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Class rating 6.2


  • Boarding 7.3
  • Seat for sitting 5.9
  • Seat for sleeping 4.1
  • Service 6.1
  • Entertainment 5.2
  • Food & drink 5.7
  • Punctuality 6.9
  • Baggage 8.2
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lynbarrington flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (28/10/2013 18:30)

Very disappointed with the premium upgrade as no one told us until we wondered why we needed to pay for drinks that the service had changed.
We booked with co -op travel, they rang TC whilst we waited (1 hour to get through) to try and book our holiday for us (some things were not showing on screen) we were told the price included the premium upgrade out bound only, we were delighted. We went online o do our PPI and book our seats both ways and found out there were upgrades on the return flight to, So we paid for that too.

Like I say we were disappointed on the outbound flight, but the cabin crew were excellent. At least we thought we knew what to expect on the way back.
To our dismay on boarding our flight home, we found that we were not sitting together, despite booking our seats in advance and the man at check in telling us we had seats together! In fact I was seated in the centre isle in the middle of 2 other ladies who had also been separated from their husbands! My husband had been seated at one of the sides with a single traveller! I was very annoyed as I have advanced inoperable lung cancer and needed to be with my husband, no one would swap seats!
What is the point of booking seats in advance if this is going to happen. I won't be flying Thomas cook again. I would rather pay more and get a proper premium service!



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SharonLee18 flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (22/09/2013 11:18)

My husband and I flew to CUBA from LGW on 2nd September 2013 and returned on 17th September 2013.

We always book and fly with Thomas Cook and never have a problem with the service. We upgraded to the Premium cabin for our Outbound and Inbound journey. That little bit of extra legroom served us well. My only comment is that Premium should remain Premium and a slightly different service.

The cabin crew were fab as always and sometimes are abused by passengers frustrations due to the fact that they had been either mislead online or at the airport over seating upgrades or even on flight disgruntled with the food. If I had people shouting or being rude to me, I am not sure that I would walk around with a big smile on my face. People need to learn to vent their frustrations through the correct channels not at the Cabin Crew. Lets face it, they didn't book the holiday or sell the seats or even determine what chef or food chain would provide the inflight meals or even what's in them....... The Cabin Crew do a marvellous job and have no time to be shouted out or even try and resolve major issues in the sky.

Massive thanks to Thomas Cook and Thomas Cook Airlines. You carry out a fantastic service and I will be booking a holiday and flying with you next year.



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alancharles flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (15/08/2013 13:00)

This year was the first time we have flown with any other airline than Virgin. We were a little bit apprehensive about not travelling on scheduled flights.

Our holiday cost about £2000.00 less than flying with Virgin, the airport and resort were the same, same car hire etc. Because of the difference in price we upgraded to Premium cabin, which was comfortable and adequate for us.

The cabin crew on both flights were attentive and friendly, although on the outward flight the Captain gave us very little information regarding the flight and destination, I feel its nice to be spoken to by the man/woman at the front of the plane. On the way back it was completely different, Captain Horn kept us fully up to date with the flight, explained to us why we were experiencing the turbulence and how the Jet Stream would help us arrive early at Gatwick. Nice one Captain!

The food was OK, it was tasty and hot, I could have eaten twice as much but that's typical of airline food, I always felt the same on Virgin.

Overall we were well pleased with the service provided by the hard working cabin staff!
OK, we had to buy our soft drinks/alcohol on the plane, no big deal really. Had we wanted free drinks, We would have paid two grand more and travelled with Virgin. No brainer really!

We had a really great holiday in Florida so much so that we have booked again for next July, again with Thomas Cook, this time we will fly from Manchester as its nearer where we live. We will buy our Coke and water in the duty free after we have gone through Security, this will save us a couple of quid. Can you tell I'm a Yorkshireman! Happy days!



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paulairey flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (09/08/2013 10:46)

Having seen your article about Thomas Cook I felt the need to share my experience with other readers.

Some 18 months ago, we flew with Thomas Cook from Manchester to Barbados. We paid to be upgraded to the 'Premium Cabin' and wished that we hadn't.

On both the outward and inward flights we were seated in the middle of the cabin in row 1, immediately behind the bulkhead. On the other side was the galley. On the outward journey I could not hear the in-flight entertainment due to the slamming of cupboard doors and movement of trolleys in the galley, the flight attendents alarm constantly going off and the toilet door being opened and closed.

