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All-class rating 6.7


  • Boarding 7.3
  • Seat for sitting 6.9
  • Seat for sleeping 4.7
  • Service 6.7
  • Entertainment 6.3
  • Food & drink 6.4
  • Punctuality 6.9
  • Baggage 7.2
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Rob2022 flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B767-400ER (30/05/2012 17:39)

They said all 767-400ER would have lay flat seats by June, 2011. Why fly first class when you can get a lay flat seat on another European airline.



4.9 more

peterandrew62 flew Continental Airlines Economy (short-haul) (08/10/2011 10:12)

Arrived at Ithica to a short queue, which seemed to take the check clerk a long time to deal with. The flight back to Newark was listed as delayed. It took some time to determine that as we were flying internationally with Virgin our bags could be through checked to London. However that saved us $50. Security was thorough but polite. Flight left about an hour late, with apologies. Short hop but time for a soft drink and arrived at Newark in plenty of time to meet our connecting flight.



8.6 more

peterandrew62 flew Continental Airlines (08/10/2011 10:08)

Arrived at Newark in good time and were promptly checked in. Throught security, with good humour and in to departure area. Got texted by friend who had arrrived from Munich, but was worried about making the flight due to long lines at immigration, but met her at the gate with time to spare. Newark was experiencing heavy rain, so got a bit wet walking to the small DASH 8 plane. Short flight, abit bumpy due to the weather. Had a sparkling mineral water and landed early. Single member of cabin staff polite and good humoured. We were the only flight at Ithaca, so bags arrived promplty



9.0 more

peterandrew62 flew Continental Airlines Economy (short-haul), on a B737-800 (16/144) (08/10/2011 10:00)

Boston to Newark, Short trip, cheked in by computer by member of staff. Polite, but didn't check my id until prompted and didn't look at my friends. Through security and landside promptly. Boarding prompt and push back a few minutes late.3 3 formation comfortbale for a short 49 minute flight. Offered juice or water due to the short flight duration. Arrived at Newark 15+ minutes early and deplanned promtly, bags arrived in good time.



8.8 more

markkus flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B757-200 (22/07/2011 15:46)

Flew from Manchester to New York in Business First and had the lie flat beds which were very comfortable.

I had read the reviews before and wasn’t sure if our aircraft would have these seats or not. Fortunately they did!

I am quite tall but when the seat was put into the flat bed position I managed to fit into OK. The only slight problem was fitting my size 12 feet into the cubbyhole!

The food was excellent and kept coming!
The in-flight entertainment was fine was quite a big selection of movies and tv programmes. The only drawback was that there didn’t seem to be much alcohol on offer, which didn’t affect me as I wasn’t drinking on the flight

Anyway, all in all a very good experience from start to finish from the superb lounge at Manchester airport and also the very helpful staff at Manchester. One final note is that when you are departing Newark airport from terminal C – beware! Newark airport is dreadful with appalling customer service in the check-in areas and lounge. There’s also very few shops and the customer assistants are extremely rude. This airport falls way way below most European ones!



9.8 more

markkus flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B777-200ER (New flat bed BusinessFirst) (22/07/2011 15:33)

Flew back from New York to London Heathrow in Business First and had the lie flat beds which were very comfortable.

My seat was at the front, Row 1 and although it was a little bit noisy at times I managed to get some sleep. The staff were fine and there’s certainly enough of them!

The food was good and, even though I wasn’t drinking on the flight there wasn’t a great deal of alcohol on offer.

All in all a very good experience, unlike Newark airport which is appalling. Ignorant staff and very poor choice of shops. Even the lounge, which is massive, is extremely disappointing with hardly any food on offer and again the bar staff and counter staff are extremely rude. This airport falls way way below any decent European airport



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camholgate flew Continental Airlines Economy (short-haul), on a B737-800 (16/144) (27/04/2011 04:11)

We recently flew down to Fort Myers for a Christmas vacation from Newark. Boarding at the aircraft was quick and we were soon onboard.

I was pleased to see that each seat had IFE, even if you had to pay the small fee to use it during the 2hr 30mins flight.

The seats were quite comfy and the legroom adequate. During the short flight, 2 drink runs were conducted by very friendly crew.

