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All-class rating 6.3


  • Boarding 6.6
  • Seat for sitting 6.4
  • Seat for sleeping 3.3
  • Service 6.9
  • Entertainment 4.7
  • Food & drink 6.3
  • Punctuality 7.4
  • Baggage 6.6
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ViajeroUK flew KLM World Business Class, on a B747-400 Combi (09/04/2014 19:18)

Mexico to Amsterdam with the latest flat bed seats in World Business Class (WBC).

I had arrived at Mexico City on an Aeromexico domestic flight, so had to transfer from T2 to T1, not very good signage for the transfer, but at least I could go direct to security, my luggage having been checked through to my final destination, Birmingham, UK.

Boarding was delayed slightly, gate area very congested and a long way from the lounge. Very relaxed on board, with welcome drink served very quickly. The new lower deck section is only four rows, with three individual seats, I had chosen one of these, 1A when booking, on the basis that it would have no one passing by, so should provide a peaceful nights sleep. Cabin was full, due to boarding delays and ATC we were an hour late departing at 22.00, but the Captain had announced that the flight would have favourable winds, and in the event we arrived at Schiphol only 10 minutes after schedule.

Menu cards distributed promptly, together with cards to select a la carte breakfast, or opt out of breakfast if preferred. Pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, with a second glass of Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve. Dinner had a ceviche appetiser, choice of three mains, Beef, Mexican style, Roasted Chicken, or Spinach & Ricotta vegetarian. Choice of three white (Italy, France and Spain) and two red wines (France and Australia) with a dessert wine and two different Ports on offer.

The seat was very comfortable for sitting in and also whilst eating, more than enough storage space, two flat areas at rear either side of the seat, each with a recess to hold a water bottle, plus another smaller recess above the footrest, next to the seat was a recess for magazines. TV screen was largest I have experienced on board, excellent picture quality, complemented by very good noise cancelling headset. Reclined into a fully flat bed with one button, good width, which could be increased if desired by lowering the l/hand armrest. Large pillow and a very good blanket completed the bed layout, and it proved extremely comfortable, I prefer to sleep on my side, sort of foetal position, and this seat allowed me to achieve that very easily. Slept like a baby until the lights came on about 90 minutes before arrival, which I reckon must be the longest I have slept undisturbed on a flight Choice of cold drinks before breakfast tray arrived with my choice of plain yoghurt, granola, fresh fruit, and a hot dish of Apple Fritters served with maple syrup, excellent. Plenty of time for usual tidy up before landing at Schiphol. Unusual exit route from front cabin, left section to rear of WBC is Comfort Economy, so instead of going through this the flight attendants directed WBC passengers through the galley area on the right hand side, to ensure that we were first to disembark.

Whilst not allowing direct aisle access there are three individual seats for single travellers but guess these get reserved pretty early on, I booked eight weeks before travel and individual seat 4A had already been reserved. Upper deck seating is in traditional pairs. Purser said hello to all passengers in the cabin before dinner, and after breakfast she came round with the Little Houses and asked how people had slept and if they had enjoyed the flight.



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TominScotland flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a B777-300ER (09/03/2014 08:29)

This was my return flight from Singapore to Amsterdam after just two nights in the Lion City. I was hoping for a rather better experience than on the outbound (see ). I was dropped at Changi Terminal 1 quite early and was pleased to see that the check-in desks for KLM were open, well they were for the earlier Air France flight but the lady at the Sky Priority Desk processed me with a helpful smile. I was given an Invitation to the Sky View Lounge, a third party facility used by Air France KLM along with a number of other airlines including Cathay Pacific.

There were no queues at Immigration and I headed for this Lounge which is a somewhat odd place, over two levels, almost as if the area had not been designed as a lounge but, rather, was an amalgam of areas designated a lounge after other previous use. It is a perfectly fine area – somewhat odd catering available at three stations but excellent wifi which was a plus as the timing coincided with Saturday afternoon sport at home which I followed via various radio channels. Indeed, I was able to delay boarding until just after the final whistle in the game that mattered (to me) by switching to the free terminal wifi at the gate.

Security at Changi is at each gate so does delay the process there a bit. Many passengers appeared to be in transit from Bali and were still in holiday mood/ dress. Once aboard, I located my Economy Comfort seat – second row this time and a much better experience there for my knee. I did manage to sleep rather better than on the outbound but my sleep was frequently interupted. I was now sitting in the main 3-4-3 configuration which means very narrow aisles – the consequence of which is that anyone moving up and down the aisle inevitably barges passengers in aisle seats. As I was so close to the front, the main culprits were cabin crew who woke me twice in the night and never evinced so much as a muted apology whenever the ran into me.

Essentially, KLM’s 777-300 is configured for holiday flights with a very small business cabin up front – as Alex McWirter has noted, there are far more Economy/ Economy Comfort pax aboard KLM’s version of his aircraft than is the case with other airlines and this certainly shows. Given that virtually all the passengers were Dutch/ European, maybe they should brand the rear cabins of the aircraft ‘Transavia’ and have done with it!!

We pushed back on time at 01.25 and service commenced soo after take-off. The time of departure had absolutely no impact on speed and nature of service – the full lights stayed on for close to 2 hours after take off despite most passengers seeking sleep at this time. The catering was exactly the same poor quality offering as on the outbound flight and the same applied to breakfast before arrival – including my absolute bête noire, omelette soaked in tomato sauce!! Drinks runs during the night were few and far between compared to most airlines.

I thought that, similar to the outbound, service was remote and disinterested. Cabin crew did communicate more extensively with their fellow countrypersons but ignored the rest of us. Indeed, one particular member of crew talked loudly with a passenger in the row in front of me in the middle of the night so much so that he had to be asked to stop. The CSD was through the cabin quite a lot but, as before, there was absoloutely no recognition for Elite Plus passengers.

We arrived about 30 minutes early into Schipol and disembarked at one of the G gates, giving plenty of exercise before I arrived at the heaving KLM Lounge to wait for my onward flight.

Over the past 18 months, I have travelled long haul Economy with BA, CX, EK, MH, QF, VN and, now, KL – that is the nature of the work I do and the clients who pay for my travel. The hard product does not vary hugely except on the A380 (MH, QF), the KL experience has been by far the most cramped to date and was only saved by the Economy Comfort extra legroom. Sadly, for an airline which other posters wish to promote as the ‘best in Europe’, service was really poor and certainly no where close to some of the others experienced in Economy (CX, BA, EK (sometimes), QF). I had not used KLM longhaul for some while before these flights and would really need an excellent price or timing reason to try them again in the future.



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TominScotland flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a B777-300ER (06/03/2014 23:13)

I joined this service between Amsterdam and Singapore in Schipol from a UK connecting service. I had about 2 hours in the KLM Crown Lounge which does not do KLM huge credit - it is dated with limited food options and desperately needs an upgrade. This was my first KLM longhaul flight in yonks and i had chosen this airline because my sponsors in Asia could only offer Econiomy class travel and, as a Platinum for Life member, this would automatically give me a free upgrade to Economy Comfort. I have also read much in praise of KLM on the Forum recently so thought this would be a good opportunity to learn more.

I made my way to the gate in good time and passed through security relatively quickly into the holding pen. Business and Premium passengers were called relatively quickly and I was one of the first aboard. I had checked in online and chosen 10D, in the front row of Economy Comfort, which gies some extra legroom and no seat in front. I am having knee issues at the momemnt and this seat is one with rigid sides and this proved difficult for me during the night as I could not stretch my leg sideways. I will know better for the return. The seat itself is the same as Economy and the extra recline in EC is welcome. The front rows in EC have arm-rest IFE screens and these are minuscule and make watching a real challenge so I would advise against this row on this ground alone.

The aircraft, which serves Denpassar with an intermediate stop in Singapore, was not full and the CSD was trying to sell EC upgrades for 160 Euros right until pushback - I think she managed one which, given that many passengers already had free seats next to them, makes sense. The upgrade is hardly worth that sort of payment as catering etc is the same in EC and Economy. The mixed destination routing gave a bit of a mature 'bucket and spade' feel to the flight which was odd on what is also a premium business route.

Because Schipol was very busy, we pushed back about 30 minutes late and then had a long taxi before take-off. Once airborne, drinks and doinner service commenced. This was relatively slow for a late departure and took well over 2 hours to deliver and clear. The food was, frankly, poor even for Economy - tasteless pasta in sauce (which I tried) or chicken with rice. During the night, there were sporadic cold drinaks runs but not as frequent as on other airlines. Breakfast, two hours out, was again, disappointing with no choice. Omleette in a tomato sauce really does not do it for me!!

Service throughout was leisurely efficient, if that makes sense. There was little by way of sparkle or real welcome. As a Flying Blue Platinum member, I was not accorded any form of recognition beyond the generic welcome from the CSD. A personal greeting is not that important, I know, but does give some snse of the value the airline places on your custom, perhaps? KLM also seem to have learnt something from Ryanair - despite this being a night flight, the CSD came on four times with general announcements about tax free sales at times when many passengers were already trying to sleep.

Despite the initial delay, we arrived in Singapore on time and I was one of the first off the aircraft. Immigration was a breeze and then there was a short wair for luggage. No priority appeared to be given to tagged bags.

Overall, a satisfactory flight but uninspiring. EC is a nice benefit as a freebie but is not worth paying for, IMO. It is, as we know, far short of PE on oher airlines. Service was a disappointment - maybe I just had a tired and disinterested crew on the day I travelled. I will report my return in a few days to see whether things improve then.



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JWvanDalem flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (09/02/2014 20:34)

KLM offers a direct flight to Taipei Taiwan. At a reasonable price you could get a decent flight out. But this time they got it wrong.

Due to technical failure, we left more than two hours late. Time they promised to make up during flight, but never happened.

Boarding also took place in a very cold Schiphol Airport. And they compensated this with cold drinks. Due to this delay in taking off the crew also seemed to be off line.

Service was not what you would expect from a main carrier. The even pride themselves of their friendly cabin staff. Not on this flight.

The business class seat is still the older type bought when they joined Air France. Good for sitting, mediocre for sleeping. Food was nice when it arrived. But you had to ask for every drink.

Once again the crew was not prepared for their task to serve in business. In-flight entertainment is good with enough choice for a flight of this duration.

Pity they had troubles from the start and never recovered from it. An email that they were sorry about the delay did not compensate for the lack of service during the flight.



5.4 more

TominScotland flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a Embraer 190 (14/12/2013 17:10)

I connected onto this Amsterdam - Glasgow flight from Estinian Air and had quite a long wait at Schipol. As a FB Platinum member (for life), I made my way to the non-Schengen Lounge, quite a trek from the main concourse. It is sometime since i have used the Lounge so was interested to see whether it has changed. Disappointingly, it is much the same (no, exactly the same) as when I regularly used the lounge five or six years ago. The Lounge is a good space (and needed to be when I was there as it was very crowded) but the catering is, frankly, disappointing for the ailine's premium facility - no hot food at breakfast or during the day and exactly the same cold offerings as in the past - cereal, yoghurt and fruit, cheese, chicken roll and rolls, not much else, for breakfast. I left as lunch was being laid out - basicically similar without the breakfast goods. There is a lack of international reading material - many moons ago, you'd find British newspapers but now there is really only Dutch papers and the IHT - even ethnocentric BA does far better than this with its choices. I think KLM could and probably should do better in their lounge offerings........

Anyway, I headed down to D6 in good time, that is the non-schengen bus gate. A document check on arrival plus security - quick and polite. Once the flight was called, documents were checked again (why twice??) and we boarded a bus for the F70/ Embraer parking area. Once on board, I settled into my Economy Comfort seat - where there were many free seats so genuine comfort. The legroom is great and does make a difference. We pushed back on time and taxied a short way before take-off.

Service was pleasent and efficient - a choice of a savoury/ sweet snack which was fairly similar to BA's daytime domestic choices and drinks. Cabin crew seemed fairly lax in policing their own electronic equipment requests before the appraoch and a couple of passengers, one in business, were visibly using headsets and equipment throughout, despite cabin crew walking past them on a number of occasions. The flight was fairly turbulent and very rough on the approach but we landed a couple of minutes early.

Disembarkation was slow as the airbridge took some time to hook up but once off the aircraft, luggage came quickly and I could head out into monsoon Glasgow weather.

Perfectly fine service, pleasant service without excelling and added comfort as I was in economy Comfort.



6.3 more

TominScotland flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a Embraer 190 (08/12/2013 16:38)

This was my first revenue flight with KLM for some while so I was looking forward to it, given the recent discussion on the merits of the carrier. Very oddly, KLM contacted me by e-mail in advance of my flight to obtain API which, when I filled it in, only related to gender and dob. Given that I have been Platinum with KLM for about 20 years, this is information I do think they already have so perhaps begs questions about their much-praised, joined up electronic communications. This concern was reinforced when, on checking-in online, the system requested exactly the same information as I had provided a couple of days previously.......

Despite an early morning taxi hiccup, I arrived at Glasgow Airport in good time and headed straight to security. I was connecting onwards to tallinn with Estonian Airways from Amsterdam, a trip I have undertaken on a number of occasions and, on 3 out of the last 4 when i have checked bags, KLM has failed the transfer test for what is, admittedly, a tight connection. So I packed carefully adopted for hand luggage only. I made my way to the disappointing Servisair Lounge which is locked in a time warp but did give the the chance of a coffee.

Boarding was from the furthest possible gate so I gave myself sufficient time to get there. The priority lane worked well and I was boarded quite quickly. Seating in Economy Comfort on the Embraer gives a bit more legroom than further back, which is welcome - as a Platinum member, this does not cost me anything but, for short flights, I am not sure of its value as a paid-for benefit. The luggage bins on this type of aircraft are really deep and I had no problem putting my wheel-along case up top.

We pushed back in good time and I was able to sit back and observe the safety routine and service. I had latched in to another reviewer's image of 'happy' KLM staff and was looking for the smiles and graces that usually single such joy. At 06.00 they were certainly absent in our two, very serious (but not rude) cabin crew - maybe it is a deeper, innner joy rather than superficial, external happiness which graces KLM Cityhopper crew members in contrast with their big siblings at KLM?

Service at 6.00 includes welcome coffee and OJ but the chicken sandwich (the best of yesterday brought over from the Netherlands on the last flight) is not really appetising at that time of the morning. Airlines really could do more to think about what folk actually want/ need at various times of the day. Not surprisingly, not many passengers appeared to take the sandwich when offered.

We landed about 10 minutes early - great! - but on the remote runway, somewhere Haarlem direction so with the taxi and then a bus into the terminal, First KLM smile of the day came from the beaming captain as we disembarked. I was left with just 30 minutes to negotiate Schengen Immigration and Security before hearding back to a bus gate for my next flight. Thankfully, my Platinum card allowed me to fast track what would otherwise have been a slow queue and i made it to the gate just as boarding commenced. My luggage certainly would not have joined me had I checked it!!

