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Seatplan rating 8.2


  • Boarding 7.7
  • Seat for sitting 8.1
  • Seat for sleeping 7.1
  • Service 9.1
  • Entertainment 8.4
  • Food & drink 7.9
  • Punctuality 8.6
  • Baggage 8.9

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EthanOng flew Malaysia Airlines Economy, on a B777-200 (01/06/2013 17:07)

B777-200 was used on both flights. Seats were 2-5-2, making seats very comfortable for sleeping as it was a midnight flight. The food and beverage was above average, but other airlines such as SIA or QATAR's food quality are much better. Cabin crew was SUPERB.
I would l fly MAS again.



8.5 more

RobertOConnor flew Malaysia Airlines Economy, on a B777-200 (27/03/2013 07:08)

We had booked in via the Internet so when we arrived at the booking counter for baggage drop there was only 1 person in front of us while those who had not used this option had a long queue which slowly inched forward. We were all done in a couple of minutes. Our hand luggage got a quick checkover by eye only but it was within the allowed sizes and weights.

The waiting room by the boarding gate is a long dog leg shape, not Malaysia fault though. Come boarding time and the staff pushed back the crowd who tried to rush in first when those requiring assistance and with children were asked to board. Wish other airlines would do that.

They were stricter on the sequence you boarded and they pulled over one passenger who tried to get aboard with one allowed cabin bag and a large case. When I passed by he was given the option of leaving it behind, or paying excess baggage of $167 or if you want to argue the plane was not going to wait for him. Another big tick.

The FAs were variable, we had one rude one when it was pointed out that a passenger had the seat back down on take off but we were told he was 'special" and allowed to do it. As he was a young fit male one wonders especially when the FA gave him a lot of attention. The other FAs ranged from very good and pleasant to just doing my job.

The meal was quite ok nothing outstanding but it was economy. They came through a few times with drinks, mainly water if you wanted it. The entertainment offered a wide choice of programmes, some in the plane appeared not to be working though.

It was a night flight so after a few hours it was lights out. The seats are no better or worse than most other economy seats in the airlines which meant if you are more than average height they are not comfortable for sleeping. On this flight the seats were a 2-5-2 arrangement so it suited us to take the window side just 2 seats.

We were woken rather early for a small snack which was not very edible and water/ juice. Arrival was about 10 minutes late due to head winds but at 3.30 in the morning it doesn't matter. KLIA is quite dead at this time of the morning. On disembarking the ladies made a rush to the first toilet so soon the queue stretched outside and down the corridor yet if they walked a short distance to the next toilet it was empty. The toilets were very clean.

Our next flight was a domestic flight so we had a hours+ wait for the Immigration to open for those joining domestic flights downstairs and the area could do with some seats.



7.8 more

fazilah76 flew Malaysia Airlines Economy, on a B777-200 (12/11/2010 01:46)

Being an avid traveler, I have most of the time experience international airlines, MAS is exceptional very good at bring affront their services with outmost care and sincerity. They would extend their services to accommodate even those hard to please "tough" passengers. I have witness countless unruly passenger who seem adamant in getting their wish but time and again, MAS cabin crew serve with a smile. Once, I even saw the MAS cabin crew cradling a crying baby whilst another MAS cabin crew comforting his brother with MAS in-flight entertainment.

The business lounge is exceptional comfy with beautifully decorated flower to greet its customer.

First Class and its business have a separate air bridge for boarding while Economy passengers use the other one. Just like Emirates, MAS has this annoying habit of keeping newspapers just outside the entry into the aircraft, which causes a bit of a bottleneck at entry. All in all, for all those going to and from South East Asia, I would highly recommend taking MAS, as one of the best airline and safest ways of getting here.

p.s They don't have a history of major airline mishap.



8.6 more

doctorjosh flew Malaysia Airlines Economy, on a B777-200 (17/04/2010 09:19)

SYD-KUL-SYD. Onward flight on time with orderly boarding procedures. Return flight delayed due to technical difficulties but pilot kept passengers well-informed, giving an approximate time of delay and it was spot on.

MAS' economy seat are probably the most comfortable of any airline I have experienced. There is good padding, making the seat soft and comfortable. There is very generous legroom (again probably the best out of all the airlines I have flown) and the recline is also very good. This makes it easy for a person of average height to stretch out fully without their legs hitting the seat in front of them. There is also a PTV with a good selection of movies, music, TV shows and games. The seating arrangements are 2x5x2, which I like much more than the 3x3x3, as most people travel in pairs and the 2x5x2 arrangement favours this (often leaving the middle seat of the 5 empty).

Cabin crew are consistently good on all flights. Food also generous and delicious, especially if you like local Malaysian food (eg. nasi lemak). Overall, an excellent flight experience in economy class and great valuefor money.



8.6 more

JamesSebastion flew Malaysia Airlines Economy, on a B777-200 (07/10/2009 09:17)



7.5 more

Murphiee flew Malaysia Airlines Economy, on a B777-200 (07/07/2009 07:28)

Flew Kuala Lumpur-Melbourne. First impressions are that the seat are really comfortable, 34 inches, undoubtedly one of the best in Asia. Seat easy to recline, and cabin crew are just right on the mark.



7.6 more

tribeca flew Malaysia Airlines Business, on a B777-200 (30/09/2008 19:04)

I flew MH Business Class return Melbourne – Kuala Lumpur - Canton in April 2008 on their 777-200. It was my first experience of the ‘lie flat’ seat, although in MH’s case it is angled. In general I found the seat quite comfortable, although it could do with some better padding. Also, I did not find the angled seat in ‘sleep’ mode very comfortable, I ended up coming up with my own setup. With the huge seat pitch offered by MH, the cold easily upgrade to a ‘horizontal’ style lie flat seat. Cabin was very clean, although some of the aircraft are showing signs of wear, which I am sure will be rectified once ‘C’ checks come up. The video screen is excellent, choice of movies and other entertainment also is excellent. Service was excellent, food was quite good, staff was very attentive and friendly, always smiling and the lounges at the airports very comfortable. The ‘domestic’ business class service, flown by their A330-200/300 and 737-400 are OK, they are comfortable enough for the shorter flights although seats were the older style. Service again was very good. I am flying MH business class again in October 2008, Melbourne – Kuala Lumpur – Canton return, and I do look forward to flying with them again. My rating out of 5 would be just nudging 4.



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