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Seatplan rating 8.2


  • Boarding 9.1
  • Seat for sitting 8.2
  • Seat for sleeping 5.6
  • Service 8.7
  • Entertainment 8.4
  • Food & drink 7.8
  • Punctuality 8.9
  • Baggage 8.6

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BobbySamelakPain flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (11/04/2014 13:03)

Me and wife travelled to Mexico for our honeymoon. We had travelled with Thomson before and on the whole were satisfied with their service. When we booked our holiday we were informed we would be on the Dreamliner. My wife couldn’t contain her excitement and insisted on Premium Economy.

So a year later, October 2013 had arrived. The first signs were very encouraging. At Gatwick North, Thomson have a separate check-in for Premium Economy. We did get some stares from the economy passengers but as this was a honeymoon we could justify the expensive. We then discovered we were going through the Premium Security channel – our hand luggage had already been scanned before we got to the end. The staff were impeccable. It didn’t feel like a meat factory herding cattle into lanes!

Once our flight was ready for boarding, the Premium passengers got on first – we could hear mutters from the other passengers saying ‘lucky so and so’s’. The thing that amazed me was the height of the cabin – seriously there’s plenty of headroom. Overhead baggage compartments are massive.

The seats themselves look plush. There was a pampering kit from Rituals (never heard of them) with the usual earplugs etc and a blanket. Seating down was interesting. Except for row 1, the armrests protrude so far out that it’s a real challenge trying to get into your seat. Pitch recline is virtually minimal and that means you can’t sleep comfortably. Leg room is generous.

We had a complimentary take-off drink and before we knew it, the plane took off. It’s no exaggeration that people have said it’s quiet. There’s still noise but it’s subdued. Looking out from our windows the engines looked magnificent and the sweeping wing design is beautiful. The windows are the most novel aspect of the plane – they’re bigger and use some kind of system that dims them. It’s quite impressive.

The stewards and stewardesses couldn’t do enough for us. Drinks galore and the meals were better than average served with proper cutlery. Makes a nice change to plastic.

Getting sleep on the plane though is virtually next to impossible because of the poor incline. They really should have given some more thought with the armrests that contains the IFE. The IFE itself was comprehensive and with some spare charging ports, we watching films from our phones.

My concern was flying back from Mexico. The plane had developed a fault (pretty normal for a new plane). The engineers had to call Thomsons at Manchester airport to get technical advice! Our cabin was the source of the error (I hasten I had nothing to do with it!) so we off the plane for five hours lounging around the airport which was nice. A towel and hair dryer fixed the problem (wiring inside the plane had condensation). Finally we were back on the plane and eight hours later back in the UK.

On the whole we were happy with premium economy and the wife must have really been impressed as she said Virgin PE paled into comparison. Hopefully Virgin will up the ante with their Dreamliners soon. I would hesitate about flying long haul on the Dreamliner because of the poor recline and armrests – everything else is near to perfect.



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WendyNicholson2 flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (04/04/2014 15:22)

The a/c was a very nice experience, service,timing excellent.
One negative is the seat leg support is in my view unsafe because of the angle it cuts off the blood supply to the lower legs , it needs to higher or have a foot rest as the weight is all on the back of the leg, my legs /feet were swollen to an extend I have not experience before, I am a very experience long haul flier.of 40 years.

I really recommend you address this medically dangerous situation. I survived and would fly Thompson again .

Well done to the crew who were well above my expectation in their approach and service attitude.



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StevenKennedy flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (31/10/2013 23:32)

Myself,my wife my daughter and son arrived at Manchester on Friday 27th September at about 7.45am for our flight on the Dream liner to Sanford.

The queue for Premium was only 4 people long, staff were very pleasant. We got through very quickly and were fast tracked through security too.

We boarded on time ,found our seats and settled in. The cabin crew were really helpful.We were offered a glass of champagne or orange juice and a newspaper.

The Premium seats are huge and have lots of legroom, the entertainment is a fold out screen with more content than you can ever watch,even on a long haul flight. Films etc can be paused so you don't miss chunks of your movies during meals or toilet breaks.

The plane is out of this world ,really spacious and airy. It is also really fast on take off. we actually overtook planes over the Atlantic as the Dream liner is faster than older planes. It actually knocks about 40 minutes off each leg of the journey.

Outbound we flew on Living The Dream [TUI-A], inbound was on TUI-D [no name]

We arrived early and were through Sanford airport really quickly [as usual],

Our return journey started in the Royal Palm Lounge at Sanford, where we had complimentary hot and cold drinks also snacks. It was really peaceful and relaxing, we watched Oz the great and powerful in the cinema room where the time passed really quickly. We boarded without a hitch again and settled in for the dreaded night flight home which seemed to go really fast.

