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Class rating 6.9


  • Boarding 6.8
  • Seat for sitting 6.4
  • Seat for sleeping 4.8
  • Service 6.1
  • Entertainment 8.0
  • Food & drink 6.6
  • Punctuality 7.5
  • Baggage 7.6
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DChandler flew Emirates Economy class, on a A330-200 (two-class) (31/12/2013 12:14)

I was travelling from London to Trivandrum, India, via Dubai and had a 7.5-hour layover in the middle of the night so was glad of my Priority Pass card that allowed me access to one of the Marhaba lounges. There was a generous buffet of hot and cold dishes and free alcohol, though you had to pay to use the showers and there were only three sofas where you could stretch out and sleep (these were all taken). There were plenty of armchairs but these seemed to have been designed to be as uncomfortable as possible for anyone to fall asleep in. Wifi was free and there were charging points for laptops/phones.

I was really tired by the time it came to boarding at 0345 so by the time I was settled in my window seat near the back of the plane I was asleep. This was despite the fact that the economy seat was one of the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced – the back was rock solid, just a piece of plastic with no padding at all. The upholstery was also worn and looked dated and when I got up later in the flight to step out into the aisle, I managed to knock my knee on the outside armrest which left a nasty bruise.The food looked pretty inedible so I didn't eat the breakfast. There were seat-back screens but I was too tired to watch anything and it didn't look like it was AVOD – just films on a loop.

Upon landing in Trivandrum, as people were disembarking, a man in the same row as me had a fit of some kind and then fell unconscious. All the nearby passengers who were crammed into the aisle with their bags stopped to watch as crew clambered over seats to help him and a female passenger (possibly a relative) held him down on the seat. The crew responded well to the situation, though more efforts probably should have been made to instruct everyone to leave the plane and not stand in the way gawping. I left before I saw what happened to him. Hopefully he was okay.

Once inside the airport, which looked quite new, immigration was speedy. Baggage reclaim, though, was a nightmare as everyone grabbed trolleys and crowded around the carousel creating a scrum five people deep so even if you saw your bag you couldn't get it. I was at the back and when I spotted my case I had to shout to people to grab it for me. I then had to force my way through to get it, and then back to my own trolley (if you can't beat them, join them!)



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SimonS1 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-200 (three-class) (07/12/2013 13:47)


Slow check in at Nairobi - took 15 mins to get into the terminal through the X-ray. Checked in and it took another 20 mins through passport control. The airport has recently automated the departure system (using fingerprints instead of paper forms) but this takes about 3 times as long (not the fault of EK perhaps but they didn't seem to be doing much to help).

There is no lounge in Nairobi (due to the fire) and all that was available was a snack box served in an empty gate room from an airline meal cart. Chewy chicken sandwich and some crisps. Only hot drinks. Very poor and staff were clearly embarrassed.

Flight boarded on time, my boarding pass was checked 8 times between check in and getting to my seat. Check in, passport control, access to the gate, 3 times more in the gate area, bottom of aircraft steps, and top of steps. On three occasions I deliberately had my finger across the flight details and wasn't challenged - I suppose the reason for so many checks is that they are rarely done properly.

Priority passengers boarded first, I was in a G seat near the rear (chosen deliberately as you usually get an empty seat next to you). Halfway through boarding passengers the rear doors were opened and it was quite fun watching the chaos as people tried to get up and down the cabin.

The flight left 30 mins late due to a damaged baggage container meaning all the bags had to be switched to another container.

The food service was a total shambles. The choice differed to the menu they handed out. Also service was from three trolleys, meaning that the guy in seat D had finished his meal before the cart in our aisle had even entered the rear cabin. In the end I asked to see the cabin manager who said EK had implemented a new system on 1st Dec of serving drink and food from the same cart. With 6 staff and 3 carts this inevitably doesn't work (he also said the only training he had received was a booklet and a video).

There was then a sense of panic as the service became rushed, and the coffee service was missed, at the point I asked to speak to the Purser who, like the cabin manager, did a pretty good job of hiding away during the flight.

Arrived on time in Dubai and baggage was on the belt quite quickly, this was the only positive aspect of the flight (apart from the IFE). The plastic pen they gave me to fill in the feedback form came apart when I tried to use it which summarised well the overall experience on this trip.

Overall totally shambolic. I would not be kidding if I said a group of GCSE students would have had more idea.



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SimonS1 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (24/11/2013 09:29)

DXB - LGW return flight.

Check in - few people in the check in area at 2pm and I was checked in and through immigration to the lounge in about 20mins.

Lounge - the EK lounges are excellent. The kitchens are all glass so you can see the cleanliness levels. Great food. Good selection of papers but few magazines.

Boarding - bit of a shambles. Told in lounge that flight was on final call. Got to gate and an announcement that boarding would be another 30 mins due to bad storms delaying the inbound. Had a frank exchange with the gate staff and headed back out of the gate to do a bit of shopping. Welcomed on board by attendants and cabin manger made usual introduction. Flight eventually left an hour late.

Seat - acceptable, actually more comfortable than exit row seats.

IFE - outstanding.

Food - choice of chicken or fish (I had chicken) and a second snack of sandwiches/scone.

Service - usual mixed bag with Emirates although the cabin manager was very personable.

