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Class rating 7.2


  • Boarding 7.6
  • Seat for sitting 7.3
  • Seat for sleeping 5.4
  • Service 7.8
  • Entertainment 6.5
  • Food & drink 7.3
  • Punctuality 8.1
  • Baggage 7.2
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Lufthansa's long-haul business class seat is the angled lie-flat type, reclining to nine degrees from horizontal.

Seats have a pitch of 57-60 inches (145-152cm) and width of 19.5 inches (50cm). Configuration is 2-2-2 on the carrier's A340s and A330s (except for the A330-600, which is configured 1-2-1), and 2-3-2 on the B747s.

The 'PrivateBed' is very comfortable for an angled offering, and has an extended length of two metres. There is good storage, a PC powerpoint, an angled reading light and a 10.4-inch seatback monitor. Preset positioning options are available (relax, eating and sleep), as well as fine-tuning controls and a massage function.

Lufthansa Media World, an AVOD system, is available in business class. Options include a wide selection of movies, 100 CDs, audiobooks, radio programmes, computer games and language courses.

There is an extensive menu depending on where you are flying to. Chefs from destinations including India, China and Brazil have created special dishes appropriate to the destination.

Lufthansa's new business class, a fully flat bed, debuted in mid-2012 on its Boeing 747-800 aircraft. It will be fitted to the rest of the fleet, but this will take until 2016.

The new seat is 1.98 metres long and is in the form of a “V”. Two neighbouring seats are angled towards one another along a central axis. This means all passengers sit or lie facing the direction of travel. It also enables Lufthansa to virtually double the distance between two neighbouring seats at shoulder level.



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XINSUI6 flew Lufthansa Business, on a B747-8 (Config. 1)

The seat setting is 2-2 in the upper deck and 2-2-2 in the main deck, it is not as good as 1-2-1 seatings with privacy. And the meal service is not good enough, especially a crew even forget to give me the main course. The tea selections is not good enough for oriental passengers. Total overview, no comments besides safety. more




Dolphin500 flew Lufthansa Business, on a A340-300 (Config. 1)

I just have to say that seats are very comfortable to sleep, relax during the movie, or seat straight for dinner. I bit uncomfortable with the tables to bring them out and move things to standing up… I do prefer their new Business Class seats in some 340-600 and 787-8i… those are really comfortable. The BEST thing of LH is their constant excellence in service in all... more




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