On demand entertainment in economy is only offered on the Airbus A330.

Customers can also pay for Choice Seats at the front of the aircraft and in exit rows on selected flights. The price for this service varies based on flight length, destination and time of day. You can buy a Choice Seat between the time you book your flight to when you check-in. Also, if you're Dividend Miles Preferred, you can still book exit row seats without a fee.


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lonoallii flew US Airways Coach, on a A320

last row, to find seat broken with arm rest removed, DTW-PHX-PANC 10.5 hrs sitting in the full upright position with the jagged metal and plastic from the removed arm rest. Should I ever be faced with this decision again I will deplane. more




ThomasK3 flew US Airways Coach, on a B767-200ER

We took this aircraft from Zurich to Philadelphia and it was the longest 9 hours of my life. No seat back tv's (even though it's a Transatlantic flight), gross food, rude flight attendants, and sting jet stream against us. When you add all of those things up you get our flight on the US Airways 767-200ER transatlantic from Zurich to Philadelphia. more




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