The flight went very quickly and we landed in RSW 55mins early. All in all, a very punctual and good flight.



6.9 more

Emiratesa340geek flew Continental Airlines Economy (short-haul), on a Embraer RJ145 (15/11/2010 00:03)

I flew continental on my way back home from Milwaukee. The flights were great! :) we had the same flight attendant for both our flights! :) same seat, same plane, same crew! service was good



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PatJordan flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B757-200 (13/10/2010 02:02)


I booked this trip on the Continental website, and as my wife and I are Gold Elite OnePass members, I was able to select seats from a number of rows in the front of the economy cabin. I chose 7A & 7B. In keeping with Continental's policy, elite OnePass members are upgraded automatically if there is availability.

I was pleased to receive an email from Continental the day prior to travel letting me know that my wife and I had been upgraded to Business First.

Arriving at Newark Airport, there were several Continental check-in desks open, and we were called forward within a few minutes, our bags checked in and boarding passes issued. Elite status included priority at the security queue, and my wife and I were through within a few minutes.

We entered the Lounge (President's Club) only to be told quite abruptly that domestic Business First nor our Continental Gold cards did not allow access to the lounge. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who confirmed this policy. However, when I mentioned that I was also a BMI Diamond Club Gold Card holder, we were immediately allowed into the lounge. How BMI's card grants access when Continental's doesn't defeats me. I thought Star Alliance members worked on uniformity.

The lounge is big, much natural light with a superb view of the apron which was populated with Continental aircraft. A good range of reading material is on offer with excellent shower/toilet facilities and a nice touch: a family room for those with small children. The range of food is small and most beverages are available from a staffed bar: basic alcoholic drinks are complimentary with a charge for "premium" drinks. At least WiFi is complimentary.

Boarding had commenced when we arrived at the gate, and we were immediately seated by a very professional crew. The business cabin is configured 2-2 in a herringbone layout. The seats are lie flat and are supremely comfortable. The aircraft was very clean and well presented. The cabin crew announced the toilet locations and asked economy pax to not to use the one in front so as to protect the integrity of the business cabin.

I was most surprised to be offered pre-flight drinks as this was barely two and a half hours flight. The hot towel service was a pleasant change from the economy norm in much of Europe.

The plane pushed back on time and our flight time was slightly less than the two hours and fourty five minutes scheduled.

A senior flight attendant took drinks orders once the plane had levelled off and asked if we would like a cold snack. I saaumed this would be a bag of nuts or similar and was pleasantly surprised to be given a tray of food: freas fruit, salad (with lovely chilli flavoured cheese and cold meats), crackers and cereal bar. The food was top quality and seerved on proper crockery with metal cutlery. Wien was served in real glasses too. A very nice light lunch indeed.

The seat lies completely flat and I had a very pleasant nap after lunch. My wife was very pleased with the range and quality of the AVOD system.

We landed in Orlando about 15 minutes ahead of schedule and deplaned through the middle door without any delay. Baggage was quickly delivered, ours being marked "priority" which really worked.

Less than half an hour after landing, we had our bags and rental car keys in our possession. This must be a record at a major airport.

Being upgraded to Business First was a very pleasant surprise. Aside from the glitch at the lounge this was a fabulous flight experience. Full marks to Continental.



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ilikepeanuts flew Continental Airlines Economy, on a B777-200ER (New flat bed BusinessFirst) (10/10/2010 21:00)

Our flight, CO89, was from Newark Liberty to Beijing Capital, in Continental's new Economy Seats.

CHECK-IN: Newark Liberty's check-in counters are all self-service, meaning that there is only one or two Continental representatives in one whole row of Check-in counters, which can get a bit annoying when you have check-in baggages. The line was quite long for both Businessfirst and Economy. Check-in was not that swift. We were bewildered to find out that our seats were at the last row of the whole plane. After asking a representative, we learned that actually, the best seats are given to the people who pay the most. People who pay not so much, like us, get the worst seats. But, if you call Continental right after you book a flight, you might be able to hold a good seat for yourself. So next time you book a flight, at any airlines, call them to hold a good seat for you, or else, if you payed not as much as the others, you won't like the seat the had for you a bit.

