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Class rating 8.2


  • Boarding 8.2
  • Seat for sitting 8.3
  • Seat for sleeping 8.2
  • Service 7.5
  • Entertainment 7.9
  • Food & drink 8.0
  • Punctuality 8.7
  • Baggage 8.0
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Voted Best First Class product at the Business Traveller Awards 2012

As with the other classes, Emirates has at least three different forms of its first class flying, ranging from large armchair style seats up to the full suites that you will find on the long range B777-300ER and the new A380-800.

The large cradle seats such as those found on the A330-200 aircraft are little different from the business class seats, though obviously in a smaller cabin and with an upgraded service, food, wines etc.... You'll find these on the A330-200 (3-class) aircraft, and also the A340-300 and some of the B777 fleet. It will remain on the A330-200 fleet, but will be upgraded on the A340-300 and B777 fleet.

The second generation of lie-flat seats are much more promising with a 70-inch pitch, flat bed, your own mini-bar of soft drinks stocked up by the flight attendants and the ICE entertainment system. You will find this seat on most of the B777 fleet.

Best of all is the third generation suite, which has sliding doors, lots of privacy, and is up there with the best first class products worldwide (pictured).  You will find this on the new B777-300ER, the B777-200LR and the A340-500 (and the A380, with a couple of tweaks).

First class

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chrisrupp flew Emirates First class, on a B777-300ER (three-class with suites)

We got upgraded for free. Suite was amazing, crew was nice. It was my ultimate dream to fly on Emirates first and I got it. more




Schaible flew Emirates First class, on a A380 (Config. 1)

The First Class Lounge near gate 123 was a joke. I arrived at 2 a.m. in the morning and the receptionist behaved like he just had to work double shift (sleepy and unmotivated). The lounge hosted only three passengers at that time. I was negatively surprised by the poor F&B offer. In Emirates BUSINESS Class Lounge the variety is better than here. I was not attracted... more




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