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Economy on the A330 is configured 2-4-2 (A,C - D,E,F,G - H,K). The outer pairs of seats in rows 22 and 40 offer the only sure chance of extra legroom.

This aircraft has 273 economy class seats, all in distinctive cherry red, celadon green and aqua blue colours "to help brighten up your journey".

Each seat has a 6.5" personal TV with a choice of 10 video and 16 audio channels from the Dragon On Air in-flight entertainment programming. 

Selected seats also have 110V AC power supply for laptops, though the Dragonair website does not indicate which seats these are (and nor, as a result will our seatplan, unfortunately).

The seats statistics are: Seat pitch: 31-33". Seat width: 18" (seat bottom cushion width 18.7"). Recline: 6" or 116° (due to cradling effect). recommends...

"Unless being asked again to choose between a middle seat towards the front of the cabin and the final row, I would never again go for the latter. There are several good reasons: the queues that form for the washrooms behind you; the sound of the flushing WCs after ablutions; and the slamming of doors after use. And just because the galley is at your back as well doesn’t mean you’re going to get fed first – the attendants start serving several rows ahead of you and work their way back.

"From where I and my two companions sat, we had to crane our necks to catch anything that was being shown on the mini monitor that comes down from a recess in the ceiling during the flight and goes up again before the descent. It may be better to sit on the aisle seats in rows 48 to 50 on either side if you really wanted to view what was playing."

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Photo of Dragonair A330-300 (Type 2) Economy

Seat plan for the Dragonair 773

Legend for seat plan for the Dragonair 773

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