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All-class rating 8.9


  • Boarding 9.6
  • Seat for sitting 9.0
  • Seat for sleeping 3.6
  • Service 9.2
  • Entertainment 6.8
  • Food & drink 8.0
  • Punctuality 9.6
  • Baggage 10.0
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HelenSinnett flew Asiana Airlines First, on a B777-200ER (Config. 3) (09/03/2013 11:28)

The new First Class Suites are absolutely wonderful and I personally think it is currently the best in the market. The seat is very modern and innovative with huge entertainment screens, an LCD control panel and excellent storage space. The starry mood lighting was a delightful touch when sleeping. Sitting and sleeping was very comfortable and duvets made for an excellent sleep.

Meals were fine dining and it was an excellent culinary experience and top tier wines and champagne complemented meals nicely. Staff service was a standout and very conscientious and polite. Departures and arrivals were on time and baggae came out quickly and dry despite the wet weather. Will certainly fly again and highly recommend.



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JohnWagner flew Asiana Airlines Travel (Economy), on a A330-300 (29/01/2013 18:22)

I flew Asiana's long haul A333 on December 10, 2012 ICN-SEA (returning from SE Asia). First time on this particular aircraft, but Asiana also flies a short haul A330 within Asia (missing from the list here). The impressive thing about Asiana is the wonderful, warm-hearted service and the roomy planes even in Travel Class, and this flight did not disappoint in the least. I was given a hotel room near Seoul airport on this trip since my connection time there was about 13 hours (I originated travel in Hanoi). I go out of my way to fly this airline because it's trouble free and comfortable.



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Stephen787 flew Asiana Airlines Business, on a B777-200ER (Config. 1) (19/05/2012 12:27)

My flight was a 3 hour morning flight from Incheon to Hong Kong due to leave at 9:20am but when I arrived at the airport I found it had been moved forward 20 mins to 9am which wasn't a problem.

As Incheon is Asiana's home turf they have a large dedicated section for check-in's and this was a breeze. I walked straight up to one of the several Business Class desks and was checked in within about 60 seconds. The boarding pass has a lounge invitation printed on it, so far so good.

Given the ease when arriving at Incheon a few days earlier I was surprised by the small entrance to security which meant that there was a large queue to get to the 4 operating x-ray machines. But once through there the immigration queue was very fast and I was out and headed for the Asiana Business lounge.

This was a big disappointment as it was crowded with little spare seating, little food or drinks available for the morning crowd. So I gave up and went out into the cavernous public area which is well designed and much more pleasant than the lounge.

Once the flight was called I boarded through the separate gangway for first/business class onto a 777-200 which was an upgrade from the scheduled A330 on this route.

The 777 had the new Quadrant Smartium seating which is similar to that found on the Emirates A380. Despite being the new seating it seemed a little soiled and had lost the 'new' look and feel but the seats were still pleasant and fully flat.

Champagne, juice and water were offered to the dozen Business passengers on this flight, leaving most of the cabin empty. The cabin crew were very friendly and obliging to ensure you were well looked after.

We pulled back from the gate a few minutes early and were soon on our way heading south along the western coast of Korea. Menus were handed out as soon as the seat belt sign was off and a 4 course Western or Korean brunch service was offered.

The food and wine service is where Asiana really shine. I had previously read about the quality of the food and I was not disappointed. Each course was served separately on elegant Rosenthal china along with quality glassware. The wine list was well chosen and even included an Ice Wine to accompany the dessert.

The only things to let Asiana down were the poor video content and the fact that the seating, although lie-flat, was hard to make comfortable in the 'relax' position. Maybe it was just me but I'm sure other people may find the seating fine.

Overall it was a quality product with excellent staff serving delicious food and I would travel with them again.



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FreshBreeze flew Asiana Airlines Travel (Economy), on a A320-200 (22/11/2011 11:35)

Cheju Airport packed to the rafters the Friday afternoon I checked in for Seoul Incheon for my return flight to Hong Kong.

Travellers were mostly school groups, which I couldn't make out, if they were visiting students who had spent the week on the island, or local youngsters bound for the weekend in Seoul. They filled up the landside area to the extent that many of them had to sit on the floor in front of the departure gates. It was a most uncomfortable environment.

My gate 11 was one of the furthest from the security area, and with the crowds, it took me some time to reach it. Fortunately, there were a few unoccupied seats where I parked myself and my laptop case.

It was impossible to listen to my audio book as the flight announcements were bellowed out non stop. I gave up and just people watched.

The flight between Cheju and Seoul Incheon takes around 50 minutes, and so, no food is served, but a choice of beverages and juices are.

The aircraft used on the route is an A320-200, featuring a 3-3 layout and meticulously kept interiors. There were a couple of white knuckle turbulent periods on the way, which elicited some gasps (including from me), but the pilots handled them well. And the flight attendants never seemed to lose their poise, despite some intense rattling from their meal trolleys.

I chose a left-hand aisle seat towards the front, which served me well as I was one of the first passengers off the plane.



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raipol49 flew Asiana Airlines Business, on a B777-200ER (Config. 1) (16/12/2009 13:09)

ASIANA B777-200 ER Business Class Flights OZ 522/601/602/521

London Heathrow to Sydney and return via Seoul Incheon

BACKGROUND: Asiana currently operates 4 times weekly from London Heathrow T1 to Seoul Incheon with onward connections to points in Northeast Asia and Sydney.

