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Seatplan rating 6.7


  • Boarding 7.3
  • Seat for sitting 6.5
  • Seat for sleeping 1.6
  • Service 6.7
  • Entertainment 0.9
  • Food & drink 5.4
  • Punctuality 7.8
  • Baggage 6.4

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CWCOLECole flew Monarch Airlines Premium (short-haul), on a A321 (22/11/2013 13:23)

Flight ZB764 26/10/13. Gatwick to Mahon.
After a short 30min delay and bad weather, we were boarded, seated and on our way.
Couldn't have been more pleased with our seats which were previously upgraded for extra leg room.
The seats were generous in both elbow and legroom and the most comfortable I ever travelled on. The crew who were working this day were exemplary and a real credit to Monarch, again we think they were the best crew we've flown with so top marks to Monarch and especially the crew.
The return flight however was disappointing. An old bucket!



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computermechanic flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (14/06/2013 13:28)

Whenever I fly, which is always on a budget, I always try to choose Monarch. Ever since my first ever flight in 1987 with Monarch, I have always found them the best. I have not flown on many airlines.

Dan Air

Monarch come out best. Great aircraft, good crew



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mreastwood flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (30/03/2013 11:02)

Flew birmingham-areciffe 07.03.2013 excellent,puntual etc.

Returning 21.3.2013
Returning areciffe-birmingham.
I was in a wheel chair following an accident in arrecffe.

The staff were first class, both with boarding and departure from the aircraft.. thank you monarch staff

a leastwood



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lynnandianwinstone flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (22/03/2013 19:51)

flew A321 from Gatwick to Malaga on 10 03 13 on zb736,returned following week on zb737. Both flights were punctual and the cabin crew were top class. Plane was comfortable and leg room sufficient for the 2 1/4 hour flight.Will use Monarch as prefered airline when going on next holiday.



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beavington flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (18/02/2013 22:52)

I always find Monarch crews more professional that some of their competitors. The crew were really smartly presented and enjoyed their job.

The flight deck made a number of informative announcements throughout the flight keeping everyone up to date with progress.



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LizFelix flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (07/01/2013 21:17)

Checked in at Gatwick for flight No: ZB746 to Funchal Madeira, where queues were extremely short and therefore we did not have to wait for long to have our bags weighed etc. Staff at check in desk very efficient and courteous throughout.

Flight left on time and throughout the flight duration there was no turbulence. Cabin crew very courteous and professional and the captain made route announcements as and when necessary.

Seating on our outbound flight was very comfortable, as well as being in prestine condition and the cabin itself was very bright, clean and airy.

We did not purchase an inflight meal, but there was a good stock of snacks and beverages to be choose from.

Landing at Funchal, very smooth and quick.

Our inbound flight back to Gatwick ZB747 was just as enjoyable and left on time. The crew were very professional and courteous in their duties and again, no turbulence was encountered throughout the flight. The aircraft, although very clean in all respects, seemed older than our outbound aircraft.

We have flown with Monarch many times in the past and have never had cause for complaint with regard to the standard of their aircraft, delays, or crews. At least their aircraft is in better condition inside than, for example Thomson Airways, who seem to constantly have a dated and dirty looking aircraft interior and often run out of snacks and beverages during their flights. In this respect, we would not have any hesitation in recommending that our friends use Monarch for their journey and certainly will have no hesitation in using them again in future. Well done!



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LeoCork flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (07/01/2013 13:48)

As a child I would expect to be able to stretch my legs out but I could not as there was only 28 inches leg room!
We got delayed by 15 minutes due to a blocked toilet on this Airbus A321 Aircraft.
Boarding was fine and the flight attendant checked my ticket and told me where my seat was (I was in seat 9A).
During the flight I bought a drink which had no problems. The main problem on this 4.5 Hour long flight was legroom because if I can not stretch my legs out then how would an adult be able to? I had to get my foot massaged because it hurt after being squashed up on my return flight from Tenerife South to London Gatwick.