AIRPORT: There was no lounge for us, since we weren't in Businessfirst (Continental has no First class, Business and First are combined into one class: Businessfirst), so I'll tell you a bit about Newark Liberty Intl' Airport so you get some prior knowledge of it. Newark Liberty is divided into three terminals: A, B and C. United is in Terminal A, so is Continental Express. But the rest of Continental and Continental Intl' arrivals take up the whole Terminal C. There is an airtrain that can take you from one terminal to another, and they are usually not so full. Car rentals such as National, Budget, Enterprise, etc. have buildings all by itself, but they are destinations of the airtrain too, so no worries about lugging your bags all the way to the car rental building. Newark Liberty isn't the main airport of New York, so airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Air China etc. are all in JFK, although Delta and United, two of the largest airlines in the world (United and Continental are combining), are both in Newark Liberty. The airport has a big number of duty free stores, restaraunts, snack bars and stores, which was really helpful for us since we had a bunch of time to kill. Newark Liberty doesn't offer free Wi-fi, although some restaraunts do. There is only two or three washrooms in the whole terminal, which was really annoying since all three of the Terminals in Newark Liberty have a decent size. Done shopping. 11:30, it was time to board.

BOARDING: I am a gold member of United, and United and Continental are combining, plus they are both in Star Alliance, which meant that I got priority boarding. "eliteAccess" is Continental's frequent flyer program, and of course, they get priority boarding too. There was a decent number of eliteAccess card holders, so there was a line even at the priority boarding gate. Done boarding, I've started my trip. With my seat at the back row, I knew that this was going to be a looooooooooooooong flight. We took off almost 45 minutes later than scheduled, which was not really pleasing for an international flight.

THE SEAT: No matter what you do, even if you have to be seperated from your family, DO NOT SIT AT THE BACK SEAT OF ECONOMY!!! There are 5 reasons why: First, these seats have really limited recline, which makes it really uncomfortable to sleep in. Second, the IFE boxes under the seat in front of you is closer to you than any other row, which makes it impossible to stretch a bit. Third, the flight attendants are so loud!!! I was woken up a few times from the noise of the galley. Fourth, the flushing of in-flight lavatories are really loud, and there are two lavatories right behind you. Fifth, for some reason, all the people in economy tend to hang out in the spaces beside you, which means that about five people are hovering over you at the same time, making it impossible to have any privacy or sleep. DO NOT SIT AT THE BACK ROW!!!

IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: The new economy seats of Continental all have personal seat-back IFE screens. Consisting about 190 movies, 140 TV shows, 100 music albums and 30 games, which is a decent number for economy. There are a bunch of featuring movies such as Avatar, Karate Kid, etc. The movies and TV shows are great, although the games Continental offers are all very old, uninteresting games. Surprised that there were no Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or Justin Bieber albums in the music selections. All the albums have at least 3 years of history, which means that Continental obviously hasn't updated its music for quite a long time.

FOOD: All the economy passengers are served with real silverware, which I really like. The food tasted like airplane food. Hard, rubbery, tasteless. No surprises in that. We were at the back row, as you know, so by the time that slooooooooow moving cart got to us, there was only one choice left from the two: Beef with rice. The sidedishes were: a plate of good-tasting salad with Italian dressing, a crunchy brownie, and a small loaf of bread with butter and jelly. Standard airplane meals.

SLEEP: Couldn't get a wink of sleep in my seat because of the noise and the uncomfortableness of the seat. Again, DO NOT SIT AT THE BACK ROW!!!

ARRIVAL: Having taken off 45 minutes late, We arrived at Beijing later than scheduled. We got off the plane last, and lugged our jet-lagged bodies off the plane.

OVERALL: Not a bad flight, but food and policy of booking seats needs improvement. If the full score was 10, I'd give this flight overall a 6.5.



6.0 more

Nikolai flew Continental Airlines Economy, on a B757-200 (05/08/2010 02:23)

A great flight if you want cheap tickets. The seats were fine, there were about 5cm from my knees to the seat in front of me, and I'm 190cm.



