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Seatplan rating 8.0


  • Boarding 8.0
  • Seat for sitting 7.7
  • Seat for sleeping 6.7
  • Service 8.0
  • Entertainment 8.4
  • Food & drink 7.6
  • Punctuality 8.3
  • Baggage 8.0

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ViajeroUK flew Qantas Business, on a A380-800 (14/11/2013 11:56)

First flight on A380 and not disappointed, late morning departure from Sydney with early evening arrival at Hong Kong.
QF lounge at Sydney (not as impressive as their lounge at Singapore) had hot breakfast offerings which I didn't try, but opted for fresh fruit, muesli and yoghurt, which was excellent. Coffee machine not working but they had a 'barrister' service which produced good coffee bar type service, with croissant and pastries. Lounge was kept tidy with all plates cleared away efficiently.
Boarding was prompt with adequate staff to control priority boarding and direct pax to either upper or lower deck, boarding cards included this information.
Onboard the initial impression was that the cabin appeared slightly dark, with the hard shell Skybed seats in dark grey with similar colour carpet, and muted red seat cushions, but as the centre section of two seats (E & F) were not aligned to the side sections (A/B, J/K) it actually had a very spacious feel, much better than cabins where all seats are aligned side by side.
As well as pillow and quilted blanket QF supply lightly padded 2m long mattress covers which slip over the top of the seat and add extra comfort when sleeping, ironing out the joints in the seat cushions, an excellent addition.
Usual selection of pre-departure drinks, more drinks and nibbles after departure, and a particularly nice touch, the Cabin Services Manager introduced himself personally to every business class passenger whilst handing out Hong Kong arrival cards.
Meal offering was a choice from four small plates, followed by a choice from five main plates, all served with a salad. Main plates included two meat dishes (Venison Fillet or Chicken Schnitzel), Steamed Seafood, Chinese Noodle dish, and a vegetarian lasagna option, followed by Dessert, fruit and cheeses. Australian wines were served with Charles Heidsieck champagne or Ozzie fizz, a good selection of after meal spirits, and fresh hot coffee from a Bodum plunger/cafetiere.
Not being a film fan I settled down for a sleep after the meal, and found the 2m fully reclined flat 'bed' extremely comfortable with it's added 'mattress', and wide enough to sleep in my preferred foetal position.
Prior to arrival at Hong Kong I toured the cabin, and used the lounge up front, this is an 'L' shaped layout with a five seater sofa/bench on one side, a bar/counter the other side of the stairs to lower deck with drinks/snacks, and the CSM's 'office' just forward of that.
Despite slight ATC delay we touched down on schedule, prior to disembarking the CSM personally thanked all C class passengers, at their seats, for choosing Qantas, another nice touch.
Immigration was a breeze, and bags were on the carousel when we arrived, used the train to Central, and checked into our hotel just over an hour after touching down, very pleased!



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FrequentPR flew Qantas Economy, on a A380-800 (06/08/2013 12:57)

This flight was mercifully little more than half full but the checkin girl still gave me a terrible seat on the upper deck right against a bulkhead.

I moved, and later transferred to the lower deck where I more or less had two seats to myself.

The seats have thin, weight saving but backache inducing backs. Legroom was unimpressive, especially when the person in front of me reclined.

Meals were average. This was one of the last remaining A380s with a self serve bar in economy. QF only uses the 150ml cans of Coke - other airlines serve full size cans. That says it all.

The plane left late and arrived late, annoyingly.

Not recommended.



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AllisonDey flew Qantas Economy, on a A380-800 (24/01/2013 00:54)

Qantas is a delight to fly. Welcoming. Good quality food. Attentive and frequent service.

Boarding was fast and super efficient. Perfectly comfortable flights to and from the US on the 747. But the economy A380 seats are a disgrace. The backs are thinner making every movement and touch from behind felt immediately. The seats recline beautifully - except the lovely recline means you are lying in someone's lap and someone is probably lying in your lap. This makes sitting up and reading impossible if the person in front of you goes to sleep before you do. The entertainment screen is also too close to see clearly as soon the seat in front of you is reclined. Lucky for me, the gentleman in front of me was asked to raise his seat back so I could eat.

