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Royal Jordanian » Economy

Class rating 7.6


  • Boarding 6.0
  • Seat for sitting 9.0
  • Seat for sleeping 10.0
  • Service 5.0
  • Entertainment 10.0
  • Food & drink 9.0
  • Punctuality 5.0
  • Baggage 7.0
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Seat pitch in Royal Jordanian's economy cabin varies according to which aircraft you fly on. On the Embraer 175 it is 31 inches, while on Airbus A319, 320 and 321s it is 32 inches, although some seats on the A321 offer 33 inches. On the A310 it is 32 inches, but on the Embraer 195 and Airbus A340 you get 33 inches of space.

On most aircraft, there are eight audio channels plus verses from the Qur'an, while some have large screens showing films. Only on Airbus A319, 320 and 321 aircraft do economy passengers get AVOD on demand entertainment.

Economy passengers on Royal Jordanian are offered three meal choices (beef, fish or poultry) on flights of more than two hours. A range of more than 20 special meals can also be pre-requested. Drinks are served free.


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hashimayesh flew Royal Jordanian Economy, on a A330-200

My family and I rode Royal Jordanian from JFK to AMM. When we boarded the welcome was decent but better than what I have heard about royal jordanian. About 1 hour and a half into the flight we where served dinner which was served hot and composed of beef vegetables rice and a cake and juice. The inflight entertainment was good but I think they should add more... more




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