All in all, a great aircraft in which to fly and solid but serious service - pity about the sandwich, mind you!!



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MarcusUK flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a B737-700 (28/11/2013 16:35)

This KLM 14.50 flight runs daily, a 737-700 LHR-AMS.
It is the first flight after a few hours gap ex LHR with KLM, the previous being 11.45am.
Starting in January, there will be a 13.00 hr flight.

The 737-700's are KLM's newest aircraft for Europe, (apart from Embraer 190's) with their whole fleet having been renewed in the last 5 years. They are spacious inside, the usual "KLM Blue" style cabin, with new seats that are thinner and stronger,, weighing less also.

Being a Gold card holder, check in at T4 is always through the segregated and quiet Skyteam check in area, rarely having to wait.
However, Priority Security is not available at LHR, unlike most skyteam airports worldwide. This should be fixed! The UK chooses not to have immigration checks on exiting the country, so no clearance at all to worry about.
Security at LHR the staff appear always to be rude, more interested in talking amongst themselves and a very lax and un-interested attitude, so it takes 10-15 minutes always even with just a few in your queue. you pay around £12.50 to go through on your ticket, and the service is atrocious. It is almost self service, and reliably upsets most people.

Able as always to use the Skyteam lounge at LHR T4, which always is impeccable. It is so well maintained, Gold, Platinum, Elite skyteam, and Business passengers can use the lounge, right by the KLM gates.
It looks and feels as fresh and new as the day it opened, unlike many lounges at LHR. Always a good hot breakfast, Lunch, or dinner menu, with soup and a vegetarian and meat main course, salads, meats and cheese, fresh breads and fruit.
The excellent wine bar, and hot cold drinks are of top quality. You have a choice of areas, from business pr pc area, lounge seats, or group seating in a semi circle, and the wine bar is a whole circle of seats. Upstairs is usually quieter, and they have a "Living wall garden off the inner wall" always creating a great fresh air, than normal air conditioning.
There is a spa, massage chairs. O2 bar, and snooze cabins.
All outlooks onto the usual KLM gates from T4 and the end of the SouthWest runway.
A very pleasant great multi facility lounge, and a professional and polite welcome always.

Boarding is not well done at LHR, apart from the Sky priority passengers on one side of the boarding gates. This means much fumbling about on the aircraft and wasted time, and this could be better done by seat rows.
However, the coffee can be smelt before you board along the ramp, a technique of KLM as a traditional welcome, a feature on all KLM flights. the Purser always has a bright warm welcome, and the crew equally happy in their work, and assist enthusiastically, and made a cheerful atmosphere.

KLM have a new zone called "Economy Comfort". These can run from row 3 back to row 9, depending on the business class seats needed, but usually consist of 3-4 rows. The cost is around £12 for non frequent flyers, and scales back by 25%, 50% (for Gold) or free for Platinum Flying Blue card holders. I paid £6.10. The seats have an orange headrest cover labelled "Economy Comfort", so you are in the front rows of economy, and if the aircraft is not fully booked or these seats taken, quieter, with a possibility that you have a seat free next to you.
However, the system is not well monitored on board, and we have seen cheeky Business passengers walking forwards and sitting there if it is not busy without paying, regularly.
KLM also need to monitor this and ensure that if you sit there, like everyone else, you pay!
The seat does have a small extra incline, but certainly a few extra inches of room, and the Business curtain slides up and down, so being in the front rows at times, would be the same legroom as a business seat when the curtains move. There is no difference in catering, but you do get served first.
Clever KLM always have a trolley serving at the front and the back, on this brief 45 min flight, with full drinks and a basic alcohol service too.
The crew worked speedily and pleasantly, and KLM always serves great coffee.
Pilots always give a natural feel for information, and can indicate at Schiphol exactly which gate we will arrive at, and the time, to assist transferring passengers especially.

The take off was unusual at T4, heading straight to the end of the runway and taking off, 5 mins from the gate in total! Lucky for us, we also had a close runway at Schiphol, and landed with a 3 minute taxi to our gate there.
The Captain or co-pilot always comes out to say good bye, along with the purser, as you leave.

The priority tag worked well as always at Schiphol, with the exact minute the bag was displayed to be due, coming out amongst the first.

KLM have some of the most comfortable seats on their 737 varied fleet, and new Embraer 190'sand newest fleet in Europe. The cabins are always very clean and new a feel to them, and the crew some of the most pleasant and welcoming, genuinely happy crews, who work well as teams, and always well lead by the Purser.

The "Economy Comfort" zone, does provide a little more space, and if not full, maybe free seats around you, and before the engine so quieter. But, KLM need to enforce the fact that people pay to sit in this new zone, and people should not merely walk forwards and be able to sit there without making the same contribution. It is not though, a 3rd cabin for a European flight with its own character and services. For longer European flights i think it is worth it and better value.
But if the plane is full, other passengers will be allocated to sit here, without a charge, so it is not a fair system?!

A base return fare from LHR-AMS with KLM runs from £95 available on most flights each day if booked ahead. these fares remain on one or two flights up to a week ahead if you want to be flexible for a good fare.
Business class runs from £354 return, all bookable on the UK based site.
KLM WILL charge for a hold luggage each way now, if you are not a FFP member!

Overall, an excellent short European flight, with a world class long haul lounge, and some of the most happy and welcoming cabin crews in Europe, and brand new aircraft, offering a high Quality KLM experience.



6.0 more

Swindoneric flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-800 (30/10/2013 13:02)

Flew from Amsterdam to Edinburgh on 29th October. Arrived early, plane was spotless (as seems to be the case with KLM these days) and all fairly nondescript. Apart from one thing.
The aircraft had been changed with the result that a (somewhat large) passenger and his wife had been moved from an economy plus seat to an exit seat. I may be wrong but I think that the cost of both is comparable and it certainly appeared that there was more room in the exit seat than in the economy plus seat.
However, the passengers concerned launched into a tirade of accusations at the cabin crew on the basis that they had been downgraded, lied to by the groundstaff and were now being patronised by the cabin crew. The purser spent a good portion of the flight listening to them.
I saw some recent posts on BT where correspondents rated flight crew and I'm intrigued to hear whether any flight crew have ever lost their tempers with ridiculous passengers such as these. The rest of the passengers were laughing at them rather than sympathising with them.



5.5 more

Swindoneric flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a B737-800 (04/10/2013 15:23)

Flew KLM (for the first time in ages) Edi-Ams-Hel-Ams-Edi. First thing which struck me was the absolutely immaculate condition of the aircraft interiors on every flight. Completely spotless which is how it should be. Bagged economy plus seats due to my lifetime platinum card. Sandwich edible on the longer sectors with plenty of wine. Cabin crew generally very good with the exception of the Ams-Hel sector where they were utterly outstanding. Plane was maybe 70% full but they seemed to be engaging with everyone. Also the food offering in the Amsterdam lounge seems to have improved, a decent selection of cold meats and even the sausage rolls reappearing.
I didn't experience the biz class service but can only think that once they get the flat beds rolled out, KLM will become a pretty compelling proposition for those of us living in the provinces.



6.6 more

MarcusUK flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-300ER (23/09/2013 03:17)

Amsterdam - Bangkok with KLM on this daily service, leaving 17.50hrs, arriving 9.30am (+1).
varied each day between a newer 777-300ER and 772 Aircraft.Bangkok, always the cheapest gateway into Asia. Two Z Class Business fares cost £1,756 each return (about £150 more ex UK)
Often, KLM have some of the best Business fares ex UK to Asia.

We Checked in on line 30 hrs before, with seats chosen 4 A/C when booked a month ago, for no extra charges. Texted details of the flight 5 hrs before by KLM, with no delays anticipated, otherwise you are notified of any issues.

As a Gold Flying Blue Member, check in at the usual place dropping off bags at Schiphol, at the KLM Business/ Elite Skyteam area, following which Priority Immigration, Intercontinental lounge access, and Priority security at the gates and boarding.
Lounges were very busy as always, plenty staff working hard, and a pleasant spacious feel with fair food, and lots of various places for work, i-pad reading , private TV stations, and all the usual quiet snooze, shower areas.

Security with Full body scanners at the gate meant 2 mins and through, and boarded smoothly using the A380 gates at Schiphol, and two easy walkways enabling quick stress free entry to the aircraft.

Business Class was full, though spare seats can be "Bid for" by offering an amount prior to travel, and if accepted you get the upgrade, notified 24 hrs in advance. Some seats were taken by this method.

Friendly very happy crew, lots of teamwork, friendly informative Captain, worked hard through the flight. Nice to be on the newer feel 773 aircraft. The "Victor & Rolf" toiletry bags are disappointing, with such cheap contents, I wonder why they bother. Poor quality socks, not effective eye shade, lip moisturiser stick, and a pen that hardly ever works. Much more effort and quality is needed here, as it really reflects poorly the service KLM offer.

The menus were offering a great variation created each ,month by a leading Dutch chef, and wines to compliment from worldwide. I ordered an Asian Vegetarian meal, which was terrific in presentation, quality, fresh ingredients, and spice variations. Much effort has gone into KLM meals in the last 2 years, and as they say "restaurant fresh", they really are. You can upgrade a meal to a special set theme for economy too for a small cost.
Desserts from the trolley, nicely presented, have two if you like, great coffee and chocolates after, and the usual assortment of drinks and alcohol.

We all have issues with the KLM seat for sleeping, and we know it is being upgraded to be fully flat, but could be a year before seen on KLM's 777 fleets. This will make a big improvement.

I often wonder why European Airlines are so clinical in cabin designs, with little warmth or character, flourescent lighting, poor quality toiletries, when so much innovation is out there, and good ideas and effects in the cabin from many Airlines. A decent sized toilet with lighting that does not make you look like a "Horror" movie, with space not to bang your head on the door, and move around a little. Somewhere to go, a seating area, bar , lounge would be so good with KLM. If only we could match them all together a little more for an intimate more cosy feel, yet retain the professionalism that Airlines like to give. I do not see much added warmth or lighting differences in the new cabin so far...?

The "Economy Comfort Zone" again not taken up, at Euros 170 extra a seat for inches more and 7" more recline, is not a "Wow" factor. No difference in the cabin, food or service from Economy. KLM in my view, would highly benefit from a proper Premium Economy cabin, and make good money from it in these tough times. Imagination and some creativity is needed here, and it would really be popular i feel, the existing product for long haul, simply does not sell. Neither was the economy section full by more than 70%.

Entertainment was on a large clear screen almost as wide as the seat frame in front, though much content is Americanised.
Slept for around 5 hrs on the angled lie flat seat, and the crew were quiet, responsive to peoples needs during the dark hours.
I always like the Hotel card style breakfast menu for KLM, you have cereals, choice of milks, yoghurts, fruit plates,a cheese or meat plate, and Hot main savoury, or sweet pancake dishes. All in addition to your continental breakfast, fresh orange juice, KLM's great coffee, All is served on Marcel Wanders Tableware and very stylish cutlery. You always enjoy breakfast with KLM and plenty of it, and varied sets you up for the morning well.

Lots of information from the Captain, landed on time, Captain and Purser always say goodbye to everyone, a regular KLM touch.
Fast track Immigration cards for Bangkok meant no queues, but 9.30am is a better time to arrive in Asia than most Airlines at the break of day, where much interconnecting for flights to Australia and Asia are made. So the KLM option which is in-between the lunchtime or evening flights to Asia is a pleasant option and helps with the time zones better. You also avoid the rush hour going into Bangkok.

Overall a good KLM flight, always even in the experience, a good value fare for Business, and miles earned to other travel. But KLM could really add a little more Dutch Warmth on Board in cabin design and lighting and facilities, and the small things that impress passengers and add to their small comforts. i hope this changes with the new cabins or a lost opportunity will have been wasted.
It is after all, the small differences we often remember on flights, that make us differentiate them, and gain a liking to choose them again.



8.6 more

Vertrek flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a Embraer 190 (29/08/2013 16:12)

KLM cityhopper (KL1272) NCE-AMS - Most probably the best European economy flight I ever had in my life. A 1 hour 40 minutes flight, fully occupied in "Y" and 50% in "J", all were managed fantastically by 2 cabin crews.

Check in and boarding in Nice was smooth, where SkyPriority was in full force. We boarded 20 minutes before and were airborne 5 minutes before scheduled departure.

The seat in KLM E-Jets provides an adequate legrooms for me and my friend who are around 180cm. Once airborne. the pilot explained our flightpath via Mont Blanc and Geneva, before entering Belgium and cruising to Schiphol via Rotterdam and The Hague; lucky me to had a beautiful view of the peak of Mont Blanc during sunset.

Service begin immediately, this was the highlight of the flight. Economy class service consist of 2 rounds, the meal + drinks and dessert + drinks. The meal service consist of nicely package organic sandwiches (very tasty) and drinks and the dessert service consist of the famous KLM "stroopkookjes" and hot drinks + wines and Heinekens. There was about 15 mins gaps between the 2 services.

Even with full flight and non stop services, both 2 crews were very cheerful and professional, they seems to really enjoy their job, joking around and talking around with us and fellow passengers while doing their job. Laughter can be heard throughout the flight and neighbours were talking to each other. 1,5 hours flew quickly and the captain asked the crew to prepare for landing. Each crew managed to do pre-landing check on passengers as well as took away all the empty cups, cans and bottles.

We touched down in AMS 15 minutes early and the landing was very smooth to the point my friend who closed his eyes was surprised that we were taxing. As we leaved, one of the crew and the captain said good bye and thanked us for flying KLM.

I can safely say, the 2 rounds of service, the tasty sandwiches and the great cabin crews really made this flight the best European economy flight I ever had. To top that up, in Schiphol, my LH fans friend downloaded KLM iPhone apps and said to me "It won't be the last, and I am very impressed".

I'd like to give a big thanks to KLM and both crews and the captains on KL1272 for the very sweet ending of our holiday. =)



7.3 more

Richard_K flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a A330-200 (23/08/2013 13:10)

What a mess at Doha Airport! While check-in started airport staff were still organising the flow of people. Then they closed the passage to the gates and everybody had to walk from Terminal B to Terminal A.

Flight came in on time from Muscat. Supposed to leave at midnight. Departed 30 mins late due to boarding mess (late arrivals). Crew performed okay, but less than colleagues on the inbound flight from Amsterdam. Positive: a captain that keeps his info talk short. Breakfast was soggy French toast (take the eggs ...). Disembarking was at top speed at gate Schiphol D57. Then 2 km walk to bagage belt.



6.8 more

Richard_K flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a A330-200 (23/08/2013 12:58)

On-line checkin is okay (smallhickup in seat selection) Bagage dropp-off had long queue. Boarding at D3 which has a small gate area (crowded). Boarding a bit chaotic.
Once on-board everything went smooth and well. Seat 12B Comfort Class. Crew did a solid job, food good. Pleasant flight, arrived on time.



