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Air Malta

All-class rating 6.8


  • Boarding 6.4
  • Seat for sitting 6.8
  • Seat for sleeping 2.1
  • Service 7.0
  • Entertainment 1.2
  • Food & drink 6.9
  • Punctuality 8.2
  • Baggage 6.5
  • Of course, your ratings vary widely for different classes. Choose one below for full details.

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Air Malta (airline code KM), is the national airline of the Mediterranean island of Malta. Air Malta was established in 1974.

Air Malta operates a short-haul network to more than 50 destinations with more than 200 flights a week. Most of its routes are to and from Malta, but it does fly from the UK and Germany to Sicily.

Air Malta is a full service airline offering a business class cabin, but the level of service in economy will vary according to which route you are on and whether the flight is scheduled or chartered.

The airline currently operates 10 short-haul aircraft.

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