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famandrews2 flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (27/10/2012 15:25)

Flew on G OZBI and back on G OJEG from London GTW to Dalaman. We chose seats as far back as possible so we weren't on the wing as so often happens and to see something in the daylight. It happened we got 37 A/B both ways which are the last seats on the left hand side. Not a lot of leg room.

Cabin attendant did come and ask on outward flight if we would like to move to a row to ourselves (c was occupied) it meant sitting on the wings so we declined, the guy in C did move. So it looks like cabin crew are away of the space issue. With only 2 of us it was better but coming come with C occupied these seats are cramped.

Outward crew more professional and on both journies the wash rooms were clean. Not many people had taken the option for the meals which were mediocre, we won't bother again if we fly Monarch.

Both flights were delayed, outward we made up the time and arrived earlier than schedule, the return did not make up anytime and landed about 20 minutes later, no useful explanation as to why and no apologetic noises from crew.



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beavington flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (15/10/2012 19:27)

Checkin at Alicante by a very grumpy spanish lady from Iberia who do the handling for Monarch. No queue so cant really complain.

Rude security staff and quite disorganised.

Boarding was fairly quick and the flight departed on time. We were seated in row 26, which is an exit row with loads of leg room.

Service was interrupted by turbulence over the Pyrenees.

Flight overall was very comfortable.

Arrived at Gatwick ahead of schedule and baggage was on the belt before we got there.



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beavington flew Monarch Airlines Premium (short-haul), on a A321 (13/10/2012 17:16)

Checkin was fast and efficient and quickly through security at Gatwick

Flight boarded on time and priority boarding was a welcome surprise. Flight departed on time even with everyone taking ages to get to their seats

Plenty of leg room and seat comfortable enough. Crew were friendly and efficient

Arrived early in alicante



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MarkA380 flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (25/09/2012 13:37)

Travelled with Monarch from Manchester to Gran Canaria - September 2012.

The flight departed right on time with no waiting around. Can't fault Monarch on this as we left and arrived on time which is the most important thing.

The aircraft was clean inside, although the cabin does look a bit dated and could do with a refresh.

Legroom pretty poor, which was to be expected. Monarch always seem to be the worst for legroom in my experience, not helped by the design of the seats which doesn't make for a comfortable flight.

Service was the usual snacks, drinks and duty free. The crew were so slow at bringing the drinks round. We had also pre-ordered a bottle of Champagne and it was poor that when this finally arrived it hadn't been chilled.

No inflight entertainment this time, looks like they have dropped this completely from their short haul flights.

Would use Monarch again if the price and times were decent. Just wish their crew would be a bit friendlier and not look down on passengers as if they were an inconvenience to their day.



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CraigMunnerley flew Monarch Airlines Premium (short-haul), on a A321 (16/09/2012 02:03)

On Arrival at MAN i was greeted by a letter informing me of a 9 hour delay for my flight to TFS, within 20 mins it was 14Hrs. We were given the option to take advantage of a nearby hotel as we were due to fly at 16.00 and now being told its going to be 06.00 the next day. All in all not bad and was swiftly taken to the Hilton for the night.

Next morning arrived at Check-in and was told flight was departing at 07.30 due to an aircraft change. at 07.15 boarding commenced and to be fair to MAN it was done in rows ie 11-20 10-1 etc but the announcements not very audable. on the aircraft warmly greeted by happy crew and the aircraft looked clean and was very spacious. i was seated in row 1C which i was given free at checkin as i was travelling alone and it was going spare apparently.

07.45 Capt welcomed us and apologised for the long delay it was due to portugal 's strike and the aircraft having a few technical issues missed its slot when the ATC closed, so not really Monarchs fault. 08.10 we were airbourne smooth flight and was offered breakfast fairly early on. drinks followed by a duty free run, halfway through the flight 1st officer gave us a warm 10 min talk about the flight the route and obersations from the windows. This was followed by another drinks run and a last minute duty free run and by this time i was tempted to make a purchase of my allowance of 200 cigarettes and some aftershave.