6.6 more

TominScotland flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-800 (09/08/2013 19:19)

After a week of glorious weather in the Netherlands, as a sport groupie for a close family member, we drove to Schipol from The Hague prior to our flight to Glasgow. I had managed to pick up food poisoning from our last meal out and was in some discomfort.

After dropping our car, we made our way to the dedicated Sky Priority check-in area - I had tried to check in via the KLM iPhone app but it is a poor shadow of the BA one that I use regularly and I soon gave up. The desk check-in was very fast and helpful and we then made our way through Immigration to the non-Schengen airside area. By this time, I was not feeling great but (manfully) soldiered on until we got to the KLM Lounge where I nursed my self-pity with water and hot tea. The food looked fairly much the same as when I had last visited the Lounge but my stomach was not up to sampling it!!

We headed over to Gate D8 in good time and availed of Sky Priority security, which involved cutting into the main queue near the ex-ray machines and incrurring the dirty looks of fellow travellers. Once in the holding area, priority passengers were called forward first but there was no control over who actually boarded.

On board and settled into 5A and 5B on a crowded flight, we were delayed by a no-show with luggage check but eventually pushed back some 15 minutes late. Once in the cruise, a drinks and snack service commenced which was sub-BA domestic in Economy and not up to BA European offerings in choice or substance. I was not up to anything and some 30 minutes into the flight, made substantial use of the handily placed bags for the first time in my life - and even they were not enough to meet my needs!! Despite the horror of the situation for us and for fellow passengers, the crew were fantastic and helpful in sorting things out . Neighbours to the side, in front and behind were also wonderful!!

As a result, I was now feeling much brighter and ready to go when we landed 10 minutes late. Our luggage was up very quickly and we were away. Not a trip I would like to repeat again in the near future.

As with our outbound, the cabin crew were fantastic in a Dutch sort of way - cheery and helpful. The KLM Lounge is fine (in the neutral, west of Scotland sense) but little to get excited about and the B737 gives good leg room for this length of flight. Happy with the flight? - yes; enough to get me to switch loyalty - not sure?



5.3 more

TominScotland flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-800 (03/08/2013 06:18)

It is quite a while since I have used KLM but decided to burn a few miles on a planned break in the Netherlands - reasonable value because fares were looking high on both KLM and the alternative EZY but not rally competitive with BA's European reward offereing. We were booked on the 06.00 flight which meant an early start from home but we were served quickly at the Sky Priority Desk. I had selected forward Economy seats a couple of weeks in advance but, when i came to check-in online, had been bumped to 19A and B without the facility to change. Having got used to BA's really easy to use iPhone app, KLM's is a bit of a struggle. Anyway, there was no problem changing seats again on what appeared to be a far-rom-full flight and we were allocated 5A and 5B, just behind the curtain.

KLM do not offer Fast Track at Glasgow but Security was quiet anyway so we were through and off to the Sky Lounge which has not changed since my last visit. As many have posted here before, it does little to enhance the reputation of KLM (or Emirates for that matter). The only real positive is its location and apron views.

We were called from the Lounge and made our way to the gate where Priority boarding was on=bserved and we were soon aboard. The crew were cheery, especially the purser, as only the Dutch can be at 5.45. The seating was fine and legroom good. Our neighbour was able to move after take off and give us the extra legroom. As Platinum Card holder, I was recognised and, indeed, the purser offered us a choice of the available free seats before offering others the chance to move. I thought this was good. Throughout, he was cheerful, helpful (to those seeking transfer information) and brought us a glass of bubbly in acknowledgement of an up-coming anniversary. Full marks to the cabin crew, then.

The Captain explain a short ATC delay but promised to put his foot down. We pushed back about 10 minutes late and were soon airborne. Service soon commenced and, in Economy, consisted of drinks and a sandwich which, I would venture to guess, had travelled over from the Netherlands the day before although it felt very fresh. The flight ran out of beer so that perhaps indicates the priorities of some of our fellow (and noisy) passengers.

We were put in a hold pattern over Amsterdam for about 15 minutes and, combined with the earlier delay, this meant that a number of passengers were going to miss connections. The purser talked to each party individually and gave them up-dated information which I thought was good.

We landed on the remote runway at Schipol - I can see where the argument that Amsterdam is LHR's third runway comes from because I am sure that this particular landing strip is, in fact, in Norfolk, given the taxi time involved to get to the Terminal.

We deplaned about 20 minutes late and made our way through Immigration to collect luggage - the small number around the carousel indicating how few passengers terminate in AMS. We then waited and waited and waited - a helpful KLM person with a tablet and phone tried to find out what the delay was but all she could tell us was that the airport was very busy due to the holiday period. Our bags emerged after 45 minutes - priority tagged bags certainly did not come first as ours were among the last.

KLM were very much as I would have predicted from previous experience in terms of the hard product. I much prefer the A320 series to KLM's 737s which are noisier and feel older. The Purser was a star (not just because of the bubbly), flight delays were not of their making but baggage delivery was very poor. So I am not sure about returning to them on a regular basis. European flights are generally uncompetitive alongside BA in my experience and Schipol, for all its plaudits, seems to be even more challenged with delays than LHR.



5.1 more

Richard_K flew KLM Economy, on a A330-200 (12/06/2013 19:14)

From Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam on a night flight, departing 00h55. Arrived from Qatar with 10 minutes to get from gate to gate. As I arrived the boarding was just done. Anyhow this flight begins in (I believe) Muscat so there is a crowd on board as you enter the plane. My seat was 23H.

As I occupied my seat 23G was moved to a more spacious seat, only to be moved right back when the cabin attendant found out that “the flight is fully occupied after all.” Proper apologies were made, but this should’t happen in the first place. Strangely, after 23G secluded himself from the environment with headphones and blindfold, 23D was moved to a (apparently) more spacious seat.

KLMs A330-200s are a bit dated, but generally neat and clean. The same seats that were okay for sitting on the day flight to Qatar (KL0441) are miserable for sleeping. I never sleep well on flights, but these seats are too firm and don’t provide the sideways support that a resting head needs. After a midnight sandwich the lights were dimmed and I dozed a bit listening to the on-board radio on low volume. Most regrettably the captain and purser felt a strong need to inform all the sleeping passengers with multiple announcements. And like on the outward KL0441 flight, I yanked the plugs out of my ears every time since the announcements are AT TOP VOLUME.
The food on this flight was reasonable. The midnight sandwich was fine, but the morning breakfast didn’t do it for me. Lukewarm pancakes with coagulated vanilla sauce, fruit and yoghurt. Service by the (male) cabin attendant was as it should be: professional and courteous.

Arrival was about 10 minutes ahead of schedule at gate G8. Unboarding was well organised in part as cabin crew blocked passengers to the rear from interfering with passengers further in front getting up.

All in all a solid performance by KLMs crew. I do have to reconsider flying on night flights, though.



5.6 more

Richard_K flew KLM Economy, on a A330-200 (12/06/2013 18:49)

Monday morning flight from Amsterdam Schiphol to Doha, Qatar with departure at 10h35. With check-in done on-line and only carry-on luggage, it was a simple strait dash from the train station to the passport control. A bit of a queue taking about 5 to 10 minutes. Then a 5 minute stroll to Terminal G.

(In all fairness: this bit is not about KLM, but Schiphol Airport.) Departure was from Gate G13. Expecting a departure from a proper gate (KLM is no budget airline, is it?), walked the wrong way and had to double back. See, G13 is down the stairs to where the busses are. Now at Schiphol international departures have the security check at the gate. The security wall for G11-G13 is set up about 20 metres from the bottom of a moving staircase. The security folks seemed to have a good time, and in all relaxation processed 600-700 people from 2 departing flights via one access door and two scanners. So as the crowd backed up towards the escalator, it got a bit tricky.

The single KLM staffer however, stood her ground and fluently had all the business/elite flyers jump the queue. The whole security process took at least half an hour. Things got worse when the revolving door to get to the bus was jamming and the bus drivers were as organised as the sticks in a game of mikado.

The plane was a A330-200. Not the latest in design and technology (judging by the entertainment equipment), but the cabin was clean and neat. A proper welcome on board and off to seat 34J. I used the trip to get some work done, at least until the laptops battery ran out.

For a day time flight there is enough space and the seats are reasonably comfortable for sitting. My laptop is rather big, so I could have used a few centimetres more space, but things were workable. Meanwhile listened to the on-board radio. The most annoying thing is, that the announcements interrupt the listening experience VERY LOUD. So, every time the captain or purser feel a need to inform you about something, you yank the earplugs out your ears. On this flight the captain and crew kept it short and concise.

The quality of the meal was fine in my case chicken in spicy sauce with rice. The service by the cabin staff was fine too. To make it “good” give it a little bit more personal touch and do it a little less loudly. (My colleagues and I chat and joke around in the workplace as well, but we’re not in a public place. Cabin staff is so make it a bit more professional.)

The original delay at departure of about 10 minutes was made up for and arrival at Doha was on time. By bus to the terminal. Procedures at Customs were fairly swift (15 minutes) and included buying an entry visa (100 QAR, 20 Euros, you can pay with credit card).

To summarize: after a poor departure from Schiphol a solid performance by KLM on the flight itself.



5.1 more

DannyGriffin flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a Cityhopper Fokker 70 (25/05/2013 21:17)

The flight was very good and the a/c landed at Leeds Bradford on time.

Boarding was simple and easy and the flight was probably 80% full. The captain was very kind when we were boarding as he saw me taking a pic of the flightdeck and he invited me in for a look :).

When we boarded we took off swiftly and the climb out was clean and comfortable. Shortly after take-off the cabin crew served a light snack of 'salty or sweet' biscuits/crackers and a complimentary hot/cold drink.

Unfortunately there was no IFE which I wasn't surprised about, but the flight was only 40 mins. The a/c was PH-KZO. Landing was smooth and we landed on the 'Kaagbaan' (rwy 06).

De-Planing was quick and simple and I was happy enough! :).



6.9 more

MarcusUK flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-300ER (24/05/2013 20:13)

KLM alternate a 772/3-ER every other day (roughly) on this AMS-BKK route. The 777-300ER's are all less than 2 years old, and 777-200ER's around 6 years old +.

Check in for Business Class and Elite Plus members, offers fast track at Schiphol via immigration, and security at the gate, as well as boarding.
Use of the Intercontental Crown lounge is always a pleasure, calm, one of the largest lounges in Europe with terrific views and a nice ambiance. It is set between E/F terminals, the principle long haul gates at AMS.

But always remember what Shiphol offers to everyone, not to miss...
There is a Mini Museum arranged by the Rijksmuseum very near between the levels, which changes the paintings there each month or so. An library with ipads, and paper books also, A special area for children to read and play, also. There is a piano anyone can come along and play. A Physio holistic centre (with Dutch Registered Physiotherapists), offers massages, reflexology, fish and feet experience (urgh), O 2 boosts,and a water massage system, through a sunbed like machine. You feel wet but never get wet!

Schiphol has all the usual airport facilities but some amazing areas to rest, sleep, eat, and flavour Dutch culture, including a casino, and many things that simply do not exsist in Europe's airports.

The crews are always professional, natural and warm on KLM. The Senior Purser came round to introduce herself to all in WBC. The Cabin was also managed by the Junior Purser. Seats remain the best KLM have on the new 773's comfortable, nice large pillows, but are angled lie flat. You do find yourself slipping down a little and unless you sleep on your back it can be uncomfortable.
This is going to change with their new seats being fitted through the fleets now.

The menus were excellent featuring michelin star Chefs from Holland.
KLM have in the last 2 years greatly improved meals, using the aim "restaurant fresh" as from the kitchen, and it really is wonderful food. The tablewares were recently re-designed by Marcel Wanders, and all catering equipment now weighs 1/3rd of its orginal to save weight and fuel. It looks great also.

The wines features some world award winning Australia Dessert wines, and several chile, french, New Zealand experiences, with all the usual other refreshments. The presentation was excellent, standards one of the highes on board any Airline these days, and impeccable quality, ingredients.
I often fly and have Asian Vegetarian for long haul, so was given an abundance of breads, flavours of pickles, curry, fragrant rice, and really healthy aromatic foods.

Entertainment was easy to navigate, very wide screen as wide as the seat in front.

Slept for only around 4 hours, but with some quiet and peace, ready for breakfast served about 2 hrs before landing. KLM have a Hotel style breakfast card where you select your items before, which is delivered all ready in the morning, individually

Landed as always with KLM on time, luggage came out first as usual priority tagged.

An excellent flight for Long haul with KLM. New Aircraft, fresh natural friendly crew, clearly enjoying and happy in their work as compared to many Airlines these days, where you feel unhappiness and inexperience.

The Business Class will be upgraded as per the seat on 747's from now, and 777 fleets will follow next year, a little slow, but it is being done.
Schiphol itself can always be a rewarding an remarkable airport, if you look around and take some time to enjoy it, unique in Europe.

The fare was taken from a KLM sale of Business class. £1,340 (Equiv) each return Z class AMS-BKK, saving over £1,200 from the cheapest Airline option for two, ex LHR, and all its associated taxes, charges, and poor service.

AMS will remain a simply excellent gateway choice for travel througout Europe , worth travelling too, and is well utilised now for Ex UK business and leisure travellers. Great for KLM having such a hub, but they remain an impeccable Airline, well run and reflected through the whole experience from purchase to leaving the aircraft. One of Europe's best Airlines.



9.3 more

ViajeroUK flew KLM European Business Class, on a B737-800 (22/05/2013 13:58)

Rome to Amsterdam, after check in used the Alitalia landside lounge which was very well run and much better the the airside lounges, drinks served by bar staff, ample choice/supply of afternoon nibbles.

Business/Skyteam elite pax have separate security lane to save time, one last ice cream in the B terminal gelateria before efficient boarding for 17.30 departure.

Busy flight with a full front cabin, latest KLM Euro meal service big improvement over the previous 'box' offering, small menu leaflet, two choices of main hot food, tasty appetizer, and choc pudding. Choice of two red/two white wines plus Cava, no complaints.

Smooth flight with 'snooze' time, arrived on schedule at AMS, short taxi to gate.



9.4 more

westernranger flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a B777-200ER (17/05/2013 18:02)

The flight was LHR-AMS-CPT and the Economy Comfort on the long-haul sector gives you a handy 35" leg room and is definitely worth the extra money plus you get out the aircraft ahead of the masses. As usual with KLM, a good all-round service apart from the baggage which, along with 17 other peoples effects, was left behind and arrived the next day on the Air France flight from Paris. According to the handling agent in CPT, this is happening quite a lot nowadays......are they perhaps prioritising well paying airfreight ahead of passengers baggage ?



8.1 more

sparkyflyer flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a Embraer 190 (26/04/2013 15:32)

The route: AMS-London Heathrow

The choices: BA, KLM, Easyjet & Citijet. I had chosen KLM because of the schedules, had wanted to try them again after a while, and also because of the baggage allowance (since then their policy has altered).