On the return journey, trying to sleep was impossible because of all of the above plus the curtain between the galley and cabin was broken ripped at the top so it was like having a spotlight shined in my face.

Despite numerous letters of complaint, Thomas Cook refused to admit they'd done anything wrong. I requested compensation but only for the cost of my upgrade - nothing!
I personally refuse to fly with Thomas Cook again. Not because of their service, time-keeping etc. but because of their 'after care' service. My advice to others is simply don't get seated in row 1 - go for mid-cabin.



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CiaraCostigan flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (14/06/2013 12:02)

On arrival to our gate, everything was going smoothly. Boarded the plane at 9.00am for a 9.30 departure. We were waiting...waiting... waiting... after 1 hour of no explanation, we were told we have 'technical issues'. Finally 1/2 hours delayed we began to take off.

There were people being offered pillows and blankets so we asked for one - they had ran out. I was freezing as I had to use my coat as a pillow. The food was inedible. The inflight food was so overpriced but I had to pay it or I wouldn't have eaten for 15 hours. The inflight entertainment was broken for out 10 hour outward journey.

Disgrace. The only saving grace was our flight attendant was very friendly. Shes too good to work for such a poor company.



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susantitley flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (12/01/2013 07:34)

I hope I have remembered flight number correctly.

We flew out from Manchester on 8th December 2012. The flight was smooth and uneventful.

We had booked extra legroom seats on the way out and they were worth the extra money.

The food was of a very good standard and very tasty.
The staff on this flight were outstanding, far more professional than some scheduled flights that I have travelled on. I passed my comments onto the staff,who seemed older than the usual crews. I was told that they were virtually all all senior cabin crew. Well done Thomas Cook .

We returned on 22nd December ( arriving in the U.K. on 23rd). We booked the premium seats on way back, and had a comfortable and uneventful journey . The flight crew were attentive and did their job well. No problems with the food. Overall a very good experience. Would use them again.

If being 'picky' would suggest more choices in films etc. I chose to read as did not want to watch films on offer.



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jfd5235 flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (04/01/2013 12:00)

We flew LGW to Mexico Nov 2012, part of the prelimiinary confusion caused by the on-line seat booking system being inactive until the last minute resulted in our outbound flight seating being "take what you are given and hope for the best"
As it turned out we found ourselves seated in "Premier" Class.
The distinction between "Premier" class and standard cabin can be explained like this - "Premier" means the seats right at the fron of the plane right behind the cockpit and there are about 10 rows, the "advantage" you gain for the the extra you pay is unnoticeable as the seats are just as uncomfortable as those in the main cabin, the sets being basically worn out and in need of repadding etc.
The number of seats across the cabin in "Premier" is reduced by 2 giving you would think a more comfy experience. Well only if the seat itself is in good order, - and I can confiirm the seats we had were diabolical.

The outbound flight had a bunch of Scots lasses as crew, who were very busy doing stuff and looking flusterd a lot.
The food was diabolical for a long haul flight and didnt represent value for the money paid.
Ditto for the drinks.
In flight entertainment (the Video system I mean - not the Scots lasses) was boring and repetitive, thats OK for a 4 hr flight but it is highly irritating and frustrating after about 5 hrs.
The best part of the outbound flight was leaving the aircraft at arrival in Mexico.

The inbound flight was pre-booked seats in the main cabin so my fears that the whole experience would be a measure worse nagged me way before we left for the airport.
Sure enough once we got seated my fears were confirmed, the standard cabin seats are horrendous being extremely cramped in terms of width (Im 6 foot and 13 stone so no porker by any means btw). The width or lack of it meant I just couldent rotate in the seat to alleviate the pain which started about 1 hr in. Best described as a pain in the rse, which elevated into agony after about 3 hrs. Legroom was not noticeably less that in the luxurios environment of "Premier" class. Again the seats are in need of an overhaul, Im in the automotive repair business and have been for over 40 years so I know when a seat is shot, be it in a truck, a car, bus - or on a bleeding aeroplane Mr Cook !
Summary: We wont be flying with Mssrs Cook again anywhere at any time for the rest of my miserable little life anyway, unless that is things take a turn for the better. The only way for people like us is to vote with our feet (or backsides) in this case, maybe then we will get our moneys worth.