The seats themselves are barely wide enough to sit in. There is less leg room than any other flight I've been on in my life. To eat requires the capacity to keep one's arms glued to one's sides while wielding a fork and knife so one is not elbow jousting with the neighbor. The tray table is so small it barely fits the tiny food tray which is all of about 9 x 5 inches. I believe I actually had more food on the 747 because the food tray was bigger.

The entertainment screen remote is tucked away in the arm between the seats so you have to ask the person next to you to move his arm to retrieve it. Then you have to slam the armrest lid down on the attached cord without breaking it. I just kept the remote out and hanging off the edge of my seat so I didn't have to bother that poor guy again. The armrests also do not raise all the way so if you are fortunate enough to have an empty seat next to you, you can't get rid of it and stretch out a bit more or rest your head against the next seat.

I weigh 100 lbs/about 47 kg. I am thin and not tall. This seat was uncomfortable for me. Now imagine what it is like for any normal human. I will keep flying Qantas, but I will never be booked onto an A380 again unless I win the lottery and can go first class. (um.....probably not going to happen, huh?)

I flew on Qantas QF12 on an A380 from L.A. to Sydney in January 2013.



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JamesT5 flew Qantas Economy, on a A380-800 (19/11/2012 14:08)

Flew from Sydney to Hong Kong in QF Economy in the 'red' or most forward section of ecnonomy. Was really impressed with QF throughout. The cabin is very spacious, and the aircraft incredibly quiet especially on takeoff and landing (my first time on an A380).

I had a window seat, there is quite a gap between your seat and the window, so much so it was difficult to comfortably lean to the side. The seat itself is fantastically designed, I found it very comfortable to sit in and wasn't impacted by passengers around me knocking the seat at all.

The only criticism I have is that Qantas allow the seats to recline far too far back. If the person in front of you reclines right back, the seat is an inch from your face. It is really unfair as it means you can't get the tray table down at all, and you hurt your neck trying to watch the screen. Other than this I really liked the seating.

The service was professional and friendly but I felt it took a bit too long to bring around drinks after take off - over an hour. Food was decent, and bringing hot chocolates after the meal is a nice touch. Entertainment is top-notch on QF, endless options to keep you busy.

I had connected to this flight in Sydney and apparently my bags didn't make it with me, but ground staff arranged for them to be delivered to my hotel later that night, can't really complain about that.

Overall, this is a wonderful aircraft and a joy to fly on but Qantas need to limit the recline in the seats as to make it fair for all passengers.



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Shamsh1 flew Qantas First, on a A380-800 (29/09/2012 16:33)

It was my second flight on th A380 and definitely the best first class experience I ever had.

Check in started complicated, as I had an incoming flight with BA from Vienna, and BA was incapable to print a boarding pass for the LHR-SIN sector, although it was a BA codeshare. So after landing in LHR T3 I had to explain several times that I was a connecting passenger with no boarding card, just a BA Gold Card and queue up at connecting flights, before finally visiting the First lounge in T3, which was OK, not to be compared with the First lounge in T5.

Boarding was flawless and welcome onboard very pleasant. The F-suites were the best I have ever flown with, offering plenty of room even for tall people, with duvet and mattress, definitely one class better than BA's or LH's. It's actually a little hotel in the sky, with all the comfort you can dream of. I visited also the Upper Deck with Business and Premium Economy which looked also very comfortable, only the lounge in the nose of the Upper Deck seemed to me useless and unappealing, no wonder, nobody used them.

The service was outstanding, the quality of drinks high class, the food was not so much to my taste, I should have taken another choice, but was too tired in the end. So I investigated the IFE a little bit and had a wonderful sleep on a very quiet flight.

Breakfast was perfect, with a wide choice of tees - something the "British" BA still doesn't manage! The arrival in Changi was 15 minutes ahead of schedule, and honestly, I regretted the flight was already over.
Disembarking was quick and easy and after passing immigration the bags were aleady circling on the belt.

All together, certainly my best flight experience within the last 25 years.



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TominScotland flew Qantas Premium Economy, on a A380-800 (19/08/2012 11:08)

This was my first experience of QF's widely praised Premium Economy product so I was looking forward to the experience. I transfered from BA domestic in T5 with the bus and was soon in the BA First Lounge in T3, a very pleasent space if not aesthetically pleaseing as its counterpart in T5. Being a Saturday, my connections timing gave me plenty of time to relax and work there as the Lounge rapidly filled up in anticipation of four BA and two QF long-haul flights.

