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Royal Jordanian » Crown Class

Class rating 5.6


  • Boarding 5.7
  • Seat for sitting 6.3
  • Seat for sleeping 6.7
  • Service 5.7
  • Entertainment 4.7
  • Food & drink 4.7
  • Punctuality 5.0
  • Baggage 3.7
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Seat pitch in Royal Jordanian's business class cabins vary according to aircraft type.

The flagship of the fleet, the Airbus A340 long-haul aircraft, offers 83 inches of room and seats extend the full 180 degrees into a flat bed. In the short-haul fleet, Embraer 175s offer 40 inches of room, while Embraer 195s have 42 inches.

The wide-bodied Airbus A310 gives 51 inches and the remaining Airbus fleet 46 inches.

On the A340, seats feature armrest video screens with 14 video and eight audio choices. The cabin also has satellite phones. Only the Airbus A319, 320 and 321 offer AVOD entertainment systems.

Service in the long-haul business cabin starts with Arabic coffee served on boarding. The full meal service includes a selection of starters and four choices of main course (beef, chicken, fish or a light choice). This is followed by cheese and a desert choice including Arabic ice cream.

Crown Class

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giuseppearena flew Royal Jordanian Crown Class, on a A330-200

Overall speaking is a good budget business class airline not the best if you don't want to waste time in the airport for a long connection time though airline offer free acccomodation and meals for 8 or more hours waiting time or, if less, the crown lounge is one of best lounges all over the world for space, amenities and services. Cabin crew are very friendly and... more




untraveller flew Royal Jordanian Crown Class, on a A340-200

I flew from JFK to Amman on the A340-200 on business. This almost good. If you want to just sleep, I highly recommend it. The food was average, a bagel and cream cheese and fruit for breakfast (would be $2.25 on 68 and Lex but whatever) followed up with an offer of cereal in boxes. Cutlery was wrapped in plastic, annoying. Had to ask for coffee twice (am I the first... more




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