We began our decent at 11.40 and we seemed to approach TFS very quickly and we touched down shortly after 12.10 ahead of schedule as well apparently. Exiting the aircraft was very quick and the baggage collect was all done by 12.45.

Return Flight back to MAN was also delayed by 6hrs but TFS staff were very knowledgeable and friendly were given a 7euro voucher for a drink and snack. again the flight was uneventful cabin crew friendly and the same pilots on return as outbound which i thought was strange as i never really had a return flight with the same crew this time i was seated in row 11B great seat as its an exit seat only draw back was the fact that its very cold by the door but its to be expected and a cup of coffee soon warmed me up. Arrived back in MAN 7 Hrs later than scheduled and was not happy at the way the UK boarder agency take so long in processing British passport holders e-gates were not working. then the infamous MAN wait for luggage 1hr after landing the bags slowly dribbled through.

Monarch have there good and bad points but this flight was good even though i lost 1 days holiday due to delays They have compensated me very quickly. Im due to fly again on 13th October to LPA so i will place a review after i get back.



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Scoundy_UK flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (27/04/2012 10:21)

Have to admit I was not looking forwards to flying with Monarch after reviews and here'say. Booked a weekend to Alicante and their prices came out cheapest, so booked.

I booked online, checked in online, selected my seat and only had hand luggage (10kg allowance) so it was straight to the gate on the day. Because I paid online via paypal, there were no additional credit card charges which is a bonus.

On the way out, the gate staff noted that my self-printed boarding pass hadn't printed properly, so make sure yours is!

There was no hassle outbound, but she explained that overseas staff might not be so understanding - meant I had to find an internet cafe whilst away to re-print return boarding cards.

My seat was the first row behind the extra leg room rows. Cost was £5.99 per person, each way which included the online check-in charge. Very reasonable compared to other airlines I thought.

The plane was a bit tired inside, but clean and tidy. Seats were comfortable enough for the short flight, and at 6'3" tall, leg room was bearable on my aisle seat. Drinks service was ok, a bit slow as they seem to keep running out of stuff.

Flight landed on time despite being late taking off due to de-icing.

The return flight was similar standard. A different A321 which had a different seat layout.

My partner and I always book seats across the aisle. We had 8c and 8d. Bizarely, the weren't actually across the aisle from each other. 8d was actuall a row back!! That's not visible on the online plans when you select your seat online, so be careful.

Flight took off on time, but due to strong headwind, was about 15 mins late landing. A fair bit of turbulence too and a heavy landing.

Overall, this was a good flight and I'd have no problem booking again (and already have) with monarch, and would definitely choose them over Ryanair or even Thomson's 757's.



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anthony37 flew Monarch Airlines Premium (short-haul), on a A321 (08/03/2012 09:15)

Travelled on Monarch A321 premium economy twice to Larnaca in Cyprus last year. 34" pitch was very comfortable for a short haul flight and Priority check in was a nice touch too. Recommended if you can add this too your booking for under £75



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Trust747 flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (13/10/2011 09:56)

A fairly good flight. Excellent value for money. Not many of the frills you would get from a full-service airline but a good experience when compared to other low-cost carriers.

Pre-ordered breakfast, which arrives in a hybrid box/bag. Generously sized fresh orange juice served with hot breakfast consisting of sausage, scrambled egg, hash browns and beans and a small pot of granola with yoghurt. Adequate but not outstanding.