I made my way to Gate 1 in plenty of time for the flight and only had a short wait before passengers were called forward, PE immediately after Business through the airbridge to the upper deck. PE is in a small cabin at the rear of the upper deck and, with just 32 seats, is a peaceful space. It was by no means full, either, so I had a free seat next to me in the 2-3-2 configuration.

The seats remind me of old-style business class in some airlines - an adequate footrest and a goodly but by no means flat recline. Legroom is very generous and would allow window and centre seat passengers to step over neighbours withour disturbance. Row 38 near the back is the emergency exit and looks by far the best option. As it was, I was in 35F, the second row of PE.

Some passengers complain about young children on flights - two young lads with their parents sitting near me made the trip for me as they waited for departure - "Are we blasting off soon, Mummy?'. It was priceless and they and one other youngster in the cabin were perfectly behaved throughout the flight.

We were offered Australian sparkling or juice/water on boarding and a simple amenity set was on seats together with very comfortable noise reduction headphones, a thick blanket and pillow. Menus, detailing Supper (starter, two interesting but not particularly healthy choices and dessert) and breakfast - Continental or cooked, were handed out soon after our on-time take off. Service was relatively swift after take-off and the two dedicated PE cabin staff plus the CSD made a point of greeting each passenger by name and enquiring about connecting flights and other requirements. Nicely done!!

Meal service is accompanied by a table cloth, real napkin and quality cutlery which makes meals and experience rather than something just to tolerate. I had the very tasty chicken pie and vegetables main and this was cleared in time for me to try the IFE system which has a good sized screen but is rather disappointing in the choices available and not a patch on Emirates.

I then settled down to sleep and managed close to 8 hours with just a comfort break in the middle. Qantas PE passengers have access to an extensive night-time menu of hot snacks (panninis), plentiful fresh fruit (a real bonus) and other less healthy options but I satisfied byself with a pear.

I woke some 2.5 hours out of Singapore and soon afterwards breakfast service commenced. This was somewhat odd in that, even though i was in the second row to be served, the Continental option was no longer available once they had served the for passengers ahead of me....... That said, the scrambled eggs and bacon looked first class so I surrendered to the alternative!!

We touched down in Changi on time and I disembarked to find the BA/QF First Lounge and the pleasure of a shower before my connecting flight.

QF's PE experience exceeded by expectations, having travelled with a number of other airlines in this cabin. With the exception of the availability of breakfast options, I could not fault what is a real value-for-money alternative to Business Class.



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LinzLinzee flew Qantas Business, on a A380-800 (29/07/2012 04:47)

Biz class long haul on any carrier is not always uneventful or impeccable. Our QF Biz class flights in July were ameliorated by the mostly male mature, pleasant, capable & professional cabin crew on all sectors. Well done QF.

The cuisine standard is mostly tolerable, (these are planes after all, not Five Star restaurants) The wines mostly are extremely average and the selection panel either need the " rocket" or re-appointing.

While this is of course is subjective, the palates of the Australian consumer at a retail level create icon wines, most of which wines do not feature on the advertised QF wine list/range. What is actually available is limited, with the extremely kind in flight crew borrowing further from 1st Class. I have retailed wines for 40yrs. I may have half a clue and a palate.

QF94 was 2hrs late of LAX. (just go with the flow) however the Melb connection to Perth was missed and I wish to thank Andrew at the domestic departure level sale's counter for great service, at 1.00pm, despite starting his shift that day at 3.00am, for getting us on a later flight which due to the Sydney haze/fog 25 July, was overtaxing the Melb Airport with numerous re-routings both Int & domestic.

Seating: yes it's hard and it's lumpy, but the whisper quiet A380-800 compensated me. Totally 180deg flat? Well not quite but close enough.

Would I fly QF long haul again? Yes. Subject to being competitively priced against SA VB or AE.
Overall on our recent NY trip with QF we were critical but pleased. Well done to the in flight Team & QF.



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SpeedbirdAbz flew Qantas Premium Economy, on a A380-800 (13/07/2012 12:30)

After arriving in Australia via Qantas Economy and having a perfectly pleasant journey, I wondered if I had thrown my money away on my upgrade to Premium Economy on the way back.