Booking: Had been done on, was very easy, and enabled me to reserve a seat number, even though I do not have status on Flying Blue, their loyalty programme.

Check-in: Was easy and I did this the day before on a hotel PC.

Bag drop: Was all by machine, and I did not have a choice with this. I arrived early at AMS, in case there were problems caused by the snow (this trip was in January), and was pointed towards these machines where a door lifts up horizontally, and you place your luggage inside, and place the baggage tag around the handle. It then closes and off you go. It was straight forward, however, I do prefer dealing with an actual human being (although not the one I met on my outbound trip, see recent trip review!)

The terminal: security was easy, and then through. Schiphol was immaculate, not busy this afternoon and a very calming place to be. I do not have status with KLM, so I went to the lounge which I can use as part of Airport Angel, which was OK with a reasonable food offering, better than other non airline branded lounges. This was a bit of a trek to find, but in comparison with other airports, this airport scores very highly for all round convenience.

Gate and boarding: well this was the gate for which all the bus transfers go from. There was more security and then the usual waiting around for the bus to arrive. The bus took you on a tour of the whole airport (!), and then to the “park” where all the regional flights go from. Many Fokker 70s, Embraers etc. My aircraft to London was on an immaculate E190, and the first time I have been on an Embraer. The 2 crew provided a very warm welcome. These two were the type who, like previous KLM flights, were ambassadors for their airline. Very professional, enthusiastic and efficient.

The aircraft: Embraer 190 have 2-2 seating, and I was just forward of the wing, with nobody next to me. Hooray! But actually the knee room was decent. I would be very happy to try and be on an Embraer again, indeed, I would seek one out.

The flight: The crew were superb, and the male cabin crew especially “Jeff”, who really took pride in his work. A drinks round came, along with a very mini snack (can they do more? A sandwich would have been really appreciated) and the flight took about an hour, doing the rounds above Heathrow. A noticably steep take off on the E190.

Arrival and baggage: Not too far from immigration, and lucky for me (and about time), the cases through quite promptly as well.

Verdict: Good website, pleasant airport, great crew, comfy aircraft – a truly decent short haul experience.



7.8 more

sparkyflyer flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-900 (26/04/2013 13:40)

The route: London to Amsterdam. The choices: BA, KLM, easyJet & Citijet.

I chose KLM as the schedule was ideal, leaving (or that was the intention) mid morning, in time to have a meeting in Amsterdam that afternoon. I also had not been on KLM in a while so fancied checking them out and it was cheaper than BA by a reasonable margin.

Booking procedure: was very easy indeed and I liked the option of choosing the seat number at this stage (although this amounted to nothing).

Check in/Bag drop: I had checked in online the day before and I arrived at LHR about 2.5 hours before the scheduled departure time for the bag drop. The signage was not that clear and I ended up in the check in line as opposed to a bag drop line.

There were two ladies in front of me in the queue. They had cases for the hold, and cases for hand baggage, and when they were “summoned” to the desk, the check-in agent shouted at them to put them in the hand baggage size checker. Even before they had tried to fit it in, the check in woman shouted and barked at them saying the piece was too large. It was not, it was just that the wheel got stuck. They tried to reason but the rep was not into “reasonable” mode and just demanded that they re-pack and get new bags. The women became tearful but I do not know what happened after that.

It was my turn next and you can guess which check in agent I had. On saying “good morning”, I was greeted back with “You are overweight”. I was, although only 1KG and had to put some items in my hand luggage, but after this miserable hag and her appalling way of dealing with people, I refused to deal with her again and then went to a pleasant agent who was dignified and efficient.

Some might say “she was only doing her job”, but frankly I do not think she was, and not the sort of person who appreciated passengers are paying her salary. A terrible representative of KLM and indeed her profession.

The terminal: I went through security, which was quite straight forward. They had a special x ray for feet/shoes, which was great as it meant I did not need to remove my shoes. I went to have a breakfast, mindful that snow was on its way, which may cause delays. I kept checking the screen but first knew there was a delay by email, which I thought was efficient. The delay was for one hour (the plane was late leaving AMS to allow for the delays that would be at LHR, which gave me time to walk around Terminal 4, and reflect it was not what it used to be, and I would not want to spend much time there.

Boarding: I went to the gate at the appropriate time, where queues had formed. We waiting in line for ages, and then when going though, my Boarding Card was declined, being re-issued with another one. At first I thought “bingo, upgrade”, but it was not to be and in fact I was very peeved that what I was pleased about, my seat selection on making the reservation, had been taken away from me. I had wanted a window for this short hop, and had been given an aisle. We then waited ages again in the air bridge in order to board the very full 737-900.

I thought the Business Class area did not seem that desirable as let’s say AF or BA, not that there is a huge difference with Y on any of these. I went to find my aisle seat back in Y near the exits, but still not happy with my choice being taken away from me. But this did not last long, as we soon knew that take off was not going to be imminent, due to the snow (this was back in January), and we waited, waited and waited. Having an aisle seat meant I could move around the cabin and stretch.

I have to say the crew were really superb. Engaging, positive and superb ambassadors for their employer and for the Netherlands. They came around with drinks and water, but of course we never really knew how long we would be waiting for, but I thought these crew show how they can be constantly enthusiastic even when the job can be mundane.

I must also say the seat was very comfortable. I was in it for over 4 hours altogether and remained comfortable. I am sure Easyjet would not have been the same and maybe the BA leather seat after 3 hours starts to hurt. I read the Holland Herald inflight magazine, which was a good and lively read.

Suddenly, after 3 hours of waiting, the captain announced “we’re off”, having just been given a take-off slot, and we started taxiing within 5 seconds, and all standing had to sit! We took off within 2 minutes, flying into the blizzard. Very quiet on board and most were relieved to get to cruising altitude. The crew came round again with drinks and choice of sweet or savory snacks, again very positive indeed. More food would have been nice however. That early morning big English Breakfast was a wise investment!

Landing: After the 45 minute flight, we then had a 15 minute "drive", not taxi, to a gate. We had landed at the runway furthest from the Terminal. This was not appreciated and I think they (Amsterdam ATC) could have done better, after all, the rest of Europe had not been affected by the snow as bad as UK, at least not at that stage.

Baggage: Came through very quickly.

Verdict: Good website and online check in, shocking airport check in/bag drop staff, poor boarding, excellent cabin crew and decent seating.



6.7 more

flyingdutchman flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (28/02/2013 16:59)

To and return from Cape Town. Crew friendly and efficient. Departure AMS at 09.25, lunch started at 10.45, a bit too early as the flight is 11hrs45min. But food good quality and superb wines.



8.3 more

Speedbird_ABZ flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a B777-200ER (27/02/2013 14:07)

I chose KLM Economy Confort over BA WTP due to a large difference in cost for this ABZ/AMS/JFK/MIA/FLL/ATL/AMS/ABZ routing.

I have to say that KLM Economy Comfort exceeded my expectations and I will not hesitate to consider this product for all my future flights.

Legroom was great, recline good, food very good for economy, staff outstanding on every sector, every flight arrived ahead or on schedule.

One fantastic benefit of being in Economy Comfort is that you are at the front of the economy section and beat the queues at immigration - a definite plus for arriving at JFK - we were through with bags re-checked to Miami within 30 minutes.
There was ample choice in the AVOD as well, so I really have no complaints!
Well done KLM.



8.4 more

carolinemeechan flew KLM Economy, on a B747-400 Combi (15/01/2013 18:17)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Travelling from Glasgow to Auckland via Amsterdam and Shanghai with KLM economy class.
1st Leg of Trip Glasgow to Amsterdam
KLM staff at Glasgow check-in desks were very pleasant and we didn’t have to wait in long queue. But sorry to say their information about our luggage was incorrect. We asked if our luggage would be transferred all
the way to Auckland by the air company. They said yes which is correct at Amsterdam but not at Shanghai.
Word of warning: we had only 1 hour to transfer from the Glasgow flight to the Shanghai flight. Make sure you go direct to your gate because you must go through a security bag and passport check there.

When you go down the tunnel taking you onto the plane it splits into two paths. It is signed rows 22 and above to the right. We were in row 22. My advice if you are in rows 22 to 27 is ignore sign and go left as we discovered we had to walk back through half the plane to get to our seats. If you can, avoid row 22 as middle seat has metal box under the seat in front of you so you only get half leg space for the next 11 hours.

There is not enough overhead luggage spaces on the KLM flight. We had to put our luggage under the seats in
front of us making the flight even more uncomfortable.

Before landing at Shanghai KLM staff gave us transit visas for Shanghai. After filling them out a different KLM staff member informed us that as we were transiting through Shanghai airport we would not need them. Luckily we did keep them as YOU DO NEED THEM to transit past Shanghai customs officers. We transited from terminal 1 to terminal 2 in Shanghai which took an hour only to be told by the Air New Zealand staff that KLM gave us incorrect info again and our cases would not be transfered and we would have to go back to terminal 1 to get the and bring to terminal 2.

Our turn around in Shanghai was 3 hours it took us just under 3 hours due to KLM incorrect info.



3.3 more

myspirow flew KLM Economy, on a B777-300ER (12/01/2013 08:49)

Flight KL810 is serving Jakarta (CGK) to Amsterdam (AMS) with intermediate stop at Kuala Lumpur (KUL). This review took details of the first portion of the journey.

At Jakarta International Airport, the ground handling for KLM was handled by third party. At check-in, the ground staff were wearing KLM uniform (blue colour). There are three check-in area; one for Sky Priority, one for internet check-in (baggage drop), and lastly is economy class check-in section.
Arriving 2 hours ahead for my 19.25 departure and having checked-in on the internet (web check-in opens 30 hours prior to scheduled departure), I proceed to internet check-in area which was relatively empty. After my bag was weighted and the airport tax was paid (Rp150,000 per person for international flight), I proceed to immigration. Immigration line was also a breeze and I was at airside departure area in no time.

Boarding was printed at 18.50 but boarding call was made at airside departure area shortly after 18.10. I walked leisurely to Gate E7, going through another security check before entering gate area. The gate was in walking proximity from immigration and airline lounges. There were two separate lane for entering the gate; one for Sky Priority and another lane for the rest of passengers. Line was formed in the general lane but it was moving quickly. Gate agents (wearing the purple uniform of the third party company) were welcoming the passengers.

As I entered the gate area; the plane was already sat there. It was a B777-300ER PH-BVB named National Park Fulufjalet. It's wearing KLM Asia livery design and I've been on it for more than half dozen times.

Boarding was made shortly before 18.50 based on priority and row sequence for economy class passengers. I was among the last group to board as I was seated on row 23, the first economy class section behind the business class.
Boarding completed around 19.25 right in time for 19.25 scheduled departure time. We were pushed back from the gate at 19.33 and due to runway congestion, we had to take turn to take off. Our plane was cleared for take off at 19.56 from runway 25R.

After reaching cruising altitude, the fasten seat belt sign remained on. Apparently the weather condition was rather rough. Cabin crew walked around the cabin to distribute headphones and in-flight entertainment was soon switched on. However, there is no hot towel service as was in other KLM intercontinental flights.

Meal service followed soon with cabin crew distributed kids meal first. Before the crew got any chance to start meal service, weather got rougher and forced meal service to be delayed.
Rough turbulence was soon experienced by the plane. It does not helped of being a larger aircraft to have a smaller effect of turbulence. The cabin felt shaky for few minutes and it repeated several times until we were approaching Singapore that the weather was getting better. With half-an-hour remaining flying time, the cabin crew rushed to distribute the rest of dinner service with no coffee/tea service followed afterwards. Also, inflight-sales service was also skipped.

Having ordered a vegetarian meal; I was quite pleased with the offering. KLM served a full tray of 3-course meal. It had a nice presentation however the quality is a different story. I had a papaya and mango salad for appetizer, a slightly Asian dish. For entree, it was potato cakes served with boiled potato vegetables - clearly a Western dish. For dessert, it was a jelly with slice of apricot on top - another Western dish. Adding the meal tray was a cup of mineral water and warm bun with butter.

The appetizer was quite good - both in taste and presentation. For entree, there is a mismatch of nutrient that one needs for a balanced diet - why serving too much potato for single serving? Also, the vegetables are overcooked - signalling that the dish was prepared when the plane left Kuala Lumpur before coming to Jakarta and being left too long at the food warmer. For dessert - it was nothing to rave about but the excessive coloring on the jelly did stick to the canned fruit.

It's a courtesy of the airline to serve meal to passenger, but with current offering, it's hardly a sign for KLM to symbolized its meal offering with "quality" and "being healthy".

I had the same inflight entertainment program for 2-month straight traveling on KLM (it was the same program offered in December 2012 as in January 2013). While the choice is extensive, but not updating IFE program on monthly basis can leave frequent travelers in boredom especially those who fly intercontinental flights couple times a month.

Good thing about economy seat of B777-300ER for KLM is there's no IFE box below the seat (in B777-200ER, entertainment box is located on seat A and H reducing legroom and flight comfort for long hour flight). Seat pitch was of industry average but it still felt roomy. With economy cabin of B777-300ER is set at 3-4-3 configuration, there is a considerable less aisle width as compared to the aisle of B777-200ER that the company operates. Also, B777-300ER economy seat has larger TV screen and better IFE console, one would feel like returning to dinosaur era when flying B777-200ER aircraft - two of the aircraft which KLM use alternatively for this route.

If there is a constant plus point for KLM is its service from the crew. However, KLM needs to standardize its inflight offering to ensure that the guest receive the same experience each time flying on it. Things like hot towel service, inflight sales, and others which have been performed on this route but not consistently.

We touched down at Kuala Lumpur International at 22.25 (scheduled arrival time was 22.25) and was at the gate some 10mins afterwards. All passengers need to disembark the aircraft with transiting passengers required to collect transit card and return to the gate in 30mins time.

A rather bumpy ride for a short hop from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. Inflight entertainment may offer sufficient entertainment for the passengers - but it was not updated on monthly basis. Meal service was rather disappointing but the excellent service from the crew made up the whole experience. Overall, there is room for improvement for KLM to have a more standardized offering to complete passenger experience.

On a side note: it is rather amusing to find a passenger who asked for the "smoking lounge" onboard aircraft these days. On this flight, I found this passengers while on previous KLM flight of the same leg, I found passenger who was caught smoking in the lavatory until the crew came and reprimanded that passenger.



8.1 more

IonelMichaelNavon flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a A330-200 (06/12/2012 14:00)

"KLM flight from hell" in economy comfort

We booked on line economy comfort 2 aisle seats 12b and 12d but were surprised to be bumped at the last minute to one aisle and a middle seat in a transitional row between row 10 (that had only 3 seats).

Our transitional row that had 4 seats with tray tables enclosed in the seat support making for particularly narrow. Seats that were so unusually narrow as to transforming our economy comfort flight from AMS to ATL to the "KLM flight from hell" in economy comfort.

I am a Delta million miler and Silver Medallion, and I will never forget the harrowing experience I had in narrow seats that are not fit for human comfort..