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frequentflyer1969 flew Monarch Airlines Premium (short-haul), on a A321 (25/02/2011 16:53)

Travelled with my family on a Monarch Schedule service from Manchester to Lanzarote. Booking on line was easy - but the price first displayed is not what you pay. As with many budget airlines you have to pay for all the extras - seat selection, food and checked baggage. This added another £400 onto the basic price of the flight. Monarch have a good thing with check in though as the flight is open up to 18 days before departure meaning you dont have to queue and can use the fast baggage drop meanign the wait time at the aiport in minimsed. Upon arrival at check in though we were stung for 'excess' weight in our checked baggage even though we were still well under on our hand luggage. Note to self for future is make use of the hand luggage allowance and reduce the hold luggage weight. Boarding was prompt and the flight left on time. We were travelling on an Airbus A321 with a 2 class interior. Standard travel class and Premium. We opted for the second as I didn't fancy 4 hrs in a seat with only a 29" seat pitch. The Premium seats are located in rows 1-8 on the plane and give you an extra 5" of leg room and are well worth it. The cabin of the aircraft was clean and we sat in seats 2A,B,C & D. Not all flights on Monarch have entertainment but ours did. It is called the 'On Air' system and plays a selection of TV programmes. I found the selection not that suitable for children and the sound quality in my seat was particularly bad. Therefore, we didn't bother watching the TV and played on my ipad instead - making me pleased we hadn't paid the £2.50 that they charge for the headsets. Shrotly after take off we were presented with our meal which we had pre-booked when I booked the flight. This consisted of a hot breakfast, muffin, fruit and a drink. The meals when pre-booked are £6.50 per leg but are actually quite decent when you consider the preice of food in the airport terminal. The cabin crew were quite pleasant and catered to the needs of the customers well. Our flight arrived into Lanzarote 25mins early and the landing was excellent. The return journey was very similar though the TV entertainment was alittle better than the outbound flight. All in all - the service offered by Monarch isn't bad. The 'scheduled' service sits somewhere between the budget airlines and the mainstream airlines. I have booked to travel with them again - so it must be OK.



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SteveHadley flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (01/11/2010 12:46)



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brendanODonovan flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (12/09/2010 20:58)

went to Faro ex cork on a monarch A321 aircraft on a package holiday . It was the worst flight i was ever been on in both directions! i am 6 foot 2 inches i could not fit in the seat due to the leg room being so tiny. could not lower dinnear tray and could not open out a paper. plane was very old and it showed inside. departure was 3 hours late leaving Cork. No excuse or compensation like a meal offered. On the Return journey we landed much to fast at Cork and Plane allmost overshot Runway. Fire Crew were out on Runway on our exiting plane.Very frightening experience. Captain told us on leaving that Andy the 1st officer would be flying the plane to Cork? Proberbly did the landing too!! The drinks/foods are a rip off on board/two small mixer cans of pepsi was 3euro 50 cent!Never again Monarch!! would take Ryanair any day over them and that doesent say much!!



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camholgate flew Monarch Airlines Economy (short haul), on a A321 (24/08/2010 09:52)

Recently flew BHX-TFS with Monarch.

Outbound journey was on time, the plane inside was clean, however the interior doesn't look appealing at the best of times. The service was good, but the cabin crew seemed somewhat rude and not interested in passenger needs. The legroom, in the standard class, is quite abismal! I'm 14, and 5'8, and my knees were touching the seat in front! For a 4 hour flight, it was uncomftable! No entertainment was showed either, which for a scheduled flight of its length, should be compulsary.

The return journey was a nightmare to say the least. The aircraft that we flew on had a technical fault in Birmingham prior to departure, and therefore was 4 hours,30 mins. late departing birmingham. By the time it reached us in tenerife, all the passengers were tired, as it was 1am, 4 hours past our scheduled departure time! We managed to get extra legroom seats, which if you are to travel with Monarch, is a must! The service inbound was much better; the cabin crew were great despite the time of the night, and were not one bit rude. It was somewhat of a mystery however, although the saftey briefing was shown on TV screens, no IFE boxes or entertainment was shown during the flight.

Overall, a decent experience flying Monarch airlines, however the legroom is abismal and the crews need to seem more interested doing their job!



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