Arrival/baggage. Made up some time en route but still about 45 mins late. Bit of a walk from gate 51/52 where EK usually parks. No queue at immigration and priority bags were coming round the belt when I got there. To speed up reclaim EK usually use 2 belts at LGW. Was out of the terminal and on my way within 40 mins of touchdown.

Overall - acceptable for what I paid but if I was a fare paying premium passenger I wouldn't have been thrilled by the boarding shambles.



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SimonS1 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (24/11/2013 09:16)

LGW to Dubai. As usual for a day flight I travelled Y on the cheapest available fare.

Check in - no queue at the business/first check in and at 7am the fast track was deserted so I was in the lounge within 10 mins of arriving at the airport.

Lounge - undergoing some refurbishment but good selection of hot and cold food. Toast cooked to order. Good supply of English/Arabic papers and magazines. Left the lounge on the second boarding call and a 5 minute walk to the gate.

Boarding - the plane was fully boarded when lounge passengers arrived. There was however some form of UK Border check taking place. Two people checking passports and three watching. Caused a short delay. Welcomed back by cabin staff and cabin manager introduced herself. Flight left on time.

Seat - I had an emergency exit row. Plenty of leg room but armrests a bit hard.

IFE - remains the best I have come across.

Food - as a GCH my order was collected first to ensure I got my preference. I skipped the main meal (chicken tikka or lamb) but the second snack (sandwiches and scone/jam) was fine. 3 bar services.

Service - usual slightly eclectic service on EK with many different nationalities but quite acceptable. The attendants were taking free Polaroid photos of any kids with parents.

Landing and arrival - arrived on time, through immigration quickly (more immigration desks are staffed these days it seems), priority bags out first and within 30 mins of touchdown I was out of the airport and on my way.

Overall good flight and value for £425 inc taxes.



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ChrisJames flew Emirates Economy class, on a A380 (Config. 1) (18/10/2013 09:58)

First time flyer on the mighty A380 and what a pleasure. Flying isn't a novelty for,min fat due to standing 6ft5 have used multiple seat review websites to gather some knowledge on who best to fly with, just for that extra bit of comfort. Emirates stood out from the minute I stood at check in. In London(B777), A seat with extra legroom was offered before aid had a chance to ask, whilst in Dubai, they found me a seat with little fuss. The A380 is comfortable, spacious, fantastic entertainment and an extremely competent crew. The airline offers between 2-34 legroom depending where in the plane, it feels like more. My review may be only relevant to the vertically liberated but whereas other airlines have made me feel like my height is an unfortunate disability, emirates just treated me as a customer whose comfort was important to them. check in, meals, baggage all stood up well. Book with confidence.



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MargaretWright flew Emirates Economy class (28/09/2013 10:52)

Have flown Emirates about 6 times to U.K from Australia as they are the only international airline to arrive at Gatwick, near where my family live.

I was fortunate enough to collect my Skywards points which enabled me to make two of those trips Business class from Sydnay to Dubai, and economy to Gatwick.

Airline staff, both gate and in the air have always been pleasant and polite. I choose the two seat configuration when flying with my husband.

They have, occasionally run out of the meal I have wanted, but make sure that I am satisfied with the replacement.

Managed to get a free flight (with added taxes) to New Zealand this month, but staff were a bit slow in the meal and drinks service - perhaps they were tired by the end of this flight!

Flight entertainment is good.

Can't see myself flying with any other airline!



9.5 more

Davidbman flew Emirates Economy class, on a A380 (Config. 1) (30/08/2013 11:36)

Have now flown Manchester to Auckland via Dubai and Melbourne twice in last 18months. On both occasions everything was fine and acceptable. My only criticism is the Staff are a little cold and not very friendly, but do their job efficiently. Apart from one all flights were on time.

The return flight went to the new A380 terminal and the transfer was really quick and easy. On the first occasion I used them the flight was through terminal 2 and transfer took ages. The ICE system is good but on the one time we were late taking off it was due to the ICE system breaking down and it took over 1 hour for them to fix it.

It is a pity they do not fly via Perth as if you are flying from Auckland to Dubai as it make the second leg from Australia a couple of hours shorter instead of the 14 hours it takes from Sydney or Melbourne.



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DavidAdams flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class with suites) (24/08/2013 17:41)

FRA - DBX (11 Aug, 11:35pm)

Bizarre meal service on this flight. Both economy options - lamb and chicken - seemed to run out. The cabin crew created a new menu item - "beef". This turned out to be leftovers from the business class meal. They were very creative in enticing the passengers to take this new option. It worked like this: When I requested the lamb, an FA said "OK, I'll go find it for you, just give me 10 minutes". Later, after 3 minutes, another FA came by, handed me a plate with something on it, said "Here's your meal" and quickly left again before I could ask what was going on. It was some pieces of beef and vegetables, clearly from business class, but also clearly not the complete business class meal (e.g. no potatoes/rice or sauce for the meat). They had transferred it to a small plate of the kind used to serve cake in business class, then carried it uncovered through the plane before handing it to me and running away.

Well, I tried complaining to the FA afterwards, and also to the Purser, but they brushed it off. The FA pointed out that the food was from business class, insinuating that I should be grateful for it. I asked the Purser "Do you understand that the problem here is dishonesty?". She said no, there was no dishonesty, just a "misunderstanding", and that the crew had "good intentions", and that she would "talk to the crew to avoid further misunderstandings". It was clearly a waste of time to pursue it further with her so I didn't.

