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Jet2 » Economy (extra legroom)

Class rating 6.2


  • Boarding 9.0
  • Seat for sitting 5.0
  • Seat for sleeping 1.3
  • Service 7.0
  • Entertainment 1.7
  • Food & drink 3.7
  • Punctuality 8.3
  • Baggage 8.7
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Jet 2 has added a cabin of 36 extra legroom seats to its B757 fleet. These offer a pitch of 34 inches, at least five inches more than the standard. They cost from £12.50 one way depending on the length of flight.

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gazandroy flew Jet2 Economy (extra legroom), on a B757-200

I travel quite regularly with Jet2 and generally find them to be a good airline both in service and timekeeping. Please note that as far as Extra Legroom is concerned I think that Jet2 have squeezed a few more seats into the aircraft. Extra Legroom was always rows 1 to 11 at an extra charge. I have just been notified that my next 2 flights already booked with them... more




RobertJeffrey flew Jet2 Economy (extra legroom), on a B757-200

Please be aware that seats 1 D,E & F have the LEAST legroom on the whole aircraft. There is a bulkhead directly in front of these seats which prevent you stretching your legs. The extra room is obviously from waist level only and Jet2 should make this clear when booking. They are probably contravening the Trade Descriptions Act in describing and charging for them as such more




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