KLM does not mind at all- and does not respect veteran frequent flyers of DELTA!!

I took an oath to avoid flights with KLM for the rest of my earthly life.



5.7 more

ArifGadzhiev flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-800 (22/11/2012 20:32)

I flew from Amsterdam to Moscow in September. Schiphol airport KLM staff is very polite and friendly. The boarding process is organized very well. Depature was on-time. Seat pitch in the KLM 737-800 is standard (comparing to the Aeroflot A320s that I had flown to AMS). The plane was naerly 10 years old but looked very new and clean.

The cabin crew was very friendly and helpful, always with their warm smile, so the athmosphere was very positive.

There was no hot meal during the flight, but the wrap-roll with chiken was tasty. The landing was on-time. I liked the journey very much and I hope that we will meet with KLM again!



8.7 more

lukewhitfield15 flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-800 (28/10/2012 12:25)

Flew from MAN-AMS in KLM's Europe business class. An overall decent experience. Trip started at the KLM/Air France/Cityjet check-in at MAN terminal 3. Got my boarding pass from the self service machines and got assigned seat 1C (aisle with middle seat blocked in business class) with SkyPriority stamped on my ticket.

I proceeded to the SkyPriority queue to drop my bags off and there was one person in front of me and about 2 behind. Economy queue was packed. After a short wait for the man in front to drop his bags, I proceeded to the baggage drop of counter to a friendly but direct lady who asked for my boarding pass and passport. My bag was labeled priority and she directed me to the flybe lounge (which i didn't bother going to: 45 minutes to boarding), then she stuck a fast lane sticker on my boarding pass, allowing me to use the fast track security.

I went through security with no problems, there was no queue in the fast track lane and a huge queue in the economy lane. I believe you can also purchase a fast lane ticket for 3 pounds, it is recommended.

I went to the departure hall and got myself a drink and before I knew it boarding was called. Business class, sky team elite and elite plus members were called to board in the SkyPriority queue, and I was among the first to enter the plane. The friendly purser warmly greeted me with "good afternoon, mr ...." and I was seated in seat 1C.

Business class had 6/8 seats occupied, with two rows of business open. Whilst boarding, the purser came round with a choice of orange juice and water. Economy class continued to board and the door was swiftly closed and we started taxiing to the runway. Once the seatbelt lights went off, the purser came quickly to close the curtains between economy and europe business class and started the very short meal service (one hour flight).

Bags of nuts and another drink of choice were handed out then collected and the pasta meal was served. It was served on a smart black tray with proper china tableware and proper cutlery. Along with this, another drink of choice was handed out and we could start our meal. It was cold pasta salad with rocket lettuce and tomato sauce. For a one hour flight, it was adequate and there were no major complaints. For dessert there was a moreish passionfruit mousse, which was delicious.

The trays were taken and coffee was served. Some of the best coffee I have ever had in my life. The trays of coffee were taken away and the plane descended. The curtains were opened between business class and economy class and there was a very smooth landing. I was one of the first to leave the aircraft and got to security before the rush of other passengers. I got straight through to the baggage hall and my bag was the first to come out with the other priority tagged bags.

Overall, KLM have a descent europe business class product. For this short flight, it isn't worth it unless you need to get work done and need that extra space and privacy. The seat was fine for sitting and row 1 is by far the best for legroom as it is the bulkhead seat and there is no one to recline into you. The staff were extremely friendly throughout, attentive and called you by name, a nice touch. Catering was adequate and the sky priority service is very effective.



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Vertrek flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (08/09/2012 08:36)


Point of Attention: I changed my travel date via KLM Twitter and when I am about to make the payment in their city office, the city office said that it can't be done as my ticket is no longer valid after 24 July 2012 as it was the unused ticket purchased a year before. That night after i came back from the city office I got a twitter text from the KLM agent asking if it is ok for her to call me to my cell (It was an Indonesian cell as I was travelling in the region) and after I replied to her, she called me from Netherlands (I would assume) within 10 minutes and explained to me about my one year validity and apologised for it, but as she said she is able to be change my ticket, she gave me an exceptions and changed it without me needing to put any argument. Around 24 hours after the cali, I received my e-ticket and a twitter text from her checking if I've gotten the email regarding my new e-ticket. Also, did I mention she waived the service fee of EUR 30.

Check-in: Did it via the app and my luggage was tagged priority when I dropped it in the checkin counter in KUL. I was also given a paper boarding card with "SKYPRIORITY" printed on it.

Lounge: KL use plaza premier lounge in KUL. Nothing special, but it has a great view of the tarmac and KLM, a good selection of drinks, however, food selection can be improved.

Boarding: A SkyPriority lane was kept empty and exclusively for "J" passengers as well as ST Elite and Elite + passengers, I boarded through the line without any congestion.

Seat and IFE: As it was a 1 hour and 45 minutes flight, i didn't have enough time to fully use the facility, but the seat was spacious and comfortable for seating and relaxing. The IFE Screen was big but the selection was rather limited. Would love to see an improvement to the as it would be a big plus when the new improved Business Class is roll out next year.

Food: menu was given with a date printed on it. And I had the Asian choice.As it was a short flight, everything was presented in one big tray with KLM signature cutleries. Hot drink service was followed after all passengers got their meals.

Service: All crews were friendly but one. The crew who was in charge in my section couldn't be more friendlier. A person beside me flew in KL "J" for the first time, and was blonde with operating the seats and IFE, plugging the earphones, etc, and when she saw him, she helped him with smiles, humors and friendliness. Viktor&Rolf Essentials was given out as well as the Delft House, A very nice touch indeed!

Arrivals: CGK efficiency should be improve, was waiting for the belt to start moving for about 20 minutes before the first bag is out and luckily mine was one of the first.

Vredict: Great service and comfortable seat, looking forward tot heir new business class seat next year! And the KLM social media service is always efficient and reliable. I personally think, service wise, both before (Social Media) and during the flight, no other EU carrier can top it up.



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YvetteFebrina flew KLM (28/08/2012 05:05)

21 & 28 Aug. Jkt-KL-AMS

Extremely unsatisfied with the cabin crews. Staff were not accommodating to my needs, whereas other Dutch passengers were served first-hand, imagine that !!! There's room for crucial improvement in friendliness of the stewardesses (and stewards)!

Poor variety of movies in the flight. Had to skip through the same movie titles more than 3 times. Navigation not so user-friendly.

Food was OK, toilets clean and amenities are taken care of regularly.



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Binman62 flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-300ER (21/08/2012 22:05)

KLM world business class

Recently flew DPS to SIN with KLM as they offered a great deal on the 2 hour flight in business for a family of 4.

Checkin was swift and efficient though the development work on the new DPS airport means that getting into the airport was a bit of a chore.

The lounge was awful with some pretty dire food and lousy white wine and beer only. Annoyingly, wifi was not free and I really should 
have headed for one of the 3 other lounges which accept priority pass and which do have free wifi.

Boarded on time and was met by a character right out of a Wagnerian opera! She was terrifying and was taking no prisoners. I had boarded first and had quickly settled which seemed to please her. Others did not please her and came quickly to regret their actions!

The flight, a 777-300 left on time. The seat was fine, the IFE good and the food perfectly satisfactory. Nice touch was the menu was printed with date of travel.

Amenity kits were distributed which was a surprise on such a short sector and then just prior to landing, passengers were given the little Dutch houses as a gift. Apparently there are now 92 so I had a good start picking up 4 on my first flight. It was a real surprise to be offered them at all.

My Wagnerian crew member clearly took a shine to my family and chatted to my wife and kids in between barking at others, in particular a very leggy and demanding blond! Consequently I can only speak highly of her and cannot fault the service provided to us.

I was most impressed by KLM but I am not sure if I would have the same view after 12 hours in that slope seat. However I had just 2 hours and the flight was very good indeed.



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MarcusUK flew KLM (14/07/2012 20:52)

Embraer 190 AMS -LHR - Economy

The 19.05hrs daily flight appears to switch between various aircraft, Fokker 100, 737 -800, or the new Embraer. Perhaps it changes for capacity but this flight was full. These are run by KLM City Hopper services, so you need to take the bus from D 1-6 gates, so allow extra time for this.
It is about time the Fokkers went to the museum!

Sky Priority members can have fast track access for check in and immigration at Schiphopl. For KLM flights to the UK, Sky Priority members can use the Intercontinental lounge, which seats over 600+, and is well stocked with hot foods, beverages fresh salads, fruits etc, and a helpful service desk. Much better than the European Crown Lounge in the schengen area. It means though at least 10 mins + walk round to D terminal, with security, and some further gates adding another 15 mins.

Bus to the aircraft, and a nice new smart Embraer 190, comfortable leather seats, welcoming professional 2 member cabin crew. They always have coffee brewing to make a pleasant arrival as you board. 2-2 seating , with only 3 rows of Business class, yet mostly businessmen on board. A good demonstration of how Companies fly their staff economy these days. Often the 7378/900's used to have 10 rows of business class seats 3 years ago, now there are an average 3-4 rows!

In true KLM style, when problems occur, the crew are helpful and informative, and so the Captain came out put on his jacket, and asked for everyone's attention. He explained LHR had closed due to stormy weather, and they would have to wait at least one more hour. (Why does every other airport in the world manage weather as usual and expected...?!!)
He came down the aircraft chatted to people and offered to answer any questions. Courteous, polite and very professional. The crew served biscuits and cold drinks.

We took off 20.15 hrs. Usual great coffee on KLM, bar service, snacks or a sandwich depends on meal times. Due to holding for LHR we landed at 20.35!
Typical LHR again, we had to taxi from the Northern runway across southern take off runway, where we waited another 25 minutes! By the time we left the plane, we had all sat on there for 3 hours. The Captain came out (as often on KLM) and bid everyone goodbye and apologised for the delays.

Immigration was clear, IRIS and E gates open, and luggage was there within 2 mins.

Strange KLM vary the aircraft so much even on the same days, but the Embraer aircraft are comfortable spacious and have a great new feel. It is nice to physically walk the steps to an aircraft these days rather than the clinical lead on by the bridge, but add on the old bus trip...

An Airline always shows how good it can be when things go wrong. KLM always have all crew informed and they know what they are going to do, and co-ordinate it. They are always polite, informative and honest, and come out to take a microphone and speak to and with you, not at you from behind somewhere.

An Arduous 3 hrs journey for a 45 min flight time, typical of LHR lack of reliability. I should have stuck to LCY as they did not close mysteriously and their flights took off on time!

But KLM looked after us well, and clearly made more effort than other Airlines, and it was much appreciated by all passengers who left with favourable impressions of them.

This is a big difference, KLM shines on their flights especially in Europe, not tired, overworked, or fed up like most other European crews on other Airlines. Motivated, happy, content, and proud to do their work, and it changes the atmosphere on board. KLM is always a pleasure to fly.



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epeek06 flew KLM Economy (02/07/2012 11:09)

KLM have gradually started replacing their ageing Fokker's with Embraer 190's. The route AMS-GVA is normally served with either Boeing 737-700's or Embraer 190's. The Embraer 190 was used for this flight.

Upon arriving early at Schipol Airport, I directly went to Sky priority to check in. About 8 desks were open, to which I was served instantaneously, within 1 minute I was on my way towards security check. Using the Sky priority fast line I went through in no time.

Having stopped by one of the delicatessen shops to buy some traditional Dutch Gouda, I directed myself towards the lounge open from 4h45 to 21h00

KLM have two Crown lounges in Schipol airport, The lounge itself is very spacious, and could easily accommodate 200 passengers. A large circular self service buffet/bar is available, with wifi and power ports. A friendly KLM assistance desk is at one's disposal for any inquiries.

Once inside, I sat in one of the numerous comfy sofas, plugged in my iPad, while watching 'The Terminal' I was served by a young lady going around the lounge with a tray of fresh chicken satay skewers, delicious.

I helped myself with some more food and beverages at the bar where they served a variety of red and white wines, champagne, liquor, fresh juices, and sodas. The Food consisted of freshly cooked pasta, variety of cheeses, ham's, and bread.

Access to lounge is free to all Flying blue Gold and Platinum member's and partner airlines with same status, Access fee is demanded to Silver member's.

Arriving at gate B36, a ten minute walk from the lounge, boarding started instantaneously to which I was able to get on board the aircraft in no time.

Which seat to choose?:
The Europe business class on the Embraer 190 is configured 2-2 with two rows. The first row has large amounts of leg room due to no seats in front

The Seat:
I sat in 2A, a seat with sufficient leg room, no one sat next to me which gave me the benefit of having more space for my personal belongings.

As I entered the aircraft, my jacket was taken by the friendly steward to put in the closet. Upon sitting down, I was offered a bottle water wit a glass. The newspaper (Financial times and Tribune de Genève) was distributed among fellow passengers.

The take off was delayed by ten minutes, as 5 fellow passengers did not show up for boarding, thus their luggage needed to be taken off the aircraft.

After take off, the steward individually came to each passenger addressing them by name to take in their light lunch order a side salad served with either brie cheese or salmon sandwich. I had opted for the salmon, which was very tasty. With this meal I had ordered champagne which was served with professionalism and a smile. From what I could see the economy passengers received drinks of their choice with a bag of peanuts.

25 minutes after service I decided to use the restroom at the front, clean and spotless, the only problem was that there was insufficient ceiling space that one had always have to sit down when using the toilet.

The flight attendant asked me if I was willing to fill out a survey for them, to which I gladly accepted with a big smile.

Upon arrival with a 10 min delay, the Pilot excused himself for this delay. Getting off the plane was easy and quick, on the way out I was given my jacket and was greeted farewell by the flight attendant and Pilot who came out to greet the passengers.

As Switzerland is part of the Shengen no passport control was required. Luggage was delivered within 10 minutes of arriving at the conveyor belt.

Having experienced different airline business products in Europe, KLM stood out of the ordinary with their professionalism and friendliness of the flight crew. A very good light menu, with distinctive cutlery is one of the reasons why I would fly with this airline again!



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GloriaRose flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a A330-200 (27/06/2012 13:26)

Customers of KLM need to know that their seat assignment/choice is meaningless.

We flew Economy from DFW to Vienna. The long leg from Amsterdam was miserable. I am an average sized woman--5'4", and my legs are pretty short. It was impossible to adjust positions. If the person ahead reclined at all we were squashed, and it was difficult to use the screen attached to the back of the seat. I am surprised it is legal to put human beings in such tight quarters for such a long flight.

The flight from Amsterdam to Vienna on the smaller plane was comfortable and nice. When we arrived in Vienna I went online and booked three Economy Comfort seats for me and my travelling companions. I charged the upgrade to my credit card and printed a receipt that had the specific seat numbers that I had selected. Unfortunately, when we received our boarding passes for the long leg to DFW, we were still in regular Economy seating, but now our original seats were changed and we were split up.