As has been said before, this is definitely a Business Minus product rather than an Economy Plus.

Faultless, friendly service from all the crew in the two legs SYD/SIN/LHR up in the Premium Economy cabin at the rear of the upper deck on the A380. The cabin services director came round us all one by one and introduced himself and the crew who would be looking after us for the flight, addressing us all by name. That was a great touch for a Premium Economy cabin - I hardly remember that in BA Club.

Business Class meals served of great quality, choice of wines, comfortable seat with a greater recline than I had expected, and the usual Qantas terrific entertainment system made this a fantastic journey. Plenty drinks offered through the whole flight plus of course the self-serve bar is great for stretching legs and grabbing a snack if required.

10 out of 10 Qantas, a fantastic product.



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SpeedbirdAbz flew Qantas Economy, on a A380-800 (06/07/2012 22:29)

I was dreading my flight Heathrow/Melbourne, but well done Qantas, I did not feel like I had travelled so far!

The A380 is very comfortable in economy, food was just average, but the mostly British crew were top notch, the best I've had on any airline, they really couldn't do enough. I would have preferred a drinks round prior to dinner, but they have bars to go and self-serve, so not a huge gripe.

I didn't use my iPod at all because the entertainment system had absolutely loads to watch and listen to - far more than I had expected.

I would recommend Qantas to anyone travelling to Australia and beyond.



8.6 more

MarkOsullivan6 flew Qantas Business, on a A380-800 (22/06/2012 09:05)

The business seats while lauded by Qantas are really not comfortable for sleeping - too hard, still fully flat. This coupled with exceptionally slow service - 90 minutes post take off for a drink service. Try BA or virgin both blow qantas out of the water, and I am platinum qantas.



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tenacioustins flew Qantas Economy, on a A380-800 (26/02/2012 05:14)

In April of 2011, I took a flight from LAX to MEL (QF94) and then made the return trip in May, which was QF93 from MEL to LAX. I had also taken this route in 2010, but on a 747 and while it was comfortable and food and service were impeccable, there were a few things that really needed to be changed in order for it to be perfect.

Once again, I found the service was amazing. All of the flight attendants, the captain and the first officer were more than polite and warm and welcoming. On my way over, I had taken a flight on a nasty AA jet from Boston to LAX since I live on the east coast. So when I got to LAX, all I wanted to do was board a nice jet and sleep. I had heard good things about the A380 and had done my research...since it only flew on Wednesdays and Fridays on this particular route, I wanted to make sure that this is what I really wanted. I decided to go for it because it probably wouldn't be any worse than the 747.

The first thing I noticed is how bright the cabin was. I didn't feel like I was in an old, dark jet crowded with people squished in like sardines. The height of the ceiling made the 21 foot wide cabin seem even bigger, which really helped. I got seat 77K on purpose because it is a window seat and has the back against a wall. It is in front of a galley, which has the snack bar. Despite being in front of a galley, the noise and light did not bother me at all. I was quite sick on the flight over to MEL, due to bad food choices.

The passenger in my row (I had a seat next to me that was empty) was gracious enough to let me out quite a bit, and at about 5:30 in the morning LAX time, which seemed to be quite dark where we were and everyone was sleeping, the Flight Attendants actually offered me some coffee, and sat and chatted with me about this and that for about half an hour. They also did everything they could to help me feel better and kept checking on me to make sure I was ok. The food I had eaten previous to the flight was what caused my sickness...and the lack of food for so many hours combined with what I ate was what did me in long before the flight started. However, Qantas was understanding and when the food carts came, they made sure I got my food first so that hopefully I would feel better.

Unfortunately, it didn't make me feel better, but it had nothing to do with Qantas's food and everything to do with the crazy long journey I was on and the bad food choices before taking off.

The food on board was great. There are always two options and there's always plenty of food. I have found that some of the delicacies such as the cookies in the "Q" snack bag are fabulous. The fruit served in the morning is always fresh and the food served did in general seem quite appetizing and not bad for economy level food.

The flight itself was SMOOTH and quiet. I absolutely loved how smooth and quiet the A380 was. When we took off, I barely felt the runway or the speed and once in the air, it didn't even feel like we were moving. They were careful to announce when we might hit some turbulence, but that was very rare since we flew so high up. Landing on both flights was smooth and seamless...I didn't even know we had was that smooth. I was very impressed by the pilot's skill and care, and the smoothness of the jet itself.