The whole experience on the Dream liner was so enjoyable, the service, the entertainment, the food, the complimentary drinks and most of all that wonderful plane which Thomson are very proud of and rightly so.

We cant wait to go on it again and will make sure its premium again. thank you Thomson !!!!!!



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James999 flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (11/10/2013 14:55)

Glasgow to Cancun in Sept 2013
First of all, let me start by saying all this hype about the Dreamliner is unjustified. The plane is a newer version of some of the older Boeings with a few new touches. The Dreamliner is quieter and smoother and brighter but the seats are no better or wider than the old planes. The footrest is not comfortable and the incline of the seat-back is lesser than before. The windows are the best bit. Large, clear and electronically adjustable, superb!!! The crew worked their socks off on both outbound and inbound. Credit to them. But the biggest gripe I have is the luggage. On both journeys we waited ages before getting our luggage despite being Premier Class and have priority luggage loading and unloading. A total waste of time. Thomson are trying hard to improve things in the charter market but they still have long way to go before they can say they are the best.



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simon_myt flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (11/10/2013 12:12)

Gatwick check in very quick and access to Premium Gatwick was very good. Flight was 2 hours late due to late incoming flight into Gatwick from Manchester and the weather was awful causing delays.

Boarding very easy and crew very polite, instantly aware of how spacious the cabin was.

We had seats 1A and 1C for both the outbound and inbound, the extra legroom was a bigger bonus. Take off was quick and very quiet. Bar service started almost immediately and carried on for the whole flight.

Meal served on proper china and was very tasty. After about 7 hours sitting the seat did become a bit uncomfortable, but the IFE was good enough to take mind off it, plus the views outside through the extra large windows were great!

Equally good on the return journey, however the recline on the seat was terrible!! And sleeping was near impossible.

All in all Thomson have made a great effort in improving there premium product and feel its great value for money, will definately use agin.



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Scoundy_UK flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (03/10/2013 13:40)

Flew TOM126 MAN-SFB on 13/09/13 (G-TUIC), returning TOM127 SFB-MAN 27/09/13 (G-TUIA)

I had been looking forward to flight for very many years, having followed the 787’s progress and watched as Thomson slowly got its airplanes.

Check in at Manchester very quick and efficient. Had priority lane ticket for Security, but the terminal was very quiet so didn’t actually need it. Premium customers were first to board. We were in 5A & C. Had a pre-flight glass of bubbly – unfortunately one of cabin crew spilled one of the glasses over me and my seat, but a sincere apology given, cleaned quickly and no harm done.

The cabin was bright and airy, but already starting to look like it could do with a really good clean. Take off was incredibly smooth, as was the whole flight, minimal turbulence. The seats are firm, but comfortable. The footrest is a waste of time for anyone of my height as, fully extended, feet still on the floor. TV unit and tray table were easily accessed. Outbound, the crew did a manual safety demonstration (I like that!) but on the way back it was that awful one that Thomson use the children. Premium customers had to get their TV units out during taxi, and then stow for take off; bit of a pain. Also, no one told us where to plug the (rather excellent) headsets and it’s not immediately obvious. Lots of people fumbling about looking for the socket. It’s on the vertical bit of the TV stowage cabinet, between the seats. But the choice of entertainment, films, TV, games, juke box was excellent. I notice after a while though that I was getting a pain in my neck. The TV unit is low down.

We got a demo of the cabin lights, and the electronic window shades. All very good.

Bar/snack service very good, plenty of top up’s. Crew all nice and helpful. Then we were given a menu card with our 3 meal choices on – and that’s where the wheels came off. By the time they got to us, row 5, there was just one choice left. I was staggered that they could have run out so quickly. There was a lot of grumbling from people behind me, and the crew ended up going and getting some Economy cabin meals for us instead. This also happened the last two times I’d flown PE with Thomson.

But after that blip, everything went as expected. Landing was incredibly smooth – best ever I think. Because all passengers disembarked through the front left door at SFB, Premium customers were first through Immigration, but it did seem like our bags were last off the baggage belt.

On return, checkin was fine, no fast lane for security this time and it’s not great at SFB. But then straight into the complimentary Palms Lounge and the time went quickly. PE passengers were first to board, but because it was again through front left door, all economy passengers also had to walk though. The crew did a great job of shepherding these passengers and still managed to serve pre-flight drinks.