This was one leg of a return trip SIN - DBX - FRA with Emirates. The service ranged from mediocre to terrible on all the flights - I discussed my bad experience on another of the flights in a separate review. A common thing for all the flights, that is worth mentioning here, is that drinks were always served long after the food during meal services. No chance to have wine with the food. Cynics might speculate that this is because passengers are more likely to request tea/coffee rather than wine after the meal, thus reducing the airline's drinks expenses...



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DavidAdams flew Emirates Economy class, on a A380 (Config. 1) (24/08/2013 17:18)

DBX - SIN (12 Aug, 3:25am).

Terrible service on this flight.

The late night meal, according to the menu, was supposed to be a panini bread roll, muffin, and tea/coffee. The bread rolls were handed out by the FAs, but the other items were not forthcoming. Later when the FAs came though to collect the garbage I requested a muffin (I was hungry). She reached to a bag at the bottom of the trolley and gave me one. So they did have them, even though they couldn't be bothered to distribute them to the passengers.

Then I asked about coffee - were they going to serve it? The FA replied "Maybe later". I waited an hour to see if they would, then, when it became clear the answer was no, I pressed the call button to request a cup. Was ignored. I could hear them chatting nearby in the galley and there was no sound of other activity so it doesn't seem they were busy. After 40 mins another FA from a different section walked by and saw my call button on, so I passed my request to her.

The coffee, when it arrived later, was undrinkable. It was made from instant coffee with foul-tasting water. Their brewed coffee at the breakfast meal service later was fine, but apparantly it was too much trouble for them to make some brewed coffee for passengers who wanted it during the night.

Pressed the call button again to ask someone to take away the undrinkable coffee. Had to wait over half an hour for an FA to respond. Seems they were too busy chatting in the galley again.

Other aspects of the flight were OK. The seat was comfortable enough, and quite roomy by economy standards, as expected on the A380. IFE had many options, although not so many to my tastes. But the terrible service ruined the flight for me.



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SteveMould flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (two-class) (14/08/2013 19:48)

By far the worst airline I have travelled on, this is based on the fact that I experience an inconsistent view by the ground agents at DXB, I was trying to upgrade to business class based on a medical condition, I was told I could upgrade at the gate, gate ground agent stated that I could not upgrade at the gate as they had no way to accept payment, however I could upgrade on board, upon boarding and requesting this to the purser I was told that business class was full and to go to my seat, this resulted in raising a customer complaint on board, the purser took the customer complaint form and my business card personally and assured me I would receive a reply within 5 days.

To my surprise no reply upon contacting the UK customer services I was told there was no record of the complaint and all persons had acted appropriately, I contacted Patrick Brannelly twice, the second time stating that my personal data had been obtained by deception and needless to say have not received any correspondence whatsoever.

Emirates may have the aircraft the technology but sorry but where is the customer care, my brother in law had an issue with British Airways and wrote to Willie Walsh, the matter was addressed in 8 hrs, now that is a top down customer care ethos.

The complaint is with the Civil Aviation Authority now, I have travelled significantly and experienced a far better level of service. I will without doubt NEVER use Emirates again.



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ErinRobinson flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (12/08/2013 13:03)

Service, seating and entertainment was perfect in every possible way! All the air hostesses were willing to help with any problems, and they were constantly asking if I would like anything. I was dreading the 13 hour flight from Dubai to Adelaide, but I am now so confident about flying because of the service and kindness that all the air hostesses had. I wouldn't fly on any other airline when I go back to visit my family. And I would definitely encourage other people to fly with Emirates!
Keep up the fantastic work Emirates!



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alexpo1 flew Emirates Economy class, on a A330-200 (two-class) (06/06/2013 09:46)

EK724 Addis Ababa to Dubai

I will always remember this flight as it was one of my best ever.

I checked in just over 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of 16:10. This was quick and very friendly. Perhaps someone can explain why the long line of young female migrant workers had a separate Q and were travelling without luggage?

I am not sure if this was a two or three-class aircraft. I was in the back row of Economy in an aisle seat and was warmly welcomed on board. The aircraft was full.

I quickly observed (BTW this was my first time on Emirates) that the Cabin Crew were without exception happy in their work and nothing was too much bother. Yes, the aircraft had seen better days and the seat was not too comfortable, but the service was fantastic.

After a heavy downpour at Bole International, the skies cleared for our take-off.

Menus and hot towels were provided, quite a novelty these days in Economy.

The flight time was 3 hours 30 minutes and we parked at the immense Emirates terminal. As I had 5 hours to kill before my connection I passed immigration to sit outside in the warm air with an iced coffee.

Unfortunately, my verdict was premature as I was about to discover on the EK7 to Heathrow.



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sumitbawa flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (04/03/2013 19:30)

I travelleled from Melbourne to New Delhi on 21 jan 2013. This was the first time I was travelling with Emirates.

Although I liked the airlines at first but once I got to my destination I found that the stuff I checked in before boarding the flight from Melbourne was not handelled with any care it seems that they just threw it around and smashed my 52 inch 3d tv which I bought as a wedding gift for my sister. When my sister opened the box to take the tv out after her wedding she found out that the screen was cracked i immidiatley lodged a complaint with Emirates. After send three emails I was told that nothing can be done as I did not reported the damage within seven days of reaching my destination which was never informed to me. This should be the check in crews responsibility to inform every passenger that they only have 7 days to lodge a complaint in case their stuff is damaged. Even after sending email after email no satisfactory answer was given and basically the airline sucks.

