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Class rating 6.9


  • Boarding 6.7
  • Seat for sitting 7.6
  • Seat for sleeping 6.5
  • Service 6.6
  • Entertainment 5.6
  • Food & drink 6.7
  • Punctuality 7.6
  • Baggage 6.5
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Iberia's long-haul business class product is called Business Plus.

Iberia began upgrading its business cabin in 2013 to make it more of a match for its sister brand British Airways.

New Airbus A330s have fully flat beds and on demand entertainment systems. The new “extra-wide” business class product features a fully flat bed measuring “nearly two metres”, with each seat having direct aisle access. There is a 15.5-inch TV screen, along with a 4.2-inch touchscreen remote control, which can be used to send text messages. Cabins are equipped with wi-fi. The existing Airbus A340-600s were due to have the new cabin added from May 2013.

The old seats recline into a full-flat bed within a rigid pod. They have a dual adjustable back cushion with a massage function, adjustable head rests and arm rests, and extendable leg rests. A digital system memorizes the passenger’s preferred seat settings.

Business Plus passengers can choose from a variety of interactive computer games, first-run movies and quality documentaries on 26 video channels. In addition, there are 15 audio channels. During the flight, real-time images taken with a video camera mounted on aircraft's tail assembly are available on the individual screen and the general cabin screens.

Business Plus

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SpyridonPlomaritis flew Iberia Business Plus, on a A340-600

I will never ever fly Iberia business class again. It's a shame they spent all the money on flat beds, but neglected to pay any attention to service and food at all. I think that Iberia management need to fly Emirates or Qatar just once, to understand what service and food are like in a truly business class environment. In one word. Pathetic! And in one sentence.... more




FirstClassWannabe flew Iberia Business Plus, on a A330

9/2/14 MIA-MAD Business Plus. I was pleasantly surprised by this flight. Boarding was fine as there was a separate lane for J pax. Duty free was not there so I waited a while and then FA said she would collect it for me and bring it to my seat. We were offered water or juice and given an nicely designed amenity pack, but average in contents. The seats on this... more




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