Service throughout was good – crew seemed a bit friendlier. But had exactly blip with the food choice – ran out again by the time they got to me, so ended up having some rice and veg. Nice, but when you’re presented with a menu, and make a choice, you can’t help being a tad disappointed. I complained to the Cabin Manager, who was sympathetic and supportive. Had a good chat to one of the crew about her work and the new aircraft. Managed to get about 4 hours sleep (miracle for me)

Landing again fine. I still had my time-zone jet lag, but did feel much better after the flight than normal. Clearly, Boeings claims about the better air quality are true.

Thomson are my charter of choice, and I would definitely recommend everyone to try and get onboard a 787. But prices for Premium are creeping up and very expensive on some routes. Not sure I’d really want to pay more than £250 each for what you get though.



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thecartoonman flew Thomson Airways Standard Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (29/09/2013 17:29)

I recently took a short holiday to Menorca and on arrival at the gate at Gatwick North, was pleasantly surprised to see one of Thomson Airways new 787-8 Dreamliners waiting for us, obviously on a flight/cabin crew training short haul flight.

The flight was barely 2 hours, so cannot comment on comfort levels over, say a nine hour flight, but the seat pitch at 33/34 was good and made for a nice amount of leg room, and is more than you will find on many 'long haul' carriers in Y.

The windows are noticeably larger and the crew gave us a 'disco' light show in the cabin and with the 'dimming' windows, which was impressive, and you did have a feeling of quite a lot of space and very large overhead lockers, which easily took everyone's hand luggage.

We flew at 43,000 feet which is higher than normal and might well ensure you are above much of any bad weather below, all in all, it was a very comfortable flight and the 787 will no doubt prove to be a popular aircraft.

We were all pleased to hear on arrival that in a week's time we should be on the 787 again, and this was correct, while it was noticeable that many passengers were looking to make sure we were on the 787, at the moment it is only creating good reviews for Thomson.

In full BA configuration, it should be a pleasant way to while away 8+ hours.



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ElaineStanley flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (09/09/2013 14:03)

We were very excited to fly the Thomson Dreamliner from Gatwick to Antalya on 29th August 2013. We decided to road test the Premium seats as we're planning a trip to Florida and wanted a direct comparison with Premium Economy on our normal airline of choice, Virgin Atlantic.

POSITIVES: very comfortable seat (once you'd managed to get in it!) Snazzy, very user friendly, touch screen entertainment system with TV screens housed in fixed central arm rest, more snazzy knobs and buttons to control mood lighting for those in window seats, which we were. Big windows provided great viewing opportunities for all.

VERY BIG NEGATIVES: I'm 50 years old, 5ft 4"and weigh 8st 12lbs, I consider myself fit, nimble and physically adept however entering the seat required an above average ability to contort! The central console housing the entertainment system protrudes to such a significant degree it severely impacts on the space left between the seat in front. Exiting the seat required more contortionistic skills. The person next to me (my daughter) needed to get out of her aisle seat otherwise she would have, quite literally, had my boobs in her face! Exiting your seat facing the seat in front of you would be akin to an impressive limbo dance!

Strangers sitting together would struggle (perhaps!) with the intimacy these seats impose on their owners! Worse still, despite these seats having a miserly maximum recline of 2" when the seat in front is "reclined" you become a virtual prisoner in your seat.

Luckily, the passengers in front were my husband and 6ft 5" high son. Each time I needed to get up from my seat I had to request they put their seats back to upright. If this were a night flight, it would be impossible not to disturb the person next to you or in front of you unless you were in an aisle seat or row 1 (which my husband and son were and they had a lovely experience).

I'm truly surprised these seats passed the H&S tests, how, in an emergency, people could exit this seat design in a swift, unencumbered manner is beyond me. My last moan is why, despite the technological advancements available to us, can we not have an airplane loo door that's opens and closes quietly or more desirably, silently!

Future flyers, AVOID, at all costs, the last row in premium, (seat J I think) you'll be right next to the loo in a seat with no window view, the cacophony of loo noises (and we all make'em I know) will be inescapable. You'll also be the first in line to experience the aromas!

GOOD BITS: Staff were great, friendly, helpful, up beat. Plane food was above average for plane food. Flight time was reduced by 40 minutes and no delays. Would we use Thomson in favour of Virgin Atlantic for Premium long-haul? NO. The restrictions this seat design imposed on my ability to extricate myself in and out of my seat is untenable.