As for the seats...well, it's economy so what do you expect. I'm an average 5'4" girl with a solid build and a little extra fluff but not a lot. I have pretty wide hips though lol. I found the width of the seat to be a little limiting and I didn't like the armrests being so solid, although understandably if they weren't, people's legs would splay and hit other people's legs. But at 18.2 inches wide, that's not very wide.'s economy. I found the leg room to be pretty nice. There is a little net for your feet and I used that quite a bit when sleeping and I have to say it was fairly comfortable and did make it feel less burdensome than having my feet on the floor.

Being that I was against a wall, I threw my laptop bag behind my seat as there was lots of room, and I probably shouldn't have, but I did just to open up some leg room. It was awkward to get it afterwards, but hey it's a 15 hour flight and people do lots of awkward things when they're done lol.

The bottom of the seat slid forward so it was more like reclining than just the seat going back. I found that to be much nicer than the seats in the 747...but some people don't like it. Not sure why. The elbow room (literal elbow room, between my elbow and the window) was excellent. Maybe too good. Everyone had so much room between their seat and the window, that the pillows, blankets and whatever else they'd propped on the window to help them sleep ended up falling out behind them...several times I caught a pillow or blanket from the person in front of me. I of course didn't have this issue as there was no one behind me.

In flight entertainment...downright GOOD. So much selection! I love music and I wanted music to help me sleep so I found the perfect stuff and it put me right to sleep. Yes, SLEEP. Even when I was sick, I finally got some sleep. When I felt like watching something, there was an excellent variety of TV shows and movies to choose from. If that didn't satisfy me, there were games to play...but I wanted to be polite to the person in front of me so I didn't play them as some of them required touching the screen a lot. Overall, I couldn't have asked for better IFE.

The only issue I faced is that the IFE system offers in flight internet and in flight texting for a fee. Because I was bored and I wanted to try it, I decided to try to send a text to my friend who was picking me up. The system doesn't work yet, so when I slid my card (yes, there is a place to slide your credit card, in the remote I believe) it didn't do anything, and thus, I couldn't send the text, or get internet for that matter. I asked the flight attendants about it, and they responded that when it came out initially, they had some issues with it, and had to renegotiate terms so it would be unavailable for a while. From what I have heard, in flight internet is returning to select flights in Business and First, but not yet to Economy or Premium Economy. Aside from those issues, I had no other issues with the IFE.

Let's see...what else can I think of? Oh yes, the ceiling height was enough that I could fully stand up where I was seated without bumping my head on a bin. Also, the aisles were wide enough that even when a cart was going through, there was ample room. Two people could easily pass each other in the aisle and I never bumped anyone. The flight was smooth enough that I didn't need to hold on to any seats either, which was a problem I had had on the 747.

The lavs were about as expected. Usually they were pretty clean and didn't look like 500 other people were on the same flight. There were enough of them that it was not crowded in the morning before landing and I had adequate space and time to freshen up.

The snack bar was a definite improvement to nothing on the 747. It had small drinks, fresh fruit, and various snacks all available throughout the flight, free of charge and fully accessible. Although the "Snack on Q" bag was good, a 15 hour flight calls for a fair amount of fluid as well as a snack here and there to keep going...and the snack bar did just that.

Overall, an A+ experience considering it is after all economy seating. I couldn't have asked for better service, food, or IFE. Of course I wanted more room. But who in economy doesn't? I understand that when I take economy, I'm going to be limited by the space I'm given and I feel bad for anyone who is larger or taller. But aside from the space, everything was amazing on both flights, and I am leaving in 10 days to do it all over again, same seat, same jet, same routes. I wouldn't consider taking any other airline on this route.



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TheHud! flew Qantas First, on a A380-800 (09/02/2012 14:28)

LHR-SIN round trip on the A380.

I found the suite very comfortable but over-engineered. For example, the swivel function appears redundant (BA and VS seats are permanently 'swivelled', why not QF's?) and means you can hardly reach the suite / entertainment controls when facing directly forwards.