I will advice every one not to travel with Emirates I have made this my goal to not let any one of my friends and family travel with Emirates again. I will go to extreme measures to spread a bad word for Emirates which they totally deserve the best form of advertisement any company can get is the word of mouth from a satisfied customer and same goes for the worst.



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sueclements flew Emirates Economy class, on a A380 (Config. 2) (28/01/2013 04:17)

I was on flight EK407 on the 24th of January from Melbourne to Dubai.

This flight was eventually aborted, 7 1/2 hours after us taking off from Tullamarine, after us circling over Ballarat for a couple of hours, dumping fuel in the bay, then sitting on the tarmac for a couple of hours while attempts were made to repair the aircraft.

We disembarked, went through customs, collected our luggage and were then either put up in hotels, or, if you lived in the state, sent home using cabcharge vouchers.

Information was fairly sketchy, but we were informed of everything as the crew was updated.
They did not give us as much information as I would have liked regarding what needed to happen next; even when we were waiting for our luggage, we still did not know what was going to happen next. I would have thought that they would have contingency plans that deal with an issue of this sort, even if it is a rare occurrence. It was fairly hit and miss, with us reporting to a temporary desk that was set up in the departures lounge and being told - one by one! - that all new information about a flight out would be on the website (never appeared).

I had to phone the airline three times during the next day to find out what would be happening, as information was sketchy and the flight times changed twice. I think it was handled better while we were onboard than afterwards and would question why people were then moved to different seats for the next intended flight. As it was one that was designed to deal with the affected passengers only, I would have thought it was simply a matter of rebooking us all again.

I was dropped into another area completely, with my travelling companions, which wasn't as good, while our original seats remained empty! We were eventually moved back to our original seats after requesting them, but it made no sense. We were also travelling with a baby, and my friend had to hold the baby for the entire time, as they would not give her a bassinet, even when we had landed and were waiting for 2 hours to find out what was going to happen.

We were given a 50% refund on the flight as well, and then eventually flown out the following day with the original flight and cabin crew. I was really interested to see how calm everyone remained; people appeared to be resigned to what was happening and simply waited to hear what was happening next. An interesting experience overall!



7.6 more

SimonS1 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (08/12/2012 18:58)

Dubai to Gatwick. Despite company travel policy I did what I usually do for day flights and booked the cheapest ticket which was £375 return ex London.

With Gold card I checked in in the business class area in Dubai. Even without asking the agent was apologetic she could not upgrade me but said the flight wasn't full and she would block the whole of the row I was in. Through the Egates in about 5 seconds and I was in the lounge within 10 mins of reaching the airport.

The lounge was quite full as it usually is at 7am, however I found a space and had breakfast, left when the flight was called and walked straight onto the plane. As promised the middle row of 4 was empty apart from me so armrests up after takeoff and flat out for some sleep.

As normal on Emirates, cabin manager introduced herself. Gold card holders have their meals served first, I was offered this although as usual skipped the meal. The rest of the flight was standard Emirates fare, pretty average service by the crew but excellent inflight entertainment.

On arrival at LGW there was about a 10 minute queue for immigration, only 3 of 8 desks manned, the automatic gates weren't any quicker as the guy I was behind on leaving the plane was still stood in the line after I passed through.

The first and business bags did indeed come out first and were coming around the belt when I reached the hall. Slight delay getting to the train as one of the shuttles to the South terminal was not working, but I was home within an hour of landing.

Overall excellent VFM for what I paid.



7.7 more

frustratedflyer flew Emirates Economy class, on a A380 (Config. 1) (05/12/2012 19:28)

Boarding at LHR was strictly by Row number and happened in a very controlled manner. The flight was on time and arrived early.

Two meals were served breakfast and lunch/dinner. Both were of good quality and certainly as good economy food as I have had elsewhere.

The IFE (ICE) was superb with lots of choice of films and complete series of some programmes. One of the best IFEs I have seen.

The crew were OK but it felt that such a large plane meant they were a bit less enthusiastic than usual. The seat was comfy and legroom was surprising good. For sure seats in the front cabin of economy are best.

My choices would be 43 ABC, HJK or 45 DEFG where the legroom is superb. 43 ABC have the disadvantage that people trip over your feet whilst boarding.



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MikeB82 flew Emirates Economy class (16/10/2012 15:28)

Lousiest aircraft I've been in. No proper seating for economy passenger No leg room. Food was not as per menu & also used with soggy veggies. No response after 3 -4 buzz.

I've booked 3 times as of now, they lost/damaged my baggage all 3 times. It is great to hear that my check-in baggage travelled New York without US Visa.

Also they reimburse my damage suitcase not even half price of its original cost.

Please read the response from Emirates Baggage Claims below:
"I note your further comments and regret that you remain dissatisfied with our final position.

To clarify, that item was approximately 1 year old. Using standard depreciation the current value of your damaged item would be GBP51.

I note from your file that you have been clearly advised by my colleague Mrs ****** that we would only be in a position to offer reimbursement to a maximum of the depreciated value of your item (GBP51) on production of a receipt for your newly purchased item.

Regrettably, we are not in a position to increase our offer to you and have no further comments to add. Therefore, we shall not correspond with you further regarding this matter other than to provide you GBP51 once you provide us with the requested documentation.

Mr xxx, I should advise you that as Head of Baggage Claims in the UK, I am empowered to provide you with Emirates’ final position on this matter.