To discuss



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kevinEMMERSON flew Thomson Airways Standard Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (28/08/2013 17:29)

Went to Mexico on the dreamliner, was looking forward to the larger windows as advertised.

Paid to choose our seats to make sure we got 2 seats together and next to a window and to our horror when we got on the plane row 37 does not have any windows, even though it shows them on the plan, it was like sitting in a cupboard for a 9 hour flight.

Did this review to stop others making the same mistake.



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RayBlakey flew Thomson Airways Standard Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (26/08/2013 23:14)

Flew Glasgow to Florida on 4th August and sat in row 39 as its the only row in economy where you can sit as a two. I am 6'2" and the leg room offered for economy is brilliant. The toilet flush was a bit loud next to the seats but the missing third seat allows you to stand up where the seat would have been which for me made up for the extra noise.

The economy section is so spacious I would never pay the extra to upgrade to premium (the saving will buy your disney tickets). Food, drink and service was all acceptable but nothing special but entertainment was first class. Badly let down by Thomson in other areas of the holiday but the flight was first class. In future will go flight only. Was tempted to give Virgin a try but 34 inches in economy for someone my height is too much to turn down when you are in your seat for 9 hours. Would definitely recommend this aircraft to anyone (but not Thomson as a travel agent).



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mikaduftonstewart flew Thomson Airways Standard Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (13/08/2013 23:57)

Flew on the Dreamliner Economy class on both the 28th July and the 11th August.
Our seats were 13a and b. The plane was called 'Alfie'

They were towards the front of the plane so easy entry/departure from the flight. Had a window in which seat 13a had control of the easy touch functions in order to dim/brighten them. The inflight entertainment was excellent, you could pause and rewind any film at any time, it truly was on demand - only issue I had was could not for the life of me get the usb to work and when I asked the staff they were unsure also.

Seat was very spacious and leg room was excellent. im 5ft 8 and big and had more than enough room to stretch out. The plane was high and there was certainly a spacious feel to the plane, I have no idea how im going to get on a 'normal plane' again.



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lgibbs4 flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (12/08/2013 12:45)

Booked my whole holiday to Mexico just so we could fly on the Dreamliner. Well I can honestly say it was definitely worth the wait. From the moment we boarded the aircraft we were treated like royalty. The staff seemed very proud to be working on the new aircraft and it shone throughout the whole flight both outbound and inbound.

On boarding we were offered champagne and juice, given a daily newspaper and receive pamper packs, pillows and blankets. The entertainment system was fantastic, so much to choose from you just dont have time to get through everything.

The meals were all served on beautiful linen lined trays with real glasses and cutlery. The menu choice was adequate and the meals were served promptly and hot. Afterwards a lovely mug of coffee/tea was offered with brandy or baileys (nice touch).

The bar service on both journeys was plentiful and again served by smiling staff constantly. The pilot announcements were very informative, giving us lots of interesting information about this new plane. We were lucky enough to get 3 seats on Row 1 in the middle, I sat in the middle, middle seat and was still able to see out of the windows and watch the take off and landings with ease.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Dreamliner to anybody and will find it hard to travel on anything less in the future.



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angela_905 flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (09/08/2013 10:38)

We flew on the Dreamliner coming back from Sanford to Gatwick. It was lovely to fly on a new plane and the crew were very eager to tell us all about it. The food and serve were great and the seats to sit in were very comfortable.

The only downside for me was that the seats have a very limited recline. Aparently this is because the armrests between the seats are fixed and if the seats in front were recline the person by the window or in the middle would not be able to get out of their seat. The lack or recline meant that I could not get any sleep. I did not want to recline right back but the recline was so small it was just not enough to nod off as I was sitting almost upright.

The best reason for flying on the Dreamliner was the lack of jetlag when I got home. I am guessing that the difference is air pressure and the fresh oxygen they pump in are what made a huge difference to how I felt when I got off the plane. I waited for the jetlag to kick in that night but it did not come. For that reason alone I would fly on the Dreamliner again but next year it will be in economy as I understand that the seats in there do have a recline.



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johnwarburton flew Thomson Airways Premium Class long-haul, on a B787 Dreamliner (24/07/2013 12:22)

Flew on the inaugural flight of the Dreamliner from Orlando Sanford to Manchester 8th July 2013 which was a surprise as we were not expecting the Dreamliner. We were in premium and the level of comfort was very good.

The flight and experience was excellent in every respect, this was the third year in a row we have done the Orlando vacation with Thompson Holidays and will do it again next June, each flight has been great although the 2011 trip required a plane change in Manchester but we were kept well informed of developments.




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