The seat / IFE controls necessite navigating seemingly-endless electronic menus: eg you have to press at least four buttons to recline your seat a bit. It struck me as being the result of over-excited product developers (does anybody really use the massage functions?!) rather than catering to the needs of travellers. In this regard, I think Qantas would do well to learn from the easy-to-use but sophisticated elegance of the new BA First.

On the plus side, the suite was brilliant for sleeping and the food & wine on the way out were superb (I slept on the way home). I had an under-attentive flight attendant on the outbound leg, but no doubt he was just having a bad day as all the other crew members were great.

As an aside, I wanted to check out the A380 having not flown on one before - so I took a wander up the stairs at the front of of the plane and then walked the upper deck from front to back.

There is a 'lounge' at the top of the upper deck which had the appearance of a bus stop: half a dozen uncomfortable looking seats running along the side of the plane with no windows behind them and a wall (the outer edge of the stairwell) in front. As this 'lounge' is only accessible to Business Class and First passengers, it was no surprise that it was empty and that people preferred the comfort of their own seats!



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TridentGold flew Qantas First, on a A380-800 (17/11/2011 16:03)

First F-Class experience in a QANTAS 380 WAS on this long overnight flight from LAX to SYD.

A superb flight in every respect which compared favourably to EK 380 First (better functionality and less glitz). I used a very early check in 5 hours before departure which was very efficient and got me through to airside at a quiet time. The One World F Lounge at LAX became very busy with QF, CX and BA flights but still worked well and was never overwhelmed.

Boarding was slightly odd in that F class passengers were directed with Y class passengers to the lower deck door which slowed things down a bit. Once on board however a fantastic efficient and enthusiastic crew swung into action and made the journey a pleasure. Everything was "no worries" and served with a smile.

Wine and food selection was extensive, presentation and quality truly outstanding (after 3500 flights it is very very rare for me to comment so favourably about in flight catering).

The swivel seat/ bed was ergonomically spot on and the entertainment system, with a vast array of possibilities delivered flawlessly.

On time arrival, express immigration and rapid baggage handling meant I was groundside 25 minutes after landing, such a refreshing contrast to airports like Los Angeles and Chicago. A thoroughly first class experience.



9.1 more

pterodactyl flew Qantas First, on a A380-800 (13/09/2011 17:30)

Excellent lounge at Melbourne with great food, massage and service.

Service onboard was very good and seat very comfortable. Lovely pyjamas and toiletry bag and amenities. Eight-course tasting menu (Melbourne to Singapore) was delicious, as were the wines and vintage champagne. Food on Singapore to London leg was not quite as good or lavish. A little underwhelming after the previous flight.

Seat / bed was very comfortable with excellent mattress, duvet and pillow.

Good choice of films and music.

First-class lounge at Singapore is not exciting, but better than the dreary business lounge!



9.8 more

LeeBfromOz flew Qantas Economy, on a A380-800 (02/09/2011 14:15)

Flew from Melbourne to Heathrow via Singapore in economy.

Inside the plane felt bright and airy, but putting touch screens on the back of seats has to be the single most stupid thing ever conceived. Why you would want to encourage anyone to bash the seat in front with their fingers is beyond me. Believe me, after 22 hours of it, you feel like (I can't say).

The seats were reasonably comfortable for my 6ft height, with room to stretch my legs under the seat in front, but a bit narrow so I had to have both my arms squashed in between my armrests (one on the left was being used by the other passenger as their remote control is stored in it and one on the right had to be tucked in so as not to be bashed by the catering trollies). That's another stupid thing, why store the remote in the actual armrest, so it has to be opened (thus removing the person's arm next to you off it) to get to the remote.

The seat backs are extremely weak, unfortunately the gentleman behind me could not get out his chair without grabbing it and bending it back to almost breaking point then letting go. It also flexes lots when people hold on to it whilst walking by. The touch screen only requires the lightest of touches to operate it, however due to it's slow response people (like the one behind me) take to hitting it harder and harder until it responds.

On the second (13 hour) leg of the flight, after having my water taken off me before boarding the plane, depsite being given it on the same plane and getting back on the same plane, water did not come round for a good 2 hours so I was parched. I did try the attendant button but it was ignored, so got water out of the toilet tap instead. I also a case of everyone being asked to put their seat backs up for dinner, except the person in front of me who had his fully reclined, but was too busy complaining about the person in front of him who was sleeping with it reclined. The poor fella had to be woken up. I then respectfully asked for the seat in front of me to be put up after he had finished complaining!