It was difficult getting any help in the Amsterdam airport. I was sent from the Transfer Center to the gate, where of course they could not help because they do not produce boarding passes at the gate. I went back to the Transfer Center, and they were unable to find any record of my upgrade on their computer records. They managed to find me a seat, 10A, in Economy Comfort, but my friends had to make the long flight in Economy.

The reason I took the better seat is that I had the most difficult time on the trip over, and I told them they would have to shoot me to get me on the plane! My sister had an empty seat next to her which helped, but my friend described her experience as "the trip from hell."

I was seated by a lady who had upgraded the seats for her and her family the day before. We both had receipts confirming us on Row 14, but someone else had boarding passes for those seats. Her family all managed to have upgraded seats, but they were split up.

It appears that at least some of the seats on row 14 were triple booked. My theory is that some of their rewards members at the last minute decided to request better seats, and we were bumped. I can't imagine that their computer system is so poorly integrated that my receipt and upgrade never made it to the place where it could be viewed by the staff.

So all that nice web information about Economy Comfort and selecting your seats is a farce. Now I have requested a refund for the two passengers who did not get what we paid for. I have read that KLM is not quickly responsive to refund requests, even though they have enjoyed the use of my money for two weeks and not delivered the service paid for.

The female crew members on our flights were kind and respectful. Some of the men were pretty bossy and snippy. The business of pushing a cart down the aisles trying to sell merchandise is tacky.

In addition, they blocked the aisle for 10 minutes for one purchase while people were trying to get to the restroom. The male crew member pushing the cart was rude to a man trying to get to the restroom and basically told him he was coming through and he needed to get out of the way. (Not an exact quote but that was the meaning and tone.) Instead of the crew member backing up his cart to let the man in the restroom, he was rude and boorish.

The food was okay--about what I had expected. They came around frequently to bring water, juice, snacks, and that was appreciated.

This was my first international travelling experience, and it was not enjoyable. The Delta/KLM partnership is confusing and awkward to negotiate. The Delta people are no help at all if you run into difficulties with KLM. If I go overseas again, I will try to avoid KLM if at all possible because I simply do not trust what they tell me, even in a printed receipt.



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MarcusUK flew KLM European Business Class, on a B737-900 (11/06/2012 02:55)

A late afternoon KLM 737-700 AMS - LHR service, only a year old.

Opted to Upgraded to Business Class for E 50, offered when i check in on line, as a Gold member. KLM do this often now on all flights. (Means i get 10 times the miles to a low economy fare!)
LHR services are normally 2 hours + on the aircraft, as always delays from the airspace and holding into LHR as well as taxi to gate, so be worth while.

Intercontinental Lounge busy but good selection of lunch, full bar services, and hot meals and healthy salads, soups, fresh options, always enough space, and one of the largest in Europe, with nice views over the International flight terminals. The lounge is an excellent. A calm spacious design, lots of light and glass walls,with great views, and open to outside at 270 degrees around the lounge to the gates.

New Skyteam Priority services, mean fast track Immigration, separate security, and boarding for Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members, as well as business class. The fast track priority gates at D terminal where you are screened in the mid way through the terminal, offers a fast track, and they have yr name already if you are business or a Skyteam Elite / FB gold + member.

Boarding is a bit mayhem, as no one listens to the order and just piles forwards, rather stupid to do so as it takes longer. KLM should enforce this more.

Offered a welcome drink and snacks on arrival to aircraft. Soon after it became apparent that due to harsh weather the UK, had a backlog of flights, so we could not get airspace for at least an hour.

The crew were great, and before the Captain announces it, drinks to all passengers were being distributed. The crew were on the ball, and understanding. Very professional and friendly service. The Captain, she kept us informed throughout.

Dinner, was a small pot of gaspacho, pasta salad, hot breads, tasteful dessert, bar service full bar service, fresh juice, hot drinks. KLM coffee is always some of the best served on EU flights. They also have it brewing as a welcome smell as you board. The cutlery is all designed by Marcel a Dutch designer.

Seats were comfortable with approx 34-35 inches, and 2 seats in the 3 in Business. KLM refurbished all their seating with a lightweight carbon fibre seat, which means less bulk and a great sense of space in the cabin. This is on all their new 737- 700/800/900, and Embraer (City Hopper) services.

Arrived approx 30 mins late after holding in LHR for another 30 mins, normal delayed taxi landing and wait for a gate, that's due to LHR as usual.
KLM handle their own baggage, so priority tagged were through first.
Immigration queues were about 10 mins , so i used the Iris...which rejected half those trying to use it.

I always find KLM excellent on European flights. New planes, great design for more space, simple healthy sandwich and drinks in Economy. The seats have plenty legroom and spacious for a simple European flight, not designed to sleep, so I rated it compared to other EU flights.

The upgrade to Business Class, was worth it, especially as we were on the plane for over 2.5 hrs! KLM create a Win-Win, we get a nicer service, and they a little more revenue.

I always find KLM a pleasure to fly, one of the best in Europe.



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Vertrek flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-800 (04/06/2012 21:33)

Check in through iPhone Apps and border control was a breezed.
Spent most of my waiting time for shopping and went to the small gate at about 20 minutes before departure.
Again, security before the lounge was a breeze as i was one of the last person to get into the gate.

Once done, the boarding was announced and was Q-ed up behind 2 men who obviously had too much fun in Amsterdam and touching every single RaboBank poster in a downward motion slowly and walking zig-zagly.

Both men was greeted with a big smile by the cabin crews at the door and was asked "how are you? and are you feeling ok?" before one of the guy asked how long will this flight to London take, and she explained, "45 minutes in the air and about 35 minutes on the ground taxiing". All was done with a smile and understanding!! (I would imagined they dealt with this kind of situation a lot!) Very professionally handled I must say, as most people would get uncomfortable!

I was then greeted with a smile and a simple "Goedemiddag, how are you?".
Plane was about 80% full and the seat beside me was empty! Leg room was more than enough and the plane was clean! The pilot then explain the route that will be taken and the weather in London before safety demonstration was presented. We took off about 5 minutes late.

Snack and drink was offered, but only opted a glass of water and coffee.
I have to say the seat in KLM B737-8 was really comfortable even for a tall guy like me 180CM!

The friendly crews who greeted me was working up in Business Class, and in Economy class the crew was efficient but not as smiley as my last KLM flight, back in March.

Landed in Heathrow about 10 to 15 minutes early and Heathrow T4 was surprisingly empty! Breezed through and greeted by the friendly UK boarder guy in less than 10 minutes!

Overall, a very pleasant experience!



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FrustratedRegistration flew KLM World Business Class, on a A330-200 (01/06/2012 22:19)

I was in transit so cannot comment on check-in. The lounge at Schiphol is bright and roomy and not overly crowded with a reasonable selection of food and drink.

I boarded last so cannot comment on how it was managed. The flight was full but the cabin still felt fresh and roomy. The seat is comfortable for sitting and eating. I only snoozed but it still seemed very comfortable for sleeping.

The food and drink were good but best of all were the crew who were friendly but gracious. But it all went wrong on landing.

I had had a tight connection and was worried my bag wouldn't make it. Once it looked like most bags had been claimed I spoke to the handling agent (Air France) and asked if they knew by chance that my bag hadn't made it. They said it was on a list that "might not have made it". I said, "so I can go now and you'll deliver it when it does finally get here?" "no, we're not certain, so you must wait until we are told the last bag has cleared customs. If you leave and it turns up you will be charged for the delivery".

After another 30 minutes they agreed that it looked hopeless so I was to go through customs and make my claim in the office groundside. It was shut. I waited another 20 minutes for them to show up.

I called the next day to enquire about my bag. They said they did not know if it was on that day's flight despite the fact that it had already taken off. In fact it was, and it was delivered later that night. For them twice to say that they didn't know if my bag was on the plane or not, in these security conscious days, is apalling.



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keith_w flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (18/05/2012 10:01)

My wife and I flew from Manchester to Taipei via Amsterdam and back with KLM in business class.

After making the booking and reading the reviews on this and other sites I was very concerned that we'd made a mistake but I have to say we had an extremely pleasant flight.

Much is made here about the 170 degree beds, but we both found them extremely comfortable and both slept well on both long haul legs. Maybe never having travelled on lie-flat beds I have nothing to compare against, but we had absolutely no complaints regarding the seats.

The food was top quality; although slightly better on the way out of Amsterdam than the return while the cabin crew were everything we wanted - pleasant, friendly, welcoming and efficient.



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kempinski flew KLM Economy, on a B777-200ER (03/04/2012 02:03)

This flight that I took is the short haul leg on the return journey to AMS (Schiphol) from CGK (Jakarta) via KUL (Kuala Lumpur). The crew, normally changed in KUL and thus, is the same crew that is flying KUL-CGK leg before.

Check-in - I arrived at the airport 2 hours before scheduled departure of 6.50pm. I didn't have internet access whilst in Jakarta so I had to queue at economy check-in line (those who did web check-in can use World Business Class lane to drop their bag).

KLM does not provide check-in kiosks at CGK which is surprising as in KUL, KLM ground staff forced every passenger who had not checked-in online to check-in at the kiosks as they only open counter for baggage drop-off. Fortunately, the economy class queue line was not that long.

I paid Jakarta airport tax Rp150,000 at check-in counter and proceed to immigration.

Boarding>> From the boarding lounge, the KLM plane was already at the gate.

It was a Boeing B777-200ER Nahanni National Park with registration PH-BQN. Boarding was done in orderly fashion and Jakarta airport has efficient boarding lounge where two gates used for boarding was located on the opposite site of the room, and thus no pushing or squeezing when the boarding by row number for economy class was being announced.

I was seated in 15C, one row behind economy comfort class in the middle cabin. Wide selection of newspaper is available in English, Dutch, and Indonesian. I was impressed by the available choice.

The Seat>> Economy cabin (as well as Economy Comfort) was configured in 3-3-3 abreast seating. The seat is featuring AVOD PTV with smaller screen than KLM's B777-300ER which is using the newer and wider screen.

TV console is located at the armrest instead on the back seat as those at B777-300ER. However, those wish to be seated on the third seat in every section must be careful: KLM placed the IFE box under the third seat (i.e. seats with label "C", "F" and "J"). This reduce the space to put your feet or extra luggage that you can put under the seat in front of you. It is ok for short haul, but definitely an obstruction for long haul flight especially for standard built man or bigger.

Seat pitch is adequate at 31-inch and those at economy comfort enjoy 35-inch seat pitch.

The service>> As usual, service before take off including distribution of earphones. I like the practice at KLM where they handed out the new earphones to every passenger in a sealed bag which later can be brought back by the passengers in economy.

It is not noise cancelling, but the size is perfect to bring out of the plane and can be used widely in any gadget (it has 2-pin jack, but you can store 1-pin and it's compatible to be plugged to any 1-pin gadget).

Purser was also announced that he would start inflight shopping after takeoff before the meal. I was very impressed with the efficiency and work from the whole crew on this KLM flight as it was TOTALLY OPPOSITE experience from my inbound flight on the same flight where the crew are grumpy, rude, slow, and totally unapologetic.

The purser especially, a Dutch man, was extremely efficient and make sure that everything was done efficiently. He browse through the cabin several time, attending to every passenger needs, including doing hands-on job to offer inflight shopping. I gladly bought few items from the inflight shopping.

Meal service>> I ordered a special meal, so my meal arrives first before everybody else. The meal cart rolled short after and everyone was handed out the meal tray too. It is impressive that KLM do serve hot meal on short haul flight as competitor who also using stopover on intercontinental flight only serves snack.

Drink service was offered and feature wide range of beverages; beer to wine, juice to sodas. Coffee/tea service followed shortly after cabin crew clear the meal tray.

We still have plenty of time before landing while on the other KLM flight, the crew was just barely have enough time to clear coffee cups by the time of landing yo give you the comparison on how efficient the crew on this flight performed.

IFE>> KLM has sufficient selection of movies, music, and short films on the IFE system. It was not overly as wide as Emirates, but it is sufficient to keep someone entertained for a 14-hour journey.

I particularly like the music selection with ample collection of Dutch and English songs. The TV screen was not touch-screen as in B777-300ER, but the console is responsive enough and easy to use.

Arrival>> We arrived at KUL on time at 9.50pm. The airport is pretty relaxed at this hour as there is only few intercontinental flight departures scheduled to leave.

Shops are getting ready to close at 10pm. Immigration was deserted so one can get through within minutes.

However, baggage claim is a totally different story, it tool another 30mins before the first bag arrived and due to loads of passengers who disembarked at KUL, I have to wait another 40mins before my bag appeared. I'm not impressed with the work of KUL baggage handlers this time.

Verdict>> Flying KLM was like a gambling. On this flight, I had a wonderful flight experience as the crew performed to the extreme beyond excellent: where else you can get full hot meal, inflight shopping, and good selection of IFE for only 2 hour journey with a service that is on par with Ritz Carlton legendary standard? Even LCC can't do that!

I would like to thank the crew on this flight as they make me looking forward to fly KLM again and hopefully served by them again!



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HYC.bigtimeflyer flew KLM Economy, on a B747-400 (24/02/2012 03:05)


I'm a person who flies quite a bit, and my total destination was London for a vacation. We chose KLM out of curiosity, and was NOT disappointing at all!

Boarding, though it took a little while (Since it was LAX) but absolutely no problem. When I got in the plane, it was a friendly, relaxed, and not the uptight, uncomfy Economy class feeling. Seats were great, designed by recaro, I believe, and slept well on my long flight to Schipol AMS. The shorter flight of AMS-London KL1009 was also excellent for a short haul flight.

Food on both flights was simple, wonderful, and perfectly portioned. The service aboard the plane was relaxing, friendly and one of the stewards and I started up conversations about society and etc etc HAHA.

KLM is one of the BEST airline companies I've ever chose and I recommend it to anyone! The business man, the family, or the one looking for a GREAT TIME! Choose KLM!



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kempinski flew KLM Economy, on a B777-300ER (02/02/2012 15:23)

Flight KL0809/AF8399
Aircraft: Boeing B777-300ER PH-BVB (Nationaal Park Fulufjället)
Seat: 38K
Route: KUL-CGK (Kuala Lumpur International - Jakarta Soekarno Hatta)
Departure time: 1710, Arrival time: 1810 (2 hours flight)

Check-in>> all passengers departing from Kuala Lumpur need to do online check-in or kiosk check-in as KLM counters at the airport only handle baggage drop-off. There are plenty of check-in kiosks (since KLM has integrated their system into common check-in kiosk at KLIA) and the ground staff will make sure you're holding a boarding pass before queuing for baggage drop. Baggage drop counters open from 3 hours before scheduled departure time.

Immigration>> Immigration is always a breeze at KLIA as there are plenty of immigration counter available for foreign passport holders. There will be a security check after immigration before entering airside area.

Holding lounge>> The flight departs from Gate C4 which is at the satellite terminal. Passenger must take an aerotrain which link the main terminal building (MTB) with the satellite terminal (Gates C). Boarding was printed at 16.35 for 17.10 departure. There is a second security check prior to entering the gate area.