CHECK-IN HEATHROW: This was total chaos on the day we travelled. The Asiana computer had packed up and Bmi, which handles check-in for Asiana, seemed totally lost. Area C in Terminal 1 (normally the check-in area) was deserted and we were told to go to area B. Here the queue went back as far to the main hall and after inquiring where the business class check-in was we were told to go to area A. Here about 50 people wanted to check-in which were more than the available seats in the business class section for the flight. It was just a free for all. We could only check-in as far as Seoul. We were told by stressed Bmi staff that we had to reclaim our luggage in Seoul and check in again. Our pre-allocated seats 3A and 3C were already taken and we received seats 7A and 7B which were not business class. Bmi could not explain why and asked us to sort it out at the gate or on board. One had the impression there was a lack of co-operation between Asiana and Bmi. It took nearly an hour to check-in so no time to visit the Star Alliance lounge. Finally at the gate the Asiana supervisor allocated us seats 1A and 1C. With the chaos, boarding took longer and we left an hour late.

THE SEAT: Asiana has a 2-3-2 configuration on its B777s over five rows. There are some older aircraft in the fleet which feature only 4 rows and unfortunately these are the ones that are used on this London – Seoul – Sydney route. Seat row 1 gives a bit more space than the rows behind, but the lighting reflects on the TV screens and this makes watching not very good. The best rows are two to four or two to three respectively. The seat has a good recline that was almost horizontal but not fully flat. Seating for the meals and sleeping was comfortable. There is some storage space in the seat in front and in an area cut out of the shell in front. Pillow, blanket, ear phones (not noise reducing), slippers and eyeshades are automatically provided. A toilet bag is offered only for flights out of Incheon.

THE FLIGHTS: Flying Down to Sydney via Seoul obviously involves four flight sectors. On each flight on boarding coats were immediately taken by a crew member and drinks (champagne, orange or apple juice or water) were offered before take-off. The food choice included canapés, salad, main course, cheeseboard and desert. The main course is usually beef or fish as well as Korean dishes Bi Bim Bab or Ssam Bab. The steaks were generally excellent (not overcooked) and in particular the Ssam Bab was great. There are 3 red wines and 2 white wines on offer besides the champagne. The Sancere 2007 and the Cellier aux Moines 2005 were very good. Service on all sectors was attentive and the crews very friendly. At the beginning of the flights the chief steward as well as the crew member responsible for you introduced themselves and at the end of each flight the cabin crew gave a personal thank you which sums up the personal service.

IFE: This is the weak point of Asiana’s in flight service. The B777 aircraft with five rows have AVOD whereas the older four row B777s are not equipped with the system. The older aircraft was in service on the flights Sydney - Seoul - London. From previous trips with Asiana I know that the programs on the AVOD is adequate but in comparison with the competition poor. The films are in English, Korean and other languages. On the older B777, it is the same sort of programming, but without the ability to stop and start the programmes.

TRANSIT AT SEOUL INCHEON: Here Asiana redeemed itself with excellent ground service. At the aircraft’s door all transit passengers were greeted by Asiana staff who directed us to the transfer desks and here the new boarding passes were issued quickly with the pre-allocated seats and we were told that the luggage would be retrieved from the belt and redirected to our Sydney flight departing in a couple of hours’ time.

THE LOUNGE IN INCHEON: The lounge is situated a floor up from the departure concourse and for us one of the best business class lounges. Very spacious and quiet even during a rush our (17.00 – 19.00 hrs). There is a dining area with a selection of some hot and cold food (Asian and Western). The bar contains the usual drinks stock. The lounge has also a rest area and quite a big TV area as well as the library which is the quiet sitting area. The business centre is in a separate room cut off from the rest of the lounge and offers free internet access and plenty of computers. A shower facility is also available.

ARRIVAL: To arrive into Sydney can be a pain when several flights arrive at the same time. Despite holding an “express card” it took 30 mins to clear immigration plus another 15 mins to clear customs. To get through in 45 minutes was not too bad in the circumstances.


CHECK-IN SYDNEY: Check-in is made by Qantas staff and it took a matter of minutes. We received even a pre-filled in departure card which we more or less just had to sign. We also received already the boarding passes for the Seoul-London flight on the next day. Our luggage was checked through to Heathrow. THE LOUNGE IN INCHEON: For us one of the best business class lounges. Very spacious and quiet. There is a dining area, a rest area, TV area, a library, a business centre with free internet access and plenty of computers, showers. Bar contained the usual drinks stock and there is always some hot and cold food available.

BOARDING INCHEON and SYDNEY: Asiana uses the Air New Zealand lounge at Sydney. It was quite busy since it caters for a number of different carriers. Although very spacious it is not a good as Asiana’s own lounge on Incheon.

STOP-OVER IN INCHEON: One drawback with Asiana’s schedule is that an overnight stop in Seoul is needed when flying Sydney-London. On our return flight Incheon’s immigration was cleared in a matter of minutes. Transit passengers are handed complimentary hotel vouchers at Seoul and are bussed to the hotel. We stayed at the Seoul Royal in the city centre with Asiana also paying for dinner and breakfast. All was very well organized and the transfers were smooth.

ARRIVAL AT LONDON HEATHROW : In Heathrow we arrived slightly early and after a long walk found there were no queues at immigration. Our suitcase came on the belt just as we reached the baggage hall. All in all we took 25 minutes from leaving the aircraft to greeting our driver. That’s a new record for me at Heathrow.

VERDICT: Having now flown a total of 10 long haul sectors with Asiana. I can say of the first eight flights there was a 100 per cent product consistency. This was dented in the last two sectors by the older aircraft with no AVOD. Service all around was always very good and because of the service consistency Asiana has become one of our favorites. I only wish they can improve their IFE.

PRICE: Very attractive if you have time for the stop-over in Seoul. Check with Asiana.



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