5.9 more

SamWardill flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B757-200 (29/06/2010 09:09)

Check In: I checked in online for my flight CO113 from London Heathrow to Newark (connecting on to Cleveland) on a Sunday morning. The system would not allow me to update my entered bmi FF. It would also not allow me to print a boarding card. On arrival at the airport the OLCI did not bypass the very large and unmanaged queues for BusinessFirst customers. It was not clear whether I should pick up my boarding cards from the self service machine or just join the queue. I waited in line for 15 to 20 minutes to drop my bags frustratingly watching people who joined after me get served first!

Lounge: Continental uses the SkyTeam lounge at T4. This was OK. it was a little crowded but had a good selection of breakfast food. They did not have a Sunday Times or Observer but they did have an Business Traveller magazine. The wi-fi signal was poor so I left and went to the gate.

Boarding: There were lots of calls for people and some talk of small delays. This was unnerving as my connection time in Newark was tightish (1h50m). I chose to make use of the better wifi signal at the gate rather than the priority boarding. On boarding I was offered a drink. I watched a lot of people being told that their luggage might not make the flight. This was apparently because they were connecting from a BA South Africa flight and they had not allowed enough transfer time. I was a little unnerved when the same 'concierge' came to speak to me. However she quickly reassured me that there was no problem with my bags. She just wanted to welcome me and check I knew about the transfer procedures in Newark. I was pleased by this personal touch.

Seat: When I booked I was not aware that all BusinessFirst LHR to US flights had been fitted with the new flat bed. For that reason I chose a United overnight return option (a decision that I now regret). The seat turned out to be very comfortable even sleeping for tall (6'4") me. The main issue is if you are in a window seat and want to get out over a sleeping neighbour. The seat has in-seat power including UK sockets and USB (I did not test any of these). Overhead storage was somewhat limited on this small plane. There was only one toilet allocated to 10 Business First passengers and cabin crew annoyingly shut this off whenever the flight crew wanted to walk about (for security reasons). We could use economy toilets but it wasn't 100% satisfactory.

IFE: When I saw the size of the screen (large) I was looking forward to watching movies all of the way and abandoned my plans to work on the flight. When I saw the movie selection I was disappointed. The selection of new releases was somewhat limited. I ended watching X-Men and an episode of the (American) Office. The headsets were not noise reducing and appeared to be very low quality. I was glad I had brought my own. The flight crew gave us regular updates on the England - Germany world cup game. I was impressed by this touch on an American airline especially as the crew called the game football (rather than soccer)!

Food: I was very impressed with the quality and choice of food. I had hot nuts followed by a hot starter of shrimp & chicken / mushroom soup then a salad, then cheese (more on that later), followed by halibut then a made to order ice cream sundae with hot fudge and chocolate sauces (amongst other options). The food was very good quality. My only gripe would be with the ice-cream in the sundae. This felt sickly sweet and artificial to me. However I think that this might be down to differences between US & British tastes. The cheese plate had a very good selection. Some cheeses were not as ripe as you'd expect. The steward was not able to offer any advice on the cheeses and (bizarrely) he brought the cheese plate around before the main course because of delays they were having with their oven (the delays turned out not to be extensive and I wished that I had done what my neighbour did and asked for a selection to be brought after my main). Before landing we were served a piece of sashimi, a hot wrap and horseradish mayonnaise (which unfortunately I did not realise was intended to go with the sashimi until too late as it was served on the plate with the wrap). In general, I was very impressed with the food offering (this really felt like Business First as opposed to Business) but thought it would be improved by better training the cabin crew in how to serve / food knowledge.

Arrival & Transfer: On arrival I had to put up with the joy that is US immigration. They did not have any elite access here. I assume this is US government policy rather than Continental's lack of forethought. This is the main failing in an otherwise good flying experience. Surely, in the home of lobbying, Continental could lobby Congress to allow fast track immigration for its elite passengers! I collected my bags (which took a while to come off even though they were priority tagged) then redeposited them before making my way to the President's Club lounge. The onward flight was OK in First the only thing of note was that airport security removed and lost my supposedly security approved baggage lock.

Summary: All together this was a very good flying experience. As someone whose long haul business class flying experience is mainly with BA and whose previous experience of flying US carriers in business (some 10 years ago now) has not been pleasant, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Continental product. I would choose to fly with them again.