Boarding commenced slightly late than scheduled as gate agents are still busy checking-in the passengers - both who are originating from Kuala Lumpur and those transiting from Amsterdam.

Boarding was done in the following order: family with young children, elderly, and wheelchair-bound passengers, followed by World Business Class and Skyteam Elite members, and economy class passengers board according to seat row numbers starting from the rear of the plane.

Which seat to choose>> Other than economy comfort, bulkhead seat and seats near emergency exit rows, other seats are regular economy class seat with limited pitch and recline. The economy class of B777-300ER is configured as 3-4-3 layout. It is interesting to note that seats at column C and K has IFE box underneath the seat and it definitely reduce the storage compartment underneath the seat in front. One might want to avoid these seats for a long haul trip.

The flight>> Boarding completed shortly before 17.10 and the plane taxi down the runway and waiting for its take off slot. Immediately we were in the air and a welcome video was played immediately. Service began with flight attendants distributing earphones and immigration cards.

Meal service only commenced after 30 minutes in the air together with drink service. Coffee/tea service followed together with the meal clearance.

Service>> The service was so slow it almost took the entire flying duration of 1 hour and 35mins in the air to serve 390 economy class passengers. Also, an attempt to summon flight attendant by pressing the call button went ignored for the duration of the flight. Such slow and inattentive service left the whole experience to be abysmal at best.

In-flight entertainment>> The personal video screens on B777-300ER are of the latest generation with wider screen and personal console which is stored on the back of the seat. The selection of entertainment is pretty extensive and deemed sufficient to cover the long haul flight.

Amenities>> During stopover at Kuala Lumpur, the cabin is not well looked-after. Not all seat pocket is replenished with inflight magazine (Holland Herald) and no newspaper selection in the boarding gate left passenger with only PTV as sole source of entertainment.

Arrival>> The plane had to make few circles before landed at Jakarta due to runway congestion. The plane touched down shortly after 18.10 (scheduled arrival time) and it took another 15mins to park at the gate. Immigration at Jakarta was quite a breeze but it took another hour for my checked bag to arrive at the belt.

Verdict>> This short haul hop between KUL and CGK is popular among leisure travelers from Malaysia and Indonesia as it is one that provide cheap tickets. However, the service particularly on this KLM flight is very very lacking in terms of speed, attentiveness, and courteousness. Slow baggage delivery at Jakarta airport is another aspect whereby KLM need to observe for future improvement.



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5n1013221 flew KLM Economy, on a B777-300ER (14/11/2011 22:15)

Klm is by far the worst airline I've been on.

The customer service, if it deserves to be called that was just horrible. The attendent was very rude and the supervisor wasn't any better. I will never fly with them again.



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mgerard flew KLM World Business Class, on a B747-400 (10/11/2011 03:07)

I fly KLM quite frequently and while it's not exactly Qatar or Etihad in it's level of service, the service is comfortable, friendly, reliable and efficient. There is a friendly predictability in the overall product and in the flurry of intercontinental travel, that is a good thing.

The seats are not full flat, but I have always been able to sleep very well on flights. I sleep in the semi cradled position and I find that's the best way to sleep in their seats. The full flat out position hits me in the wrong places.

The entertainment is fine. Food is good and basic. The flight attendants are friendly and engaged. The planes are clean and well cared for - though the 747-400 may not be the newest. The baggage delivery has always been fast (I am Platinum however). Lastly, their Business Class fares are a good value. I fly over 150,000 miles/year and do a lot on KLM. It's been a really pleasant experience.

The only big issue I have with them is boarding at Schiphol. They really need to let Business Class passengers or elite levels find a way to the jet bridge. So many people are blocking the way that you can't get around the Main cabin passengers so we can board first.



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AlbertoZavala flew KLM Economy, on a B777-200ER (30/10/2011 02:33)

Very Confortablet and a good service and food



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HappytobeSilver flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (26/10/2011 15:21)

Recently flew form Cape Town to Amsterdam with KLM on the 777-200 and then onwards to Edinburgh on a 737-700.

Shared lounge at CPT which was busy (wouldn't liked to have tried to find a seat if there had been more than one flight leaving at that time) but had a reasonable selection of drinks and both hot and cold snacks.

No priority boarding for business class passengers however once boarded my wife and I were offered a glass of chilled champagne.

Supper was served soon after take off and we enjoyed the beef, potatoes and assorted vegetables. There was not a great variety of inflight drinks served but we both found something to quench our thirst. A hot breakfast was served about 1 1/2 hours before landing which consisted of real orange juice (with 'bits' in), a fruit smoothie, cornflakes and an omelette- very tasty.

The only disappointment with this flight was the seat- comfortable enough for sitting but not lie flat and I kept slipping down while trying to sleep.

Our connecting flight to Edinburgh left on time. We were only 4 pax in business and during the flight a good selection of drinks were offered in addition to a particulary tasty chicken sandwich on a wholemeal roll (a vegetarian option was also available).

The staff on both flights were excellent in their friendliness and in the courtesy with which they offered the inflight service.



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Richard_K flew KLM Economy, on a B747-400 (06/10/2011 18:07)

Departed 2 hours late, but a good flight. Seated 60H. Good meals and service. On the flight I did some work on the laptop, but pitch is just a tad tight for comfortable working.

Two minor issues. The junior cabin attendant was a little too informal for my liking. And while listening to the on-board radio every time the announcements came on I had a loud beep in my ears.



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Richard_K flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-300 (30/09/2011 10:33)

Coming from Vaasa, a small rural airport, had to get my boarding card at Stockholm from a transfer desk. But KLM has no transfer desk; you can go to the gate direct. Well, took a *&%$ load of walking to figure that out! Service at the desk was perfect, certainly when they called me back to give me another seat.

In 29C and no-one in 29A+29B, I was a happy bunny spacewise. Boarding was perfect on time. Cabin staff was polite, but also a bit in 'auto pilot' mode. Food served were 2 sandwiches and a cookie. Not bad, but also not to write home about.

Landed at Schiphol well ahead of time, but apparently somewhere near Den Helder. From the runway to the gate took about 20 - 25 minutes! Suitcases arrived on the furthest bagage belt they could find as well. Conclusion: good plane, flight and staff okay, airports performance poor.



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sander1985 flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-900 (09/08/2011 13:51)

Flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona. Very smooth flight, great cabin crew. We got a sandwich and 2 drinks. Landed on time. We were seated at row 4, wich had plenty of legroom.



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sander1985 flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-900 (08/08/2011 17:18)

Flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona.



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sander1985 flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a Cityhopper Fokker 70 (08/08/2011 17:15)

Flight from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam. Flight was delayed by 1H30



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Swissdiver flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B747-400 (05/08/2011 06:07)

AMS - BKK in Economy for 4 of us, 2 on exit rows (extra cost), 2 right behind.

Boarding was OK for us, but we were allowed to board first given my frequent flyer status.

The seat: this is the big drawback of the flight: KLM has refurbished it's B747s so they now all have individual screens but the size is ridiculous. On the exit row, we could hardly sit as the seat is really narrow (OK, I am 6"4 but not that large... And my son is 6"3 and slim!). Behind us, the legrom is minimal although the seat is slightly larger (on exit rows, the screen is in the armrest). I tried the "economy comfort" seat: same width, slightly more legroom (and same regular economy food and service). Not worth IMHO the EUR 150 extra per leg.

Food: Choice was displayed in details on the IFE (in flight entertainment system): nice. But 3 choices were displayed while only two were available... Food (chicken green curry) was good. A breakfast was served 2 hours before arrival.

Service: great! Snacks available in the kitchen, water and juice served every tow hours. Nice flight attendants: thumb up!

IFE: good choice of movies on demand (VOD) including very recent ones. Screens ok although not touch screens.

Last but not least, is well done when buying but also managing the bookings.

All together a good flight (and connecting at AMS (Amsterdam airport) was quite efficient) for a reasonable price.



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Swissdiver flew KLM Economy, on a B747-400 (05/08/2011 05:33)



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fbindoff flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-300 (03/08/2011 07:28)

KLM may not be on the top when it is compared to airlines such as qatar and fly emitates, but they everything you need to have a quick, easy and pleasant flight. My flight was both comfortable and easy. Check-in is very easy as you can do it a day in advance, which makes baggage drop quick! boarding went without problems and the flight itself is very pleasant. All in all KLM is a very good airline!



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TominScotland flew KLM European Business Class, on a A330-200 (25/07/2011 20:33)

This review relates to the Amsterdam - Kigali - Entebbe service, which continues back to Amsterdam. I left at Entebbe.

My journey started in Glasgow, aboard a 737 on a beautiful early morning. Surprised to hear about bad weather in Amsterdam - strong winds restricting runway access so we were told to expect an hour's delay which shrunk to 20 minutes. Relaxed in the adequate KLM Crown Lounge at Schipol and then headed to the flight. Boarding as a Platinum Card holder was fast and I was seated in my Economy Comfort seat before the bulk of Economy passengers boarded.

It is worth commenting on Economy Comfort because it has been, unfairly, compared unfavourably to the Premium Economy product of other airlines such as BA or QF. This it is patently not a valid comparison but no claim is made that it is!! Most importantly, the premium that is paid is minimal compared to other airlines PE product. The price for a seat in the Economy Comfort zone is from EUR 60 to 150 per one way, depending on the duration of the flight. If you are a Flying Blue Platinum member or if you travel on a fully flexible Economy ticket, you can get a seat in the Economy Comfort zone free of charge. Flying Blue Gold members and SkyTeam Elite Plus members of our partner airlines receive a 50% discount. Flying Blue Silver members pay 25% less. With my card, I was automatically seated in this zone, comprising 4 rows of 2-4-2 and one row of 2-2 at the front on the A330. Economy Comfort Zone gives you up to 10 cm (4 inches) of extra legroom and up to double the reclining angle. This does make a significant difference for general comfort and makes working with a laptop easy. I was seated in 12B, an aisle seat, and my neighbour slept through to Kigali so I was not disturbed.

Departure was delayed by one hour because there were not enough Greek air traffic controllers on duty!! Evidence that the cuts are starting to bite?? In the event we made up most of the time en route to Kigali and actually arrived in Entebbe on time. KLM's catering was surprisingly good - Economy Comfort have the same as the rest of the cabin. My lunch was cous cous salad and Chicken Tangine (a much better choice than Vegetarian Pasta) - confirming my general preference for a spicy option in the air, if one is available. Desert was a tasty lemon cheesecake. Ice cream was served half way there and a snack of pizza and fruit shortly before landing in Kigali.

The A330 offers seatback IFE but I either work or read on flights so did not use it beyond Flight Tracking. No indication that KLM knows that Sudan is now two countries - hardly a surprise. However, we also flew over Titograd in the former Yugoslavia which has been called Podgorica since 1992 - wake up, KLM!!

Passengers continuing to Entebbe could not deplane in Kigali so the aircraft was serviced while we walked around etc - not an ideal way of doing things. Amsterdam-bound passengers then boarded and we were airborne again for the 45 minute hop to Uganda.

Immigration at Entebbe has improved beyond recognition since my last visit two years ago and I was through in 10 minutes, having paid for my visa on arrival ($50). My luggage was first out and I was in a car to Kampala within 25 minutes of landing. All in all a good experience and a seating arrangement in Economy Comfort which, if you don't have a Platinum card, is well worth the small extra cost.



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TominScotland flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B777-300ER (25/07/2011 14:15)



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basselh flew KLM Economy, on a A330-200 (05/06/2011 10:02)

Bad experience. Seats are cramped and very uncomfortable, especially for a long haul flight.



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alwaysinclub flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a A330-200 (02/06/2011 14:46)

In summary - very poor given the competition from Europe to Dubai. I was traveling with my family connecting on the AMS-DXB service. It is a night flight and we were flying economy. We were boarded in the first group (because of the children and pushchair!) and proceeded to our seats at the rear of the first economy cabin. The seats are the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in and get even worse when the person in-front reclines their seat. I just could not get comfortable. On top of this, the cabin was so cold in our section and our request for extra blankets was denied!
Quite frankly, with the average food, despicably poor IFE (poor small screen) and inattentive service, I would avoid this airline at all costs!



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SirJohn flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (27/02/2011 20:23)

This was a flight from Singapore to Amsterdam, last week. This flight originates in Denpasar, arriving in Singapore around 23.00 hrs for take off at 01.15 hrs to AMS. To catch it therefore, one has either had to pay for an extra hotel night (or very late check-out) OR face several hours in the lounge which KLM shares with several other airlines. This is a depressing lounge, crowded, not very clean, offering dreadful food (and not much of it) plus a mediocre red and acidic white wine - choice of two of each only. It does not set one up for a long flight.
Boarding was a 'free-for-all' scramble with the "Gate Closing" notice being flashed up more than 45 minutes before take off.
Presumably because of the hour, dinner was short, sharp and less than appetising - a real disappointment after the privations of the lounge. By contrast, the wines were of decent quality and were liberally served. Without more ado, the lights were dimmed and the agony of trying to sleep began. The seat configuration is 2-3-2 and the window-seat occupant is effectively trapped as soon as the adjacent seat is reclined. The seat is advertised as "lie-flat - at 170º", clearly a contradiction. I doubt if my seat, in row 1, made it to even 170º. It was almost impossible to relax as the leg-rest sagged thus dropping the feet to about 30 cms below head level. The sitting position is good, but with another idiosyncrasy - it is very difficult to find the headphone jack and even more difficult to connect the phones: it has to be done by touch because it is out of view!
Breakfast has to be ordered the night before, even before dinner, so that trays can be prepared by seat number. Apart from breads and cereals, you opt for a "sweet" or "savoury" meal. In the event, I settled for cereal, yoghourt and a roll as both the hot dishes were equally unpalatable. Cabin crew members were brisk and efficient, but lacked warmth - except for the purser who came round twice during the flight for a chat.
We were on time into AMS and the staff in the arrivals lounge were welcoming and efficient. Overall, it was a mixed experience: not in the same league as a flight on SIA for example, but costing considerably less.



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AlbertoZavala flew KLM Economy, on a B777-200ER (15/01/2011 19:23)

The best in all KLM



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JanhiddeKersten flew KLM European Business Class (27/12/2010 01:22)

Buy econ class never use this. Waist of money. discount airline of air france is THE klm



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claire715 flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (07/11/2010 06:16)

No shells housing the seats,makes me feel not enough privacy .legroom is enough.but kind of narrow in term of width.. meal is simple ,not qualify enough for business class.but the service is good.. .IFE screen is small..overall , in this route, they use very basic product..



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feddege flew KLM Economy, on a B747-400 (26/08/2010 10:35)

August 14, 2010, Los Angeles-Amsterdam, 4:30PM

Worst flying experience of my life: after a few hours I've been literally soiled by a steward who threw on me a tray full of 20/30 orange juice glasses. Completely wet and sticky, head to feet!

