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All-class rating 7.8


  • Boarding 7.8
  • Seat for sitting 7.6
  • Seat for sleeping 6.0
  • Service 8.1
  • Entertainment 7.5
  • Food & drink 7.7
  • Punctuality 8.5
  • Baggage 8.2
  • Of course, your ratings vary widely for different classes. Choose one below for full details.

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Economy Economy

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Listed to the left are some of the different aircraft types flown by this airline.

How do I know which aircraft I am flying on ?

If you know the route you are flying, simply enter the route (“From” and “To” into the “Flight Search” box on the left hand column of the page.

If you know the flight number, or have already booked the flight, enter this information into the flight no. box (ie: AB245) and the aircraft type should appear when the route information appears.

If you are more interested in knowing more about the general classes onboard (ie: economy or business) before you make your booking decision, then click on the “Classes” tab above.

The ratings you see here have been compiled from the marks out of 10 given by those who have flown this particular class.

You are here: home > Airlines > Singapore Airlines > Classes