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Monarch Airlines » Premium (long-haul)

Class rating 7.5


  • Boarding 9.7
  • Seat for sitting 6.7
  • Seat for sleeping 5.7
  • Service 7.7
  • Entertainment 6.0
  • Food & drink 5.7
  • Punctuality 9.3
  • Baggage 9.0
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Monarch's long-haul Premium cabin offers a 34-inch seat pitch, four inches less than scheduled airlines' premium economy product, although Monarch does not pretend to compete with these.

Benefits include seat-back video screens, free headsets, an amenity pack, welcome drink and free bar. There is an upgraded meal service with choice of main dish and superior wine.

At most airports, there is a dedicated check-in, and Premium passengers receive an increased 30kg luggage allowance. Premium customers also get priority boarding and, at Gatwick and Manchester, use of the fast track security lane.

Premium (long-haul)

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PeterHill12 flew Monarch Airlines Premium (long-haul), on a A330-200

Flew London Gatwick to Goa on 15/3/14, paid £550 to upgrade to premium economy for 2 people. Check in was fast and efficient, got on the aircraft and could not believe it when I saw the premium cabin. It was cramped, and dingy. The seats were leather but that was about the only difference, they were small, uncomfortable and cramped. I had a seat back TV which you... more




GemmaMorant flew Monarch Airlines Premium (long-haul), on a A330-200

The flight only had one down side and that was rude passengers who reclined their seat soon after take off and stayed that way till just before landing, not making any allowances for anybody trying to eat their meal with their seat in their lap. I think it is up to the crew to enforce the seat upright during meals time. more




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