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Class rating 6.0


  • Boarding 6.6
  • Seat for sitting 6.3
  • Seat for sleeping 2.6
  • Service 6.1
  • Entertainment 4.6
  • Food & drink 5.3
  • Punctuality 7.9
  • Baggage 7.1
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Philippine Airlines' long-haul economy class, known as Fiesta, is fitted with ultra-slim Recaro seats designed to provide an increased “living” space and enhance passengers’ comfort.

The seats have a pitch of 32-34 inches and feature an undulating wave-pattern design in a blue, aqua and terracotta palette. The relaxed, tropical feel extends to the front and back ends of the cabin where interiors, curtains, carpets and surfaces are in various shades of blue, white, gray, silver and tan.

The entire cabin on reconfigured aircraft is equipped with Thales’ i5000 IFE System, a fully digital in-flight entertainment system that enables Fiesta Class passengers to choose from a full library of video and audio content. Each seat is fitted with personal TV with AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) that enables passengers to start, pause, rewind, and fast-forward any of the video programs at any time using the touch-screen or the passenger control units.

Selections include 18 of the latest Hollywood movies, a Filipino film, eight TV programmes, 12 radio channels and a selection of CDs. Each passenger can also create an audio playlist from the CD collection. On-screen instructions are available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The Fiesta Class cabin is equipped with nine-inch seat-back monitors and in-arm monitors.


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FrequentPR flew Philippine Airlines Economy, on a A330-300

Melbourne - Manila This flight was pretty uneventful. Philippine Airlines used to only use the A340 or for a while the up to date Boeing 777-300ER on Melbourne and Sydney flights. Timekeeping was good: we departed about 10 minutes late and arrived Manila 15 minutes late after the usual go around due to air traffic congestion. As usual, the meal was served quickly... more




vicoleary flew Philippine Airlines Economy, on a B777-300ER

Check In and Boarding at LHR ok on 6th March 2014, by contrast return from Manila on 29th March 2014 was an absolute shambles, check in tried to force hand baggage as hold baggage and then say you are over limit and try to levy an excess of 20,000 pesos (£275), N6 boarding gate too small for number of passengers, separate document and boarding checks and worse of all... more




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