Should you wish to take the matter to a third party we will naturally respond to them directly but we shall not enter into further communication with yourself regarding this matter.

Thank you for allowing me to clarify our final position on this matter.

Yours sincerely

***** *******
Head of Baggage Claims UK

Advise to Never Ever think of flying with Emirates again, request all to look for other airlines.



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matthewsavah flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (22/07/2012 10:23)

Emirates are a really good and helpful airline, I have flown with them 2 times (Very expensive) From Manchester to Dubai and Dubai to Manchester on a luxury holiday.

I found the service more than good and the plane was clean, some seats were turning a bit mouldy but overall it was a fantastic flight. The IFE systems are awesome. My kids especially liked the food and the flight and the holiday all around.

When I stepped into Manchester Airport they treated me like kings and queens, they even escorted me to the check in desk then they told me where to go and a special Emirates escorted me to the security part. The kids were entertained with the Emirates voucher and lounge in the airport. We got 25% off Frankie and bennies so we had our breakfast there. Good service Emirates keep it up!



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RaghavSanghi flew Emirates Economy class, on a A380 (Config. 1) (18/07/2012 11:27)

I chose the aisle seat (47C) for my JFK-DXB flight online on Emirates website, which is fairly easy to use.

Check in was rather a bit cold but upon boarding, I could feel the size of the A380. The front most cabin is the quietest on the lower deck area - so would highly recommend choosing a seat in the first economy cabin.

I was escorted to my seat and had no issues keeping my hand luggage in the overhead compartments.

There was a sealed packet on my seat with a blanket, pillow, headphones and a pouch with toileteries and socks for use. Very good legroom (Im 5.11). The position of the table trays is alright and not so comfortable compared to the 777-300ER. A380 economy seats offer plenty of shoulder room too.

The TV screens are of good quality and size. IFE was just FANTASTIC! I being a huge hollywood and bollywood movies fan, that kept me engaged throughout the flight. I completely loved the seat to seat calling service onboard, which is also free. The voice quality is a bit shady, but you can call your partner in case you guys got seats in two different corners of the aircraft.

Food was awesome. I ordered Asian Vegetarian or Hindu Vegetarian and was served Rice, Navratan Korma and Rajma with salad, and gulab jamun. Cabin was the quietest again and a very comfortable flight overall!



8.4 more

gayanjayathunga flew Emirates Economy class, on a A380 (Config. 1) (15/07/2012 18:42)

This is very first experience with the Emirates airline, before Emirates airline, always I used to travel by Qatar airways, As a my experience, Qatar airways gave a excellent service for me, after 4 years i changed my airline, because of no tickets, so i chose Emirates and they gave me a indelible experience from check in at the airport and end of my journey, it was a most comfortable and stress-less journey.

Seat width and seat recline is enough more than I thought, when considering about in-flight service, after switching off seat belt sign they served everything what they can serve, they served hot meals and drinks, cabin features, in-flight entertainment, and cabin crew was excellent . This is very first time I had this much great experience by a airline.



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OndrejMiffek flew Emirates Economy class, on a A330-200 (two-class) (06/07/2012 14:43)

superior quality in the exit row



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TominScotland flew Emirates Economy class, on a A340-300 (19/06/2012 05:18)

I joined this flight from the Business Lounge in Dubai, having flown in from the Far East a couple of hours earlier. This was my first taste of the newly introduced second daily flight from Dubai to Glasgow so I was interested to see what it was like.

Boarding, with the benefits of my Gold Card, was swift but the flight was by no means full, about 60% in Economy and much less in the front too cabins. I guess the service will take some time to bed in and the range of connections are probably not as good into Dubai.

This service is offered on an A340-300 so this was also a first for me on Emirates. Compared to the 777, Economy is just 2-4-2 so there is certainly a greater feeling of space and the seats, in terms of width and legroom, feel alot more spacious.

The downside is that the cabin has a very tired feel to it and suggests that this is an aircraft that will not be flying the Emirates colours for that much longer. I was in the aisle seat of on of the 2 seater combinations near the front of the cabin (18J) so was happy enough with that.

What was clear is that the IFE is an antiquated version of Emirates normal market leader. It was clumsy to use and a number of people around me had to really struggle to access what they required.

Departure was on time although we did have a longish taxi. Service began with a good range of drinks and menu cards were handed out. I was greeted by name by the Purser and soon afterwards (ahead of meal service) asked for my choice of main dish (Chicken curry, if you are interested!!).

This is also a first for me on EK as I was the only one offered this "advanced selection" in my section of the cabin. As a result, my meal came out with the Specials, ahead of the main service. I asked about this out of curiosity and was told that this was the expected service standard for Gold card holders - new one on me, I must say!! The food, for class, was excellent, by the way.

Cabin crew came round soon after distributing UK landing cards - I had to stop the enthusiastic young man doing this who was insisting that everyone (UK and other EU nationals included) had to complete this paperwork. He sheepishly checked and withdrew that advice!!

A second service took place about 90 minutes ut, consisting of "Reception Sandwiches" (whatever they are), scone and clotted cream - very acceptable.

We landed some 10 minutes ahead of schedule and disembarked quickly. No queues at UKBA and my luggage was third up. Not a bad result, especially as my transport (Mrs TiS) pulled up in the pickup zone just as I walked out!!



