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Class rating 5.0


  • Boarding 5.8
  • Seat for sitting 3.8
  • Seat for sleeping 1.6
  • Service 5.3
  • Entertainment 2.2
  • Food & drink 4.7
  • Punctuality 6.1
  • Baggage 6.2
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Thomas Cook's short-haul flights offer a basic 29-inch seat pitch, which will be a tight squeeze for some, particularly as seats are only 16.5 inches wide, around an inch tighter than schdeduled airline seats.

Thomas Cook makes a distinction between flights under three hours, which are classed as short-haul, and those of three to seven hours, which are called medium-haul. Mid-haul flights include Turkey, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Morocco, Egypt, Gambia, Malta, Bulgaria and Tunisia, Greece and the Greek Islands.

Some medium-haul flights are on Thomas Cook's Boeing 767s. These are wide-body aircraft designed for long distances, but Thomas Cook crams 326 seats onto them, meaning that the seat pitch is still only 29 inches.

Like all charter airlines, Thomas Cook makes you pay for things that used to be free. Expect to pay for food and alcohol unless your tour operator has advised you otherwise.

Boeing 767 aircraft have old-fashioned overhead entertainment screens and films change every three months. Headsets can be purchased, as can adaptors to allow you to use your own.

Some 757 aircraft have in-flight entertainment systems using overhead screens. Be aware that you might have entertainment on the flight out and not on the flight back and vice-versa.

Airbus A320/321 aircraft do not have any in-flight entertainment.

Seat reservations cost extra, from £6 one way. Ensuring you can sit together on a short or medium-haul flight will cost a family of four £36 on top of the return ticket price. This rises to £72 for a long-haul flight.

If you bought through a tour operator and want to choose your actual seat, the cost will be decided by the operator.

If you want an exit seat - the only option for extra legroom - that will cost extra depending on length of flight, with prices starting from £12 one way. All reservations must be made 25 hours before departure.

Basic flight-only prices do not include checked-in bags. These start at £19 one way.

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alexpo1 flew Thomas Cook Airlines Short/medium-haul, on a A320-200

Agadir to Liège via Lillle First time on Thomas Cook, booked on the Condor Airlines website. Inbound flight from Brussels was diverted to Marrakech due to poor visibility at AGA. A flight from Paris was similarly affected. Eventually, after a delay of almost 3 hours, we boarded with the sun now shining. I found the seat very comfortable for a short flight... more




simonwood flew Thomas Cook Airlines Short/medium-haul, on a B757-200

I am 5' 10" and average weight. The seat spaces are totally unacceptable. Typical greed tries to add a few extra seats at the expense of the passengers comfort. This greed will lose TC a lot of business over time. I for one will never fly with them again. To top off the 3hr discomfort, the 'all day breakfast' was utterly disgusting. A woman in the next row said to... more




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