8.0 more

Corporate-gal flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B757-200 (05/05/2010 00:56)

CHECK-IN I checked in for my 10:30am flight from Bristol, online at the Continental website, 24 hours before my flight. Online check-in is easy to follow, includes a number of security checks and allows you to select your seat. I was travelling in BusinessFirst and selected seat 2F (a window seat). I was also able to check in for my connecting flight to Ottawa and printed both boarding passes out at home, to save time at the airport. When I passed through the airport the Continental desks looked busy, but seemed to be being efficiently dealt with. I passed through the Fly-Thru security lane (possible when you are flying in BusinessFirst and if you are a OnePass Elite member), which was extremely quiet. The lounge at Bristol is offered by Servisair and so is used by a number of airlines; it is light and airy in the top far corner of the departure lounge offering the usual selection of beverages, papers, wifi and TV.

BOARDING The departure was from Gate 4, with the Continental 757-200 visible through the lounge windows, which were directly above the gate. Boarding was called for BusinessFirst and Gold Elite members at 09:55 and, apart from a few security checks before boarding, because I hadn’t gone to the check-in desks, I was boarded and in my seat within a couple of minutes. The cabin wasn’t busy so boarding was speedy. An attendant offered drinks including wine and champagne, followed by newspapers and further drinks before we departed. Menus were also issued out and orders were taken shortly before departure. We pushed back at 10:30 and were airborne by 10:40.

THE SEAT I was flying on a two-class Boeing 757-200 (with the winglets) with 16 business class seats in 4 rows, in a 2-2 configuration. This aircraft had Continental’s new flat-bed business class seats and on the 757 these are angled towards the windows, so that your feet lay down the sides of the seats in front of you. The seat reclines to a 180-degree fully-flat bed with a length of six feet six inches (198.1cm). Each one is self-contained and has a personal 15-inch LCD screen, with universal powers sockets (EU, US and UK), a USB port and headphone sockets situated over your shoulder; there is also an iPod socket in the side of the screen, but this requires a special adapter which can be purchased onboard. The seats are slightly staggered down the cabin and the attendants were struggling to get used to the new layout compared to the older cradle-style seating that most of the 757’s currently have. If you don’t wish to get up and move about during the flight, then the window seats are best, however, if you are not travelling with someone you know, they are a little tricky to manoeuvre yourself out of because the centre console is quite bulky and leaves little room for walking between that and the backs of the seats in front of you.

THE FLIGHT I was given a large amenity bag with Escents Aromatherapy toiletries, toothpaste, mints, tissues, hairbrush, pen, an eye mask and socks. The meal service began about an hour after take-off with the usual beverage service and warm roasted nuts. The meal itself started with a creamy basil and crayfish soup with mini savouries. This was followed by a mixed salad with breads and main course offered a choice of rack of lamb, roasted breast of chicken, Italian fish stew and pasta; I opted for the fish stew which was extremely tasty and served at just the right temperature. Desert of ice cream sundae followed the usual cheese cart with port. The afternoon refreshment consisted of a small salad, some pickles and a cheeseburger, accompanied by a small bowl of fresh fruit. In-flight snacks included warm, calorie-rich cookies and warm nuts as well as the usual selection of pretzels. Because this was a day flight, I didn’t sleep, instead using the in-seat power to work on my laptop, and watched a couple of films; I didn’t notice anyone else using the full recline but in the ‘relaxed’ mode it was extremely comfortable and I can imagine it would make for an excellent night’s sleep.

ARRIVAL We arrived in Newark on time and business class passengers were given priority disembarkation. Immigration was not overly quick thanks to a large tour group who appeared to have consisted of an entire plane load of Portuguese. However, exit from the terminal to my connection for Ottawa was painless and quick.

VERDICT A very good service and the new flat-bed product is a good improvement, bringing the carrier up to the more modern standards of the other transatlantic services offered. It is a shame that this particular route will no longer operate after 7th November though.