They told me these things frequently happens, gave me some very little towels to clean myself (!), steward offered me his own jogging suit to change my clothes while they were"drying" and at the end of the flight gave me a piece of paper with which I could have been reimbursed for laundry if I will present it to a KLM office along with the laundry receipt.

After all the embarrassment, the discomfort and the annoyance the were offering a 5 euros charity!!!

I told them I would have not accepted this kind of insult, I usually take to the laundry my clothes after wearing them, orange juice or not.

Miserable manners, KLM!



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alwaysairbound flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (10/07/2010 20:25)

This was perhaps the most disappointing business class product I have encountered. I travel long haul on a weekly basis. i flew LHR-JFK via AMSTERDAM with KLM. Poor quality fruit beverages (from concentrate), poor quality meat in the meals, poor seat comfort and an overwhelmingly hot cabin with the thermostat set at 27?C - i kid you not. There were no individual air vents (gaspers). It was unbearable. The lounge in Schippol on my return flight was overcrowded and i ended up purchasing lounge access in another lounge in order to have a shower before my connecting flight. Most disappointing was the seat. Not because it was not a lie-flat bed, but simply because it was uncomfortable and cumbersome. The cabin crew were dismissive, and a little bewildered when midway through the flight i asked them to find me a seat in Economy. I stayed in economy for three hours, where, frighteningly the seat was way smaller but way more comfortable, and the service was outstanding with tastier, better presented meals. i would travel KLM in Economy without question, however there World Business Class was nothing short of appalling and something I would never consider purchasing again.



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iloveONEWORLD flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-400 (09/07/2010 19:47)

KLM used to be one of my favourite airlines but now everything including the food, service and baggage treatment has turned less attractive



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CaspianTaylor flew KLM World Business Class, on a A330-200 (09/07/2010 19:37)

Bad airline, just like the same as the other skyteam members



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CaspianTaylor flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a B747-400 Combi (09/07/2010 19:36)

horrible flight, KLM economy comfort is no way near the service of British Airways WT+, Qantas Premium economy or virgin atlantic`s premium economy



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CaspianTaylor flew KLM European Business Class, on a B737-800 (09/07/2010 19:34)

KLM business class is definately not business class. Horrible cold food, crowded lounge, bad service and rasist against none dutch natives.



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busitraveller flew KLM European Business Class, on a B737-300 (08/07/2010 09:33)

KLM Europe-Select is NOT BUSINESS! What a nerve! A Business seat the size of an Economy one! You can imagine my horror after buying my family long distance business returns to find that its not Business at all and in fact even worse, its a full plane and a very tight squeeze on the first leg of the journey - can't even get my arms on to the arm-rest.

Minimal extra extra legroom, chaotic not preferential boarding and supposedly better in-flight does no at all make up for suffering between two sweaty people and falling out of the plane in a creased heap. I can do that on a holiday charter flight if I want.

Outrage! The website does not mention this seat-downsize so when you review carrier options you think they are on-par. Had I known it would have tipped the scales to another carrier for sure. I think this comes under miss-selling or even fraud doesn't it!??

Now found out that KLM doesn't have any Business from UK to Amsterdam so why does it allow you to buy Business tickets on their website!??

Anyway, you can decide if you want to squeeze into an economy Business seat or fly with a carrier who recognises why we pay a Business rate and can deliver an appropriate service for the whole journey!

You have been warned



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Peiterswd01 flew KLM World Business Class, on a B747-400 (04/06/2010 17:00)

Having flown with many airlines in Europe and KLM being the best I thought I would try KLM for intercontinental to America and wow was I impress with WBC (World Business Class).

When I checked in and got on board I was instantly greeted with a smile and when I proceeded to the upper deck for my seat the captain personally welcomed me on board and wished me a comfortable flight, the food was world class and the service I could not fault I would rate it as a 5* hotel service.



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PRECIOUS44 flew KLM (31/05/2010 17:47)

KLM – London to Geneva, Cointrin Airport (GVA) Switzerland Departure - London Heathrow Airport (LHR) Flight 06.30 – changing at Amsterdam – Arriving in Geneva 11.25 Travel Class – Europe Select I’ve travelled with KLM before and have always found their service to be excellent. After arriving early for a 9.25am flight, using internet check-in, selecting seat and printing out my boarding pass (e-ticket) the previous day at work. So much easier and saves a lot of time. The flight was right on time, no delays.

Travelling with hold-luggage only, as only flying to Europe, only had to check-in at the drop-off points at least 40 minutes before departing.

Flying Europe Select, you can avoid the queues and sit in their quiet lounges (Skyteam Lounge), where one can read a magazine and check the internet. You get extra legroom on board (a must-have with my 5’ 9” frame and long legs) in-seat power, complementary drinks and snacks, plus a free newspaper. You can also change your flight whenever you want to. The Stewards on board are always smiling, asking if you need any assistance with anything. They are extremely attentive and always offer just the right amount of drinks, delicious doughnuts and sandwich snacks. I can find it very stressful at airports and flying sometimes, but always feel relaxed and calmer flying with KLM. The flight itself went quickly and smoothly. One change at Amsterdam, the transfer time taking just one hour.

What I love now is the fact that you can find out in advance what the in-flight entertainment will be on the time and day you are flying. This is easy to check online. Not to mention the language courses one can learn while travelling to their destination. These certainly kept me occupied and I feel it’s a great idea for nervous travellers and people like oneself who can easily get bored whilst just sitting down. I also like to browse through the ‘Holland Herald’ in-flight magazine. I fly quite regularly now and find KLM to be a very good airline, very customer focused and helpful.

KLM now offers CO2 compensation service and if you are a member of their Flying Blue service you can double your flying pints whilst flying Europe Select.

Caters for everyone, whether you are the busy professional, high-stressed executive, celebrities, nervous flyer, families, couples, singles, babies and the elderly

– Basically anyone and everyone!



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MichaelKOMERS flew KLM World Business Class, on a B747-400 (04/05/2010 12:23)

For aircraft museum freaks KLM is the ideal option. Aircraft (747, MD11) are old timers, so is comfort, service and staff. One feels in the 80s...but the fees are of today.

Business class in Europe is 3 across, called Euroclass to my surprise. Business class intercontinental can satisfy customers who do not have other options only.

But KLM is on time, functional service provider for the egalitarian society: the Reliable Dutch.



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ireneallan flew KLM (26/04/2010 05:23)

KLM is not my favourite airline but i was willing to give them another chance when flying recently to Shanghai. I got on the plane and was sitting in the middle of a 3 seat configuration at the side. the room was not great and the seat was ok. However i was shocked may i repeat shocked that there was no, can i repeat no tvs in the back of the seats but that the entertainment for this 11 and a half hour flight was to be supplied by ting tvs placed intermittently throughout the cabin, not only that but most seat didn't get a great view of them and the headphones made it difficulat to hear over the sound of the engines. In this day and age i take it for granted that there will be seat back tvs that you can choose your own entertainment at a time that suits you. Was so not a happy bunny!

After take off the person in front put their seat right back further limiting my room. Let me tell you it was not a comfortable flight and i was not happy that i had to return with them back to Amsterdam. Food was ok, the service of drinks, water etc throughout the flight was very sparse and i always felt if you asked any of the stewards you were being a nuisance. Big thumbs down from me for KLM.



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Corporate-gal flew KLM Economy Comfort, on a A330-200 (05/03/2010 13:32)

Amsterdam - Abu Dhabi - Amsterdam

Check-in: As I used online check-in and printed my boarding passes, and as I was a transfer passenger from Birmingham, I did not experience the check in desks at Amsterdam. Online check-in is easy and gives you the option of checking through if you are on connecting flights, with the '24hours prior' rule taking effect as of your first flight. I was therefore able to take advantage of being able to check-in and upgrade to Economy Comfort for the additional €80.

Airport: As most travellers know, Schipol is one of the huge 'Eurohub' airports. Transfer between flights is easy, especially if the connections are within the same 'terminal'. Outboudn though I had to walk between Terminal B and Terminal D, which took a good 15 minutes, even when walking quite fast. On the return journey, the flights departed from Terminal D, and my flight to Birmingham was directly opposite my arriving gate from Abu Dhabi.

Boarding: KLM operate a very strict boarding procedure, in the following order: Business World, Elite card holders, then by row number in Economy from the back of the aircraft. It was also nice to see the despatch staff ensuring that no-one skipped the queue, which normally happens on other airlines! This meant that boarding the A330 took about 15-20 minutes and was well organised.

Aircraft and Seating: Economy Confort is KLM's new 'premium' seating area as they have not proceeded with making an investment into a separate Premium Economy product. On the A330 the Economy Comfort zone is between rows 10-15, seating 2-4-2 (although the first row is 2-3-2), offering a roomy 33-34" legroom and increased recline. Outbound I took seat 15H (window) and was pleased with the amount of space and windows available to see out of. Inbound I chose row 10 in the 2-3-2 configuration and took seat 10D, which offered fantastic room and you did not get jostled or knocked by anyone during the flight - this enabled me to sleep for the duration.

Entertainment: Full AVOD system with a reasonable choice of films available in different languages and subtitles, although the screen seems rather small compared to some other carriers. Good choice of music with the ability to make up your own playlist from the vast selection.

Food and drink: Probably some of the best economy food I've had for a long time - three courses served well spaced out on the tray, including a tasty salad, choice of pasta, chicken or beef dishes and a dessert. A drinks service was offered before the main meal was served, which included some scrummy peanuts. Following the meal service, drinks were offered throughout the flight, or you could simply call the crew and ask for further refreshment.

Service: Nothing was too much trouble, and any requests were met with very polite responses.

Baggage: I carried hand luggage so cannot comment on this aspect.

Conclusion: Excellent online check-in system, with the ability to upgrade to Economy Comfort and seating choice easily identifiable and user friendly. Good seats in the Economy Comfort zone with plenty of legroom and recline; good food and drink and friendly cabin service. Good quality, reliable airline.



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businessclassvoyageur flew KLM World Business Class, on a B747-400 Combi (03/01/2010 23:26)


I made this flight expecting that it will be great in comparison with some other airlines. I can say that I was disappointed in some points. The crew were perfect. The KLM personnel is always smiling and willing to assist you. But the seat is not designed for tall people like myself ( 1m94) It was simply impossible to sleep. The noise reducing head sets i had once on this flight of business class were great but the last time they were not any more available. They should bring them back. I also expected the amenities to be better. Other airlines offer some hand cream which in KLM is available in the bathroom but in the AMS-BKK the bathroom was simply not clean at all. They should change and add some more things necessary when you do a long trip. They could add perfume samples, cosmetic companies would love to advertise, why they do not change it. And please do not try to wash your teeth with the paste they provide in the kit. It is disgusting.

As for the breakfast, the orange juice is one of the best ever tried in an airline. I did not liked the sweet pudding with the poached fruits. During lunch they served amazing desserts on the flight to BKK but on the return no sweets available. I like the chocolates touch, offering to all business class chocolates but for sure they need to choose a better champagne. This one is like vinegar. They should choose something better.

As for the food, it was great when going to BKK but going back to AMS I could not eat anything. I believe they should ask the catering in BKK to make a HUGE effort and change the food cause other airlines have so much better food. At least in business class, and when like KLM you do not have first class, they should offer the best.

Finally, they should add some more newspapers. I mean more languages or magazines, very poor selection. Please note that the BKK business lounge has like many KLM overseas lounges no smoking area. In Amsterdam they have one, thanks for not forgetting that some people smoke and that this is not a crime, they should do the same in their lounges in BKK and elsewhere. Ass for a pc plug? If you need power when being in BKK at the KLM lounge, you should wait to arrive to Amsterdam, cause in BKK nothing available. The lounge in BKK has only great food but all the rest is like a cheap 2 stars hotel.



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kath2004 flew KLM (12/12/2009 14:29)



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gabrielle10 flew KLM (07/10/2009 16:15)

I have flown twice with KLM recently and the first time they lost my luggage going out, charged me a HUGE amount for a very little excess baggage- despite ALL of my luggage being within the limits, they would not allow me to repack it.

Then on the last journey with KLM they put my friend and myself at two different seats, despite indicating, when we checked in, that we were sitting together.

I try to fly on any other airline whenever possible.



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SonySuliantiJuswara flew KLM Economy, on a B777-300ER (25/08/2009 10:48)

I will give my review as soon as I am on board . I will be flying with this aircraft very soon.



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JohnSmith8 flew KLM World Business Class, on a B747-400 Combi (24/07/2009 18:07)

The flight was KL601 from AMS to LAX. The new entertainment is very good with up to date films and a good variety of things to watch. But it wasn't the best. The crew were amazing but the food wasn;t to my taste. I found sleeping very comfortable and sitting in the seat comfortable. Bags took quite along time to come out in LAX but still quite punctual.The new seat is greatly imporved on the old one.



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flyingdutchman flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a B737-800 (06/04/2009 17:29)

Fine for the short haul flights it is used for



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terminalfive flew KLM European Business Class, on a Cityhopper Fokker 70 (08/03/2009 18:44)

AMS - NCE. One problem with flying on the smaller jets is that you are bused out to the plane in Schiphol which is annoying at the best of times but if it is raining and cold and you have just come in off a long haul flight can be also very unconfortable. Small seats but was lucky to be in seat 1D which is by far the best in terms of leg room. Short flight but cabin staff very attentive. Food "tray" below par for business class even on a two hour flight



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terminalfive flew KLM World Business Class, on a B777-200ER (08/03/2009 17:54)

JFK - AMS. Smooth boarding - away on time with a super quick flight to Amsterdam due to strong tailwinds. Inflight serivice was delayed out of JFK due to turbulance but meal was excellent when it arrived. If you have to be picky the "standard" of the KLM wine list has slipped over the years but general business product excellent. Inflight entertainment system top class. Excellent choice of films



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SeanAfrica flew KLM World Business Class, on a MD-11 (18/02/2009 10:19)

Jan 09. MD-11 AMS>HYD. Seats are cradle, and comfortable in most positions, until you try to lie for sleep. I couldn't get comfortable. Not a good business class offer. Remainder of service typical KLM Dutch efficiency, and good, but thye can never seem to progress from 'efficiency' to sincere 'warmth'.



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Will_67 flew KLM Economy, on a B777-200ER (30/11/2008 22:18)

Metal boxes are placed under all aisle seats in economy class. They take around 40% of the space supposedly to be used by passengers' feet.

This, joined with the slimmest seats I remember of, made the trip from Singapore Changi to Schipol a remarkable negative experience.

William Nov 2008



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goswrang flew KLM Economy (short haul), on a Cityhopper Fokker 70 (06/10/2008 13:38)

Small seats, no entertainment, poor food



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goswrang flew KLM Economy, on a B747-400 Combi (06/10/2008 11:56)

Johannesburg - Amsterdam,

Small seats, not good for seating. Only monitors on every fifth seat row. Not impressed with the food or the staff.



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