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PATRICKBARRY flew Emirates Economy class, on a A330-200 (three-class) (31/05/2012 11:42)

Flight EK 108 from Larnaca to Dubai on 30/05/12

The cabin was filthy. I had ordered a seafood dinner, which they neglected to give me.

The only concerns that the staff had was talking amongst themselves in the galley at the back of the plane instead of serving the passengers or tidying the cabin. Paper and used plastic bags in the aisles.

When the passenger in front of me leaned back in his seat, he was basically in my lap.
Suffering leg pain today.

I will be looking at other airlines that service Dubai.



5.3 more

TominScotland flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300 (two-class) (05/02/2012 23:46)

This review incorporates two aircraft types, B777-300 (two class) and B777-300 (three class) for a routing from Glasgow to Melbourne via Dubai.

I checked in on-line for this journey and was able to confirm pre-reserved forward aisle seats for both legs of the journey, 18G (the final row of the forward Economy cabin within the centre block of a 3-4-3 configuration) and 21G, again centre block but not at the back of the cabin. Baggage was checked through and a 'Priority Business' tag added in recognition of my Gold status with Emirates.

I used the Servisair Lounge at Glasgow which I know well and which holds no surprises (or joys!!). The inbound flight was a few minutes late to boarding commenced later than expected and was its usual chaotic self in Glasgow although rear steps for high row Economy passengers alleviated pressure on the one air bridge used. I was able to board quickly by using my Gold status again and settled into a reasonably comfortable Economy seat.

Take-off was some 30 minutes late but the announced flying time was less than normal so an on-time arrival was predicted.

Drinks and lunch service commenced quite quickly and offered a reasonable choice of lamb or chicken although my neighbour, who had not pre-ordered vegetarian, was clearly unhappy with the options.

The IFE is really second to none and offers such a wide range that you (almost) wish for a longer flight. Its a great opportunity to catch up with new movies or to wallow in nostalgia by reliving your all-time favourites.

The cabin crew were friendly and reasonably attentive but did not acknowledge my Gold status, which they have done in the past on this flight. Drinks and a light snack were offered before landing in Dubai which took place 20 minutes behind schedule after a number of holding circles over the Persian Gulf.

We parked to terminal stand (not always the case) and, after a healthy walk through the terminal, I was able to find a place in the very crowded Business Lounge to catch up on the world via wifi.

My next flight left from gate 121, a good 15 minutes back down the terminal to where we had arrived (great for the circulation) and boarding for the melbourne via Kuala Lumpur flight was on-time. However, some passengers did not show and with a long queue for take-off, we were about an hour late into the air.

A snack was served soon after take-off and then I slept until breakfast service, about 90 minutes out from KL. The breakfast omelette was not attractive to the eye so I passed, just eating fruit and pastries. Landing was a few minutes late in KL and all transit passengers and their luggage had to disembark, thankfully with immediate access back into the departure area.

Reboarding my luck changed and I found myself upgraded into Business, in the front row (8J), a good location with ease of access to facilities yet quiet enough. A really good lunch was offered and I chose a lamb curry which was tasty and hot. (in both senses). My neighbour (also an up-grade) happened to live just 3 miles from where I stay so we had a pleasant exchange of experiences. A good sleep followed, substantial snacks were served and we landed in Melbourne bang on time.

Immigration at 02.25 was a breeze (the only in-bound international flight at that time) but my luggage, despite its tag, was among the last out - a pity. Despite this, a 5 minute walk to my pre-booked airport motel and I was in bed, asleep, within an hour of landing.

A great service from Glasgow, to be doubled from the summer, adequate in Economy but really enhanced by the upgrade from KL.



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TominScotland flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (04/09/2011 20:40)

This review relates to the non-stop Brisbane - Dubai service with onward connection on a 777-200 (two class) to Glasgow. On the outbound, I had used miles to upgrade to Business for the Dubai - Brisbane leg and, ironically, had hardly slept so was in some trepidation about the return, timetabled as 14:40, in Economy.

Check in in Brisbane was fast and very well managed. I had pre-selected seats for both legs (no cost) but when I tried to check-in online, could not print my boarding pass. This was not a problem at check-in. Baggage allowance is very generous (up to 32kg) which is way above most carriers and as my case was heavy (28 kg) I was pleased with my airline selection. Security and Immigration were a breeze with no queues and I went into Departures to wait for the flight. No Lounge access as I have been downgraded to Silver (back up to Gold now on the back of these flights!).

Boarding was well organised and I was able to use the Priority Line with my Silver card. Seating on the 777-300 ULR is very good for this class - reasonable legroom and comfortable seats. I had my preferred aisle seat two rows behind Business Class. Push back was on time and the Captain announced a short flying time of 13:20 which would get us into Dubai some 75 minutes early. A simple amenity kit was handed out as this was a night flight. Drinks service commenced soon after take-off, followed by dinner of prwn salad, with a choice of beef and chicken (both appetising) and a chocolate dessert. Emirates ICE selection is second to none with both current and classic movies and, my favourite, of all UK No1s by week back to 1952!! I slept far better than in Business and only woke for the welcome chicken pie and fruit service about half way across. Breakfast was served some 90 minutes out of Dubai and we landed, as predicted, well ahead of schedule.

This is when Dubai gets a bit silly. We taxied for 25 minutes to a remote gate and deplaned into buses for another 25 minute tour of the airport before reaching the terminal. I guess this will be the reality (and getting worse) until the new airport opens in, I think, 2020. It appears to be random whether planes are allocated remote or terminal gates - my outbound ex-Glasgow deplaned into the terminal - a first time for me on this route.