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LizCraw5 flew Continental Airlines (23/04/2010 19:18)

Staff where very good and flights were on time bith ways, but I feel for a long haul flight there was not enough water handed out, and not enough leg room



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robdub1 flew Continental Airlines First Class (short-haul), on a B737-800 (16/144) (23/04/2010 19:06)

April 7th 2010 ORD to PVR via IAH-Also first time on Continental, flew because they are now part of Star Alliance, plane was jampacked, service dreadful, Americans really do accept the mundane, the person in Row 1 decided to recline their seat to us in Row 2 and we couldn't move, why do Americans put up with these dodgy airlines. Was allowed to use the Lounge at IAH after almost begging, I mean why would we be allowed to use it if were paying Business International. What were we thinking? Dreadful, never again boys, merge with UA and disappear once and for all, do us all a favour



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danfly13 flew Continental Airlines Economy, on a B777-200ER (50/235) (15/02/2010 20:26)

I flew Continental Airlines last summer and I had flown them before when I was younger! I really loved the entertainment. I flew from London, Heathrow to New York, Newark and it was great, the meal was great, the crew were really nice and their 777's are in perfect shape. I really highly recommend Continental Airlines, especially if you are flying their 777's. Hope this helped, and if you have a chance, FLY THEM!



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dogwithnobrain flew Continental Airlines (29/12/2009 11:33)



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Corporate-gal flew Continental Airlines Economy, on a B757-200 (10/11/2009 09:29)

Despite having had a real rough deal with this airline whilst on holiday in Florida a few years back, I was very surprised at the service on these flights out of Bristol to Newark.

Boarding: Organised. BusinessFirst was called first, followed by Elite Access passengers and then economy rows filling the aircraft up from the back.

Seating: Despite showing as only 31" seat pitch, I found there to be plenty of room even when people put their seats back. If you can check in online, go for the exit row seats, rows 15 and 16 as you seem to get about 34" leg room here. The seat did get a little uncomfortable toward the end of the flight for sleeping - good job it was only a 6 hour flight back to Bristol.

Entertainment: Over 40 films to watch, lots of music and a wide variety of games to play, as well as the usual flight map. Full AVOD service, including stop, pause and rewind. Excellent and certainly filled the flight time.

Service: Usual US flight crew service on the way out to Newark - no smiles and couldn't really be bothered with you. Different on the way back though - friendly, chatty and service with a real smile.

Punctuality: Flight was late getting into Bristol on the outbound leg. We took off over an hour late which meant I missed my connection to Ottawa; however the customer service was great at Newark and they got me on the next flight, even though it meant a 5 hour wait! Flight was also delayed on the way back to Bristol due to some major hydraulic problem - however, they tried to keep us as up to date with information as they could at the gate (despite the lack of information coming from the mechanical team) and they eventually fixed the problem and got us on the way. Despite taking off from Newark over an hour and a half late, we made up the time and landed at Bristol barely half an hour late.

Overall: Surprisingly OK. However, I doubt I'll be using the Bristol-Newark-Ottawa route again, as the connection times are just too tight if the transatlantic flight is late.



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HowardMiller flew Continental Airlines Economy (short-haul), on a B737-700 (09/11/2009 05:17)

Continental provides excellent economy class service on domestic flights. The entertainment offering could be improved to match Jet Blue.



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HotelAlliance flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B757-200 (22/09/2009 15:02)

A direct flight out of a provincial airport such as Bristol is a Godsend.

The airport is efficient and pleasant, and the pre-boarding serivce for BusinessFirst customers faultless. My flight left and landed ahead of schedule, something that is more likely to happen on this sort of route, which is great. The front of the cabin feels cramped on a 757, and you really feel like you've gone back to late '90s style business class. The service tries to be nicer than AA, UA etc. but never really makes it and the overall experience is very average. The outbound, day flight is bearable, the return is not, with no real sleep possible due to the short flight, the meal service and the impossible-to-sleep-in seats.

Price and convenience, however, overrode personal comfort on this occasion.

As an interesting side-note CO is joining Star Alliance next month, and as I have an AF Platinum Card, they offered to tier-match me into the their top tier, so that I was Star Alliance Gold. I declined after much insistence, as I have an LH Senator, but an admirable sales pitch nonetheless.



