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Seatplan rating 6.6


  • Boarding 7.5
  • Seat for sitting 6.3
  • Seat for sleeping 3.5
  • Service 7.5
  • Entertainment 4.8
  • Food & drink 5.5
  • Punctuality 7.5
  • Baggage 7.8

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billkewley flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a B757-200 (21/08/2012 10:53)

Monarch - The delay airline

Manchester to Tenerife 5 hours delay, given a £5 voucher!!!!! Tenerfife to Manchester 4 hours delay given a 5eu voucher!!!

Friends flight Manchester to Tenerife 4.5 hours delay Tenerife to Manchester 1 hours delay

Never been delayed with Ryanair



3.8 more

Mr.Luke flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a B757-200 (26/04/2012 15:32)

I have no idea why there's such bad reviews? I personally think this is the best airline around.

I recently came back from Palma De Majorca and may I say, absolutely fantastic service from everyone involved in the flight!

The aircraft was clean, spacious and actually quite quiet. On the way to the destination we flew by a Boeing 757-200 (my favourite aircraft) and we we're due to fly back on the Boeing 757-200 as well but unfortunately, about 15 minutes into the flight we ran into an air emergency 'Code Bravo' (engine failure) and had to make an emergency landing back at the airport.

But not all was bad, emergency services were quick on the scene as we touched down, following us down the runway until finally they expected the aircraft and told the pilots it was safe to take us back to the gate to unload.

Well, this was at 00:00 hours and they managed to find a 4 start hotel for all of the passengers on board with free breakfast and drink, the hotel was right outside the royal port of Majorca and was stunning!

The next day they got coaches for us all to be taken back to the airport at 12:00 hours for a flight that was due at 14:00 hours and the flight was on time.

The pilots and cabin crew understood what had happened the day before and tried to make the flight as comfortable as possible as people we're still a bit shook-up from the day before, and yet again another clean, spacious aircraft which was the Airbus A321 (my other favourite aircraft).

I have heard story's of other airlines just leaving the passengers at the gate to sleep, so to be quite honest with you all, this is a top notch airlines and you cannot fault it as many other people have said. If you are going to be flying with Monarch soon and your a bit worried about flying with them, don't be! You will have a very pleasant journey!

So this has defiantly made me want to fly for this airline in the future and I really, really hope I will be able to get into the Monarch pilot cadet programme, so who knows, maybe I will be flying you in the future?



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Chocksaway flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a B757-200 (05/11/2010 17:09)

Monarch's 757s are very old and have overhead TV screens that are difficult to see. Six hours on this plane, with its very cramped seating, is more than enough, but bearable if you're not too tall. If you are, opt for a premium seat which do offer lots of space.

The crew on the flight to the Gambia were very good, but then they get to stay in the country for four nights, so they were bound to be in a good mood.

As this was a charter flight, there was food provided. A cardboard lunchbox contained a hot dish, bread, cheese and biscuits, desert and fruit which was quite okay. The problem due to the cramped space, was finding enough room to fit all the things on the tiny tray.

Overall, not as grim as it could have been and no worse than any other charter airline, which is your only way of getting to this country. Take a book, get out of your seat as often as you can and be prepared to pay for most things outside of the meal service, such as bottles of water.



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NeilSmith flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a B757-200 (01/08/2010 13:41)

My partner and I flew on MON1875 from Lesbos to Manchester on Monarch's Boeing 757-200. Despite being 22 years old (G-MONK), this is my favourite aircraft in the Monarch fleet - it's a pity that Boeing's answer to demise of the 757 is merely a stretched version of the super-inferior 737 and the Airbus just doesn't do it for me.

Anyway, to my review. Boarding was 15 minutes late due to the aircraft not being able to get on stand due to previous aircraft. Lesbos airport is very small for jet aircraft.

Our flight was a full blown charter by Thomas Cook so seats were not available through Monarch's web site and nor were ancillary items - we booked the in flight meal through TC when booking our holiday but did manage to book another ancillary that's a real clincher when flying Monarch and that is 'extra legroom seats'. Boy was it worth it! As this was a charter the seat plan had been assembled by Monarch before check in even opened and we were given seats 10 B/C - these the are first row behind the main boarding/exit door so had unlimited legroom - there's also no 'A' seat so as a couple, they were ideal seats. Monarch do have 40+ legroom seats on the 757 and looking at some of the non exit located seats, they too were generous. The cost for this was just £62 for the two of us, return. Now, what would my opinion be of Monarch if we hadn't selected extra legroom seats? Well, to be frank, I'd be fuming. Looking at the misery on the faces of those sat in 29" pitch I felt like a King. Seat pitch in standard seats on Monarch is, let's be honest, appalling - it has to be right down there with Thomas Cook Airlines. Then again, First Choice's 757 pitch is also very tight. This is where easyJet and Ryanair win - I never feel crammed in on their aircraft.

The meal was ok - sausage mash with peas. Sadly the meals are now just handed out in naff looking cardboard boxes without any imagination in terms of presentation. Still, flavour was good and the food was piping hot. You don't get any free drinks on Monarch so we bought a fun size Tomato Juice and Lemonade which came to two pounds sterling.

The staff were very cheerful and I didn't see them sat around talking at any point, they really were taking care of customers.

Overall, take it from someone who has flown many many times, never, ever, fly in Monarch's standard seats - they are gruesome. Pay for extra legroom and you'll have just as nice a flight as we did.



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