With my Silver card, I was able to use the Emirates Business Lounge in Terminal 1 (not the main Lounge which is Business and Gold only). This was fine, with a welcome shower, good food and drinks and strong, free wifi. Boarding for Glasgow was on time. Again, I was in an aisle seat in the second row of Economy but the two class 777-200 has rather more cramped seating and overall has an older, rather more tatty feel. Catering was an extensive continental breakfast followed by a lunch choice of lamb or chicken. Arrival was on time and my luggage came though in reasonable time.

These are clearly very popular services as both legs appeared to be 100% full. It is obvious why other airlines are pulling out of services through to Australia and New Zealand as Emirates (and Ethihad, Qatar by all accounts) are offering far asuperior Economy product in terms of seating, service and routing options (6 Oz and Kiwi cities and 6 UK destinations) than the competition.



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majalih flew Emirates Economy class (07/07/2011 20:29)

I had a very painful experience where Emirates made my wife travel alone and they did not allow my kids to travel and promised to send them in the next flight as unaccompanied minors. later they did not fulfil the promise they give and my kids left alone in Syria during the violence and hostile envirnment there. I was forced to travel by myself to get them back after a 24 hours of suffering and difficulty for kids in a war zone.



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herrybirch flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (05/03/2011 11:59)

DBX to LGW. We were sat at the back of the cabin only 2 seats instead of 3 so wider aisle and ICE AVOD fab as always and food good. Seats were fab, can't see why people complain and 6 hours felt like 2.



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RajeshYadav flew Emirates Economy class (05/03/2011 01:02)

I recently flew to Mumbai from Dubai. Emirates operates daily five flights to Mumbai with Boeing 777 and Airbus A320 aircraft which mostly goes more than 85% seat load.

This particular equipment was Boeing777-300. I usually choose my seat online since I prefer aisle seat but on this occasion since I was travelling with my wife I chose window and the adjacent seat. Emirates has 3-4-3 seat configuration in their Boeing777 aircrafts in economy class unlike Qatar Airways and many more other airlines.

We felt cramped in the seat and literally touching each other while having the food. I am also upset in particular regarding the service by the crew on this route. Its understood that the journey time is short and there is not enough time to serve the capacity of this aircraft travellers but I feel that the crew shouldn't be ignorant about the request of the passengers.

The service for drinks passes through the aisle only once and if any passengers requests for another glass of wine the crew agrees to bring but never shows up.This has happened at least with me on a few occasions.

I guess Emirates needs to improve its service and on the Asian sectors.
The food was also bland.This was the first time I experienced such a bad test of food on Emirates flight which brands itself big and speaks high about the standard of food it offers.

During my return flight I faced a similar discomfort since the IFE box was placed below the seat in front which didn't allow me stretch my legs...Emirates please don't only expand the routes but improve the quality standards as well...



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Age_of_Reason flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (two-class) (20/01/2011 08:23)

The formerly invincible Emirates DXB experience is a thing of the past. A late takeoff (90 minutes) mostly recovered by a generous schedule gets wasted by ATC making the flight circle for 20 minutes, then trundle to the perimeter parking wastes another 20 minutes then an appalling ly slow bus trundles us bumpily to a chaotic arrival gate. So connection time is tight but the 02.30 Doha should still be available?

But no mustering of the connecting passengers. No PAX list in the (in)capable hands of the Emirates rep. The Doha is still on the ground (somewhere) , it is 40 minutes since landing and the reception crew had 20 minutes with the flight in Emirati airspace to prepare for airside connections and onboard mustering for prioritised disembarkation. Perhaps?

Then a fight to get the first available flight ... 4h rebook with Qatar. But the bag can't make it.

No such luck - next time go Qatar direct. or save money on Gulf.



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MEMEMEMEME flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (18/12/2010 14:42)

We flew from LGW - DBX and I heard we would be going on an older Boeing 777-200 but was happy to be going on a 300er model. Worried because read that seats were too narrow but they were fine and the AVOD and food were great. The only annoying thing was that we were waiting and waiting at Gatwick to board with no info and waited in a small queue for about an hour to get our passport stamped. Very surprised how good it was.



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Rohan-Ghosh flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300ER (three-class) (13/12/2010 14:55)

I have been taking this flight EK203 Dubai to New York for the past couple of years (this will be my fifth trip). Everything about this flight is well planned and thought off.

Love the schedule. You take of at 0200 from Dubai but get 14 hours to sleep. It lands in New York in the morning. Great for catching connections from JFK.

Love the menu. They feed you a lot! Starts off with a quick dinner and then a nice breakfast, also a midnight snack. I don't drink on planes but they serve a nice selection of beers wines etc.

If you are bored you can catch probably 150 channels of movies, documentaries and also video games!

The boarding is on a different floor than the your normal flights (maybe because of security) but it adds a quiet touch

The economy seats are really good with tons of legs space (if you know where to sit :)

The only negative thing - if there was any - is that the cabin crew are not seen once after the food is served. I think they tend to sleep... I am not sure though.

Here is a video on a complete economy class trip on Emirates I took last year, it will be give you a nice idea of what to expect




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Rezwan1 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-200LR (three-class) (25/05/2010 14:39)

I have been on this route several times so far, and each time I felt that there should be another meal added to this flight. This flight is 16 hours 20 minutes long and only 1 meal is provided along with some dissatisfying mini wrap for a snack.

