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Class rating 8.9


  • Boarding 7.5
  • Seat for sitting 9.5
  • Seat for sleeping 8.0
  • Service 9.5
  • Entertainment 9.0
  • Food & drink 9.0
  • Punctuality 9.0
  • Baggage 9.5
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mikehuber flew Turkish Airlines Comfort Class (19/07/2013 18:53)

I use Turkish Airline as prefered airline specialy for the their comfort class.

Starting my long haul flights from Hamburg even going to sao paulo I took the routing Hamburg -Istanbul -sao paulo . because of their excellent comfort class. I always had to stay overnight in Istanbul but Turkish Airline provided hotel including transport between airport and hotel free of charge. When you leave customs after arrival you turn right to the end you´ll find the Turkish airline hotel desk. Just head for starbucks.

Sorry that Turkish Airline is discontinuing the service of comfort class. A lot of frequent travellers will have to find another airline now. Sorry for Turkish Airlines they will have to find new customers for replacement.



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SBingham flew Turkish Airlines Comfort Class, on a B777-300ER (27/11/2011 13:59)

Tried Turkish airlines new comfort class from IST to HKG.

The airport experience was ok but I think that was due to flight not being busy. The new cabin is quite large and the seats have plenty of room, 46inches.

I was in row 11 so had extra space. We received business class amenity bags which had all the usual items, we took off about 15 mins late but once in the air the stewardess came round and took drink orders shortly after it arrived with canapés.

The menu consisted of Turkish meze which on this flight was chicken salad and another plate with prawns and chicken both quite large in themselves, the main course was also chicken roasted with mash potato all were great and very filling, this was followed by dessert and cheese and biscuits if I had not been hungry I could not have managed it all.

We had a nice friendly crew on this flight with bottles of water handed out and responded to call bells. This was a night flight so service was swift and lights lowered as soon as service was over. All seats have there own tv screens and excellent choice of films and tv programmes.

The seat was comfortable but still nothing beats a flat bed. 2 hours before arriving into HKG we were served a hot breakfast which was also delicious.

Landed on time and bags arrived quickly, all in all a very pleasant flight.



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