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Philip42_2000 flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (26/10/2012 17:06)

We had a good flight all the way to Gatwick from Cuba. We were e-mailed shortly after we got home to say that Thomas Cook were sorry we had an emergency landing because of a flap problem. I must say the pilot done a fantastic job because we didn't' even know anything about it before we received the e-mail. Well done that pilot.



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PeterPowell flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (29/07/2012 18:06)

Flew with TC on a 9 hour flight to Orlando cabin crew where miserable, the food was vile! Thomas Cook seem to think continental breakfast is a blueberry muffin with some orange juice! Inflight entertainment was very poor. I have flew with Thomson long haul and would choose this over Thomas Cook.



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Spikemorgan flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (20/05/2012 15:12)

We flew Manchester to Sanford on 4th May and returned on 18th May. The flights were very good and I would certainly use them again. The cabin crew on both legs gave excellent service and nothing was too much trouble. We used the twilight check in and were lucky enough to be put in the PE seats which were comfortable with good leg room and we paid for the PE seats on the way back.

The IFE was good with a good selection of recent films, I noticed that some of the screens were crackily but were certainly watchable.

We had an hour's delay on the way back but not the fault of TC, it was due to a computer failure which read the passports at Sanford Airport.



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MrsWatson flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (21/03/2011 09:39)

My husband and I flew in a premium cabin to Jamaica.

I would recommend that anyone who wants to experience a smoother check in and a quicker service should purchase this option. I have seen some reviews that state it is not value for money. I disagree, It is very good value for the money that I paid. I have been in economy on a long haul flight and to be honest it isnt that bad, the thing I like about the premium options are the things that you wish you had when in economy such as faster host service and more legroom. I fail to understand what some people expect in addition to this.I feel the option to upgrade is worth the extra you pay for the comfort and convienence.

The seperate cabin is a good idea too although there is only a curtain and small partition wall between this and economy so there is stills ome noise from the back of the plane, such as children screaming every now and then, but thats just going to be the case when traveling on such large aircrafts.I found the cabin crew very attentive and polite and have no complaints about them whatsoever. I will always pay the extra to upgrade as I feel it is most definatley worth it.



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SacWood167 flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (09/10/2010 08:50)



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Buggerbean60 flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul (29/08/2009 15:27)

Our upgrade was marred by very badly behaved young children on both outbound and inbound flights to Cuba.

Cabin crew did nothing. We had no peace to read, sleep or watch a film! One film was missing with no explanation given and the recline action on my seat didn't work. I'm quite small so found there was enough space, but the seats were quite hard and uncomfortable.

The touch-screens in the head rests are the WORST idea in history - people prodding so hard you are almost headbutting the seat in front!

The entertainment is NOT on demand - all films are shown at the same time and you have to wait for the longest film to finish before they are all rewound and all shown again so that you can watch a different one.

The food was good enough, but wasn't the meal originally ordered!

Overall, a complete waste of money and airlines customer service aftercare was very poor. Seems to be a case of "we already have your money, so we don't care" - I certainly won't be paying for an upgrade on this airline again



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camholgate flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (16/08/2009 09:16)

Recently flew to and from Sanford. The outbound aircraft was new and very clean. The premium seats were comfortable and well worth the extra money. Cabin crew weren't the best and didn't speak a lot. The entertainment was good. Inbound aircraft was an ex My Travel one. The premium cabin was a different configuration and the entertainment was poorer due to the smaller screen and non-moveable control. On this flight, cabin crew fantastic and the captain was great. Overall a pleasant experience. Also, boarding was quick as the premium cabin boards first.



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luvtoholiday flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (26/07/2009 11:26)

I recently took a holiday to Orlando, although the extra leg room was great, the entertainment was not on demand, unlike other premium class flights I have taken where it was possible to start and stop whatever you were watching once the film or programme had started, it was continuous and if one programme had finished nothing else was available until all the channels had completely finished. Also if you needed the toilet, you had to miss a part of the programme or film.

On the outward flight the entertainment and drinks were stopped 1hr 45mins before we were due to land. On the inbound flight the drinks were room temperature and they had no ice! Water dripped on my wife for about 30mins before landing from the overhead area, when we looked a previous customer must have put a serviette above the seat where the leak was, this was most uncomfortable. Cabin service on both flights was not as good as was expected,



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captainwebb flew Thomas Cook Airlines Premium long haul, on a A330-200 (Long-haul) (21/07/2009 16:58)

well worth the extra money!!!



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