I have made several suggestions after each of these return flights, but Emirates is probably too big to listen these days. Perhaps it is time to ditch my loyalty, and switch over to Qatar or Etihad?



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Rezwan1 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-200LR (three-class) (25/05/2010 14:30)



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Skyobserver flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-200 (three-class) (23/04/2010 18:18)

I have travelled EK Economy on their B777 and have always come away with an aching lumbar .... as a rule I carry my own cushion now to supplement the hard seat ...... avoid at all costs sitting in the middle seats ..cramped and uncomfortable



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frustratedflyer flew Emirates Economy class (23/03/2010 16:49)

Was surprsied by how good this flight. New seats, felt like plenty of legroom. Service was first class. Food average. Kids meals had plenty of choices and toys were good. The inflight photo for children a nice touch. IFE - an amazing number of choices. Best I have encountered.



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Colouredhearts flew Emirates Economy class (01/12/2009 18:01)

I actually rather enjoyed my exprience on board emirates. I was on emirates on the 29th of November, EK004, from London to Dubai.

The service was especially awesome! The crew members were really nice. And one of them in particular was so gracious as to helpme put up my coat about 10 mind before takeoff.. :) the food was really tasty abshe entertainment was pretty awesome, although I didn't really get to enjoy it much due to my motion sickness.

But overall, it was an awesome experience although there was a casualty in board the plane which caused a slight amount of chaos..

I was seating in 42D although I was assigned 43E, but the flight was very comfy and I espcially applaud the service rendered by the crew. They were so attentive an very polite. I woul have written the name of the air steward who had graciously helped me but I didn't have a chance to peek at his name tag. :( also, we were especially lucky to be able to be on board the same cabin as the rugby players from London. :) so yeah, emirates was pretty lovely and I can't wait to be on board it again.. :)



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Bristraveller flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-200 (three-class) (17/11/2009 07:46)

I wish I had found your website before I travelled in Emirates Economy.

Having had a satisfactory experience with Air New Zealand in the past year, I was deeply disappointed with the (lack of) comfort of the Emirates Economy Cabin for a 6 hour flight from Paris to Dubai (yesterday). From the time I sat down, it was clear that the seat had no adequate lumbar support and the entire trip was unpleasant.

Your website already identifies the obstacle created by the 'box' under the seats for the entertainment system, making it impossible to stretch properly.

Other aspects of the flight were OK but none of this makes up for extremely uncomfortable seating for general sitting and for sleeping.



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dennisri flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300 (three-class) (11/09/2009 18:37)

Emirates puts a big hype on branding but in reality does very little for its gold level (the top tier) passengers. The seats in economy are very narrow and seem tailored to smaller asians rather than western businessmen. The service is ok, but the aisles in the plane are too small to wheel a carry on. Through. I have traveled 7 roundtrips to Dubai and Saudi this year and am changing to economy plus on British Airways. I just can't take the small seats any more. The washrooms are tiny



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HenryJones flew Emirates Economy class, on a A340-500 (18/07/2009 19:39)

My wife and I recently travelled Dubai to Brisbane in economy class: a long flight of over 13 hours. We were in Row 38,middle section. I had the aisle seat and my wife was in the inside seat. The flight was fully booked. the seats were probably the most uncomfortable airline seats we have ever encountered. Neither of us are tall (about 5feet 6 inches in the old scale) and our legs did not touch the floor so the pressure on our legs was significant and more so as the flight went on. To try and relieve it I put some shoes under my feet and that helped. The service was good under the circumstances:as I said the flight was fully booked and the hosties were working quite hard.



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graemelws flew Emirates Economy class, on a A380 (Config. 1) (02/06/2009 19:17)




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SeanAfrica flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-200 (three-class) (18/02/2009 10:22)

Dec 08. SIN>DXB. Usually travel EK business, so long time since economy experience. EKhave squeezed in another column of seats now, making 3-4-3. Seats narrow and pitch poor. Uncomfortable offer, would not do it again. Shame



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canoepunkie flew Emirates Economy class, on a A330-200 (three-class) (14/01/2009 10:41)

ICE is very good and some of the programmes even have the swear words left in! (Specifically 'The Sweeney'). Seating is nothing special, try to avoid getting a seat with one of the large boxes that restrict legroom - row 39 middle - left hand seat is my recommendation.



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mohammad2 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-200 (two-class) (14/12/2008 16:59)




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mohammad2 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300 (three-class) (14/12/2008 16:57)




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Stephen787 flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-300 (three-class) (19/11/2008 07:57)

SYD-BKK-SYD EK 419/8 Hard, narrow uncomfortable seats. 3x4x3. No footrests as they have been removed. Minimal service from the crew. No drinks/water service after the meal was served. Safety quesionable as crew left seats in reclined position for landing. Bags were not stowed under seats and passengers allowed to get up and open overhead lockers during taxiing. The ICE system was the only saving grace. Will never fly on Emirates again. Only tried them due to a special cheap fare.



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jimvold flew Emirates Economy class, on a B777-200 (three-class) (30/09/2008 11:31)

Good class with good food.Seat is to high and not good to sleep.



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jimvold flew Emirates Economy class, on a A340-300 (30/09/2008 11:30)

A good class with good seat and food.



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