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Seatplan rating 7.6


  • Boarding 8.0
  • Seat for sitting 6.4
  • Seat for sleeping 6.4
  • Service 7.4
  • Entertainment 6.8
  • Food & drink 8.6
  • Punctuality 8.8
  • Baggage 7.0

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FormerlyDoS flew Etihad Airways Pearl Business, on a B777-300ER (16/11/2013 12:26)

EY11 AUH LHR 7 hours 10 mins

Check In

I checked in at the premium area in AUH and after a very short wait (as it was heaving), was checked in promptly and pleasantly, managing to change my inner aisle seat for a window, which was a big bonus.

After check in, I went through the dedicated immigration and security facilities and despite the high number of flights departing, the whole process took a little over 5 minutes.

The Lounge

Etihad's business class lounge was very busy, but still felt relaxed and roomy and I settled with a glass of Lanson Black Label, to check emails.

After doing that, I then helped my self to an excellent Beef Gohst with boiled rice, from the buffet and waited for the flight.


The lounge personnel came around when it was time to board and informed us personally, meaning by the time I'd made the short walk to gate 30, it was straight onto the aircraft and into a nice window seat, with a glass of fizz to ease the pain of an 0235 departure.


Absolutely top class J seating, the window seat is private, but every one has direct aisle access. Excellent seat. It is also preferable to BA CW, as it is more solid in construction and doesn't have a footstool that occasionally collapses (per CW.)

The seat is totally flat, no bumps or ridges and gives a good night's sleep.


Etihad isn't big on giveaways, but I got a small pouch with the essentials and an eye shade was in the headphone bag. I find EY eyeshades to be the best and always keep them, as they are comfortable and do keep the light out.


As I wanted to maximise sleep, I had eaten in the lounge and skipped dinner; not entirely sure what the range of breakfast was, as I chose the first option, which was smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on an English muffin, washed down with orange juice. Delightful.


As I had managed 4 hours sleep, I still had just enough time to watch Pacific Rim, from an incredibly wide range of movies. Top class IFE.

Arrival and Baggage

We deplaned at a jetty and I went through flight connections for my next flight.



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FormerlyDoS flew Etihad Airways Pearl Business, on a B777-300ER (17/02/2013 03:06)


The lounge at AUH was busy, but not overcrowded and offered a pleasant and comprehensive breakfast buffet.

Boarding was orderly, premium pax were called towards the end and the walk from the lounge to the gate is only a couple of minutes.

The 77W has the newer version of the EY flat seats and it was in excellent condition, clean and fresh.

A choice of drinks was offered on boarding and a lunch menu given too.

The flight itself was a standard EY flight, good service, good F&B and an ontime arrival in London.

To summarise, a very good business class flight.



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LinguaFranca flew Etihad Airways Coral Economy, on a B777-300ER (11/02/2013 13:03)

Can't really fault the service of Ground Staff or Cabin crew as previous review - they were all somewhat very good in comparison to many. What is diabolical is the seating.

Must has been stated in the past about how great the Economy is with Etihad so basically, as one who normally travels business on medium and long haul, I tried it.
WELL, I must say I was not happy on my return flight which was quite amazing as the outbound to Abu Dhabi was very acceptable.

The difference was the aircraft. London to Abu Dhabi on EY 18 on 13 December 2012 was an Airbus - much more comfortable seats and seemingly more space.
EY 11 return on 17 December was on a Boeing 777. The seats were cramped and very uncomfortable, not helped by a hard armrest with a width half that of the depth of a credit card [1 inch], pitch not appropriate for a person of 5 feet, 6 inches, let alone my height of 6 feet, 1 inch.

Quite simply, though a lover of the airline in general, on this occasion, Etihad have got the seating completely wrong in the 777 to justify them being a 'cut above the rest' - maybe they should take a look at the seat pitches and comfortable seating offered by others in Economy.



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JohnS82 flew Etihad Airways Pearl Business, on a B777-300ER (26/11/2012 06:25)

Etihad's business class seats are not a patch on some others, eg Qatar's B777.

Not only is it narrow but there is a danger of leg entrapment as you extend the seat. With the exception of one small pull out cup-shelf and the tray-table there is also NO space for your book, glasses, iPod, water bottle etc. These sky beds also waste a lot of space; there are large gaps around the seats which could be used for a wider chair and some shelves.

The meals took about 90mins to come out after take off which really cuts into the medium haul flights (eg Tripoli - Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi - Bangkok). And not sure why but they only served breakfast to those who asked for it.

The staff were very friendly, though.



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simazhar flew Etihad Airways Coral Economy, on a B777-300ER (19/11/2011 06:19)

As per your website, Etihad B777-300ER economy seats are 9 in a row, which is not true. It is 10(3-4-3) in a row.
I have traveled 3 times in Toronto-Abu Dhabi sector in economy class. It is very congested with small leg space, which is very uncomfortable in a long haul flight. Their service is also poor relative to Emirates or Singapore Airlines. In-flight entertainment system is also poor.



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