For my return journey I've booked a seat with a wall behind and against the window to try and avoid these issues, although it's near the toilet, so I'm hoping it's not too noisy.



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Scampiboy flew Qantas Business, on a A380-800 (26/08/2011 11:15)



9.8 more

asimeou flew Qantas Economy, on a A380-800 (05/06/2011 02:25)

Awful. I will avoid flying with Qantas after my first experience with them from Heathrow to Singapore. About the only thing good about my experience was the in-flight entertainment.

The Qantas A380-800 flight had a great choice of movies and music. Other than that, I had a terrible time trying to sleep and get comfortable.

The seats are just far too small. I'm not a big person, but slightly taller than average. I'm only 13 stone and 6ft2inches tall. Legroom is ok if you're prepared to keep your legs under the seat in front of you and one thing I quite like is the elimination of those clunky foot rests. But the seats are just far too narrow and the pitch is too short, particularly if the person in front reclines their seat.

Before I boarded, I had read the seats were designed by some famous designer and were supposed to be state of the art. What a load of rubbish. The seats are awful. Plain and simple. They've eliminated everything on the seats including any ruggedness and functionality. You can feel every little tap from the person behind pressing on the touch screen and kicking the seat with their knees. And for some reason, the seats seem to amplify the vibrations so it's near impossible to rest if you're a person like me that can't stand sudden jolts of movement. The seat width is too small. Not the smallest I've seen, but then again, seats that I have experienced that are narrower have been on very short haul flights. I didn't expect that from a long haul, especially after an excruciating 13 hour flight. And to make matters worse (some industrial designer needs to get sacked for this one), the earphone socket points towards your leg so when you plug in the earphones, you have even less room and often jolt the plug out when you move. The arm rests only fold back three quarters of the way and mine refused to stay up.

Dreadful and inhumanely uncomfortable seating aside, the food served was also not great. The first meal had chicken which tasted as if it had been soaked in detergent and the trays are just too small. Cutlery is plastic, cheap and nasty. There is nowhere to put your cups (most other airlines I've flown with have cup holders on the seats so you can put the tray table away).

I wish I could find something good to say about the seating, but I can't - honestly. The service from the cabin crew was ok though and they did their best to ensure everyone was as comfortable as possible - they probably know how bad the seating is. In comparison to other long-haul flights I've had with British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, Qantas is definitely (by far) the worst out of the bunch. I certainly will not be flying with them again.



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BMBettesworth flew Qantas Business, on a A380-800 (18/05/2011 14:16)

Flew LHR/ Singapore/LHR in the new A380. Seated in the middle of the centre cabin on top deck in row 19.

Qantas have really upped their game with this aircraft. Seats were very comfortable, with massage facillity and 180 lie flat capability. The cabin was spacious, entertainment 1st class (although had to be reset on outward journey).

I was amazed by the quietness of the cabin. The food was excellent, particularly Duck Shepherd's Pie on return journey.

The plane has a larger than normal bathroom which is great for changing etc. The cabin service was personal and pleasant, I didn't like the wine on offer so the attendant went down to first clas to fetch the bottle of my choice. All in all, most impressive.



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SamWardill flew Qantas Business, on a A380-800 (18/04/2011 20:39)

Check In

I checked in online and printed my boarding pass. However this didn’t yield me much benefit as there is not much to choose between the seats (according to the various online reviews). On arrival in Singapore airport I had forgotten that business check-in was all in a separate plush area so I went to the economy check in. As there was no queue I dropped off my bags there.


The Qantas/BA lounge at Singapore is pretty basic. There is not a great choice of food, drink or newspapers. The ambiance is nothing special. I went off to find the airport food court for a last hit of Singapore hawker centre style food before departure.


Boarding is where an A380 business class comes into its own. You are guaranteed a dedicated business class ramp. This was my second ever flight on an A380. The first had been a few days earlier with SQ in economy from HKG. It was good to be on the upper deck this time! When I got on to the plane the stewardess was very welcoming and even searched the plane (to no avail) for a copy of Business Traveller magazine for me.