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peoplesonrules flew Continental Airlines Economy, on a B757-200 (13/08/2009 20:55)

We flew from Manchester to Newark. It was a couple of years ago so we got the old seats and overhead moniters for the IFE. Despite this the food was very nice and the flight went quite smooth. The cabin crew are a bit lazy and rubbish. So really, not an amazing flight, but it was ok.



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flaflyer flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B757-200 (29/07/2009 13:55)

As a seat, the current BusinessFirst is very comfortable. For sleeping, it's comfortable if you sleep on your back. However, if you prefer to sleep on your side, it is not so comfortable.

In many ways, I prefer the B757 BusinessFirst cabin to the B777 cabin, it is smaller and you get more individualized attention from the flight crew.

The food was good and the cabin crew were pleasant.

The VOD entertainment system was excellent.



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rushfan flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B777-200ER (48/235) (25/06/2009 20:32)

took a businessfirst flight from ewr to del this past may. heres my review:

1. the good: wide seats, lots of leg room. good AVOD system with tons of movies, shows and games. really nice groundstaff at ewr. i had 2 seats, with infant in lap. the gentleman at the ewr presidents club made sure that we had an extra seat for my child. the same with the checkin counter in delhi, the gentleman behind the counter blocked a seat next to me, and in the next row for my wife with a seat blocked off next to her, in case our child wanted to sit next to me or my wife! as above, seats were very wide (compared to delta's business or american's business), very comfortable for sitting or relaxing. luggae arrived quickly with the priority baggage stickers on it.

2. the okay: food was just allright, nothing to write home about. i have had better meals in economy on singapore airlines, and surprisingly, in business class on air france (whcih is usually pretty terrible).

3. the bad: terrible inflight service from ewr-delhi. abrupt and rude staff, they would disappear immediately after food/drinks were served, and they really didnt want to help with any extra service. really sad for business class. the flight from delhi to ewr was better, but they still did the 'serve and disappear' act. although seats great for relaxing or sitting up, it was difficult to sleep due to thw slant (at least the seats werent leather like on air france, where you slide off the slanted seat).

4. the ugly: as mentioned above, the groundcrew in delhi and ewr were awesome. the flight 'concierge' (some mean indian lady) in delhi wanted wy wife to hold our child in her lap because we didnt have a seat for her, despite the fact that there were about 10 empty seats in business class. as soon as the light took off, we were them allowed to put the baby in the seat. the concierge was inisistent that we put the baby in our lap because it was not a 'paid seat'. noone was upgraded from economy, and the seats werent filled, so im not sure what the big deal was. i guess they didnt want anyone to set a precedent that kinds will get a free seat even if the cabin is 1/2 empty.

otherwise, overall a decent flight, pretty comfortable and felt alot roomier than most business class international flights. i would definitley fly on this airline again.



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SheilaClark flew Continental Airlines Economy, on a B757-200 (26/03/2009 15:08)

Seats 16F&16C



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AlexDal flew Continental Airlines Economy, on a B767-400ER (22/12/2008 11:34)

Good but I didn't like the IFE.



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stros_four flew Continental Airlines Business First (Business), on a B777-200ER (50/235) (02/10/2008 03:17)

Flew from LGW-EWR

Amazing service. Seats did not lay flat. IFE was not on demand. Food was excellent.



7.3 more

stros_four flew Continental Airlines Economy (short-haul), on a B737-300 (02/10/2008 03:15)

Flew From ATL-IAH one of the most uncomfortable aircraft I have flown on. Seats were very cramped.



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goswrang flew Continental Airlines Economy (short-haul), on a B737-900ER (30/09/2008 12:02)

Continental - New York - Mexico City

Standard Economy seats. A bit crammed for a four our flight, but ok. Tragic food (worst ever on a plane), friendly staff. The in-flight entertainment was a happy surprise, and was much appreciated. Even it was showed on rather small screens above every third seatrow.



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BlackTower flew Continental Airlines First Class (short-haul) (27/09/2008 07:59)

The main reson to fly continental is the youth of the fleet and safety issues.

First class brings priority check in, priority boarding and a bigger seat and precious little else. Indeed first class is always full as continental upgrades FFP members.

Service and catering are simply appalling. I have been the victim of repeated rudeness and racism from cabin staff safe in their unionised positions and the catering would embarass a gulag guard.



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