The seat is comfortable to sit in with its massage function. I didn’t find it particularly comfortable to sleep in. It didn’t quite feel like a flat bed. It felt more like a lie-flat seat. There was, however, lots of space. There was also a bar area up front where passengers could chill out. However I didn’t see anybody really using it.


Because I didn’t find the seat that comfortable for sleeping, I was glad that there was a good selection of films to watch. I managed to get through four films and did not get bored. The supplied headset was good quality so much so that I left my own Audio Technica noise reducing cans in the bag.


The evening meal was very light. I assume that this was partly because the flight departed SG so late and partly because many passengers had already eaten a large meal on departure from Sydney. The food did also seem to take an age to be served which wasn’t ideal for a very late evening departure. The breakfast order was a la carte with the order taken on departure on a hotel door knob style breakfast menu. It was one of the best flight breakfasts that I had ever had and clearly was the main event on this route.
Arrival in London was very smooth. My bag appeared quickly and I was on my way home.


I had been anticipating my first A380 flight for some time. I am a bit of a flight nerd and I wanted to see what it had to offer. My experience with the Qantas A380 was good but it did not wow me. I think that next time I would choose to fly BA on this route. You can’t beat the cosiness of the upper deck on a 747 and I prefer the BA seat for sleeping.



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TravelBuggy flew Qantas Economy, on a A380-800 (21/02/2011 07:22)

I flew on the Qantas A380 from Singapore-London-Singapore.

After hearing such great reports on the A380, I was excited and looking forward to travelling on one. However, my experience on a Qantas A380 was not what I expected.

The seats were cramped, not enough leg room (mind you I am only 5ft 4") and the seating was not all that wide. I can understand this configuration for a short haul flight, but you're talking about a 14.5-hour flight long haul!

I was sure as hell disappointed with the A380. To make matters worse, the in-flight entertainment kept playing up, the sound system was not good and the crew kept announcing how the system had to be re-booted and would take a while. I am one who always follows the flight path and have to say I was very disappointed that the system did not work at times and was not updated.

First experiences are always "lasting" experiences and experience on an A380 was deplorable, uncomfortable and not at all memorable! I overheard passengers on the return flight (London-Singapore) complain this was not the kind of seating and comfort they expected from an A380. So come on Qantas - you NEED to do something about your seating configuration to make people's journeys more comfortable in Economy on an A380.

Btw, I just travelled on a Singapore Airlines B777-200 from Manila to Singapore and was pleasantly surprised. The seats were wider with more leg room then the Qantas A380 - and this was just a 3h 15 min fight!



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Heleigh flew Qantas First, on a A380-800 (10/07/2010 07:10)

Have flown on A380 twice (2009 and 2010) SYD to LAX, both occasion have sat in row A seats 2 and 3. Both seats were private (as long as the privacy screen is up on the middle row of seating). Food and berverage were excellent. The inflight new movies were not to my liking this year but it is relevant to what is currently out. And when you are ready for bed they make it ready.



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frustratedflyer flew Qantas Premium Economy, on a A380-800 (21/02/2010 12:24)

Probably the best Premium Economy product I have tried. Was in seat 34B at the front of the cabin - a good seat. If you prefer windows 34A has a locker similar to but smaller than the ones found upstairs on a B747. Probably the best seats are in row 38 as they have more legroom than row 34 with the bulkhead. 38J & K have the emergency exit in front and 38D,E & F have also got a lot of space in front of them to allow access to the emergency exits. Service was good, food superb for a premium economy class and the IFE one of the best around although some people had a few problems mine worked throughout.



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TiffanyLaw flew Qantas Business, on a A380-800 (06/11/2009 15:30)

I flew Business class on Qantas new A380 from LAX to Melbourne. The aircraft was very impressive the bathroom was the size of a large dressing room that you can actually change your clothes without touching the walls, the storage for my carry-ons around my seating was much larger than the 747's and A330's and the reclinding pod seats folded flat with plenty of leg room. What a beautiful plane and I'll always choose this aircraft to fly if it's available.



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austline flew Qantas Business, on a A380-800 (27/01/2009 05:51)

Fantastic much better than SQ as you do not get the feeling of claustrophobia. Overalls service and standard of food and wine much better. SQ are on the decline.



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AnthonyVWood flew Qantas First, on a A380-800 (26/12/2008 03:58)

Not as good as Singapore Airlines A380 suites



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