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Seatplan rating 6.3


  • Boarding 6.9
  • Seat for sitting 6.3
  • Seat for sleeping 4.8
  • Service 6.1
  • Entertainment 5.9
  • Food & drink 5.8
  • Punctuality 6.7
  • Baggage 7.8

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JulianaDezaux flew Air France Premium Economy, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (18/09/2013 01:38)

Food quality is horrible on the AF flights that I have taken - 3 flights in total for this leg
Premium economy seats are very uncomfortable and ergonomically horrible for the back.
Seats don't recline - they slide down
Service was horrible. Pressed the call button 3 times for some water to take my medication. It was turned off after a few minutes BUT no one came to serve.
Premium economy felt worse than economy on any other airline.



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talparis flew Air France Business, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (06/01/2012 01:39)

HAV to CDG. Leaving HAV at around 20:30 after the airline informed me by SMS & E-Mail that the schedule was changed to 21:30. When I arriving at checkin 1H30 prior, I was informed that the flight is already boarding and checkin is closed. A visit to the AF office persuaded the personal to issue me with a boarding pass. Rushing through immigration & security with my suitcase, I have arrived as the door was closing. So no time for lounge experience. I was seated in 01E on a fairly empty flight, an aisle seats in a middle row of 3 with the centre seat free for me to use and my suitcase in the bin above the seat opposite.

Champagne & water was offered before take-off. Given that this was a night flight with a late morning arrival, Menus for supper & Breakfast were also handed. Noise canceling headphones are already at your seat with a bottle of water and modest amenity kits. Supper was served fairly straight after take-off into the humid night air.

On this flight the crew were extremely helpful & friendly and wore smart navy outfits. As the cabin was only half full, supper was quickly served. There was a small menu consisting of green salad and a plate of sliced cold lobster and grilled red peppers fallowed by a choice of 3 main courses, Beef filet, prawns, fish or chicken all served with different potato, rice & veg selections. Cheese & bread rolls were offered afterwards. For afters there was a chocolate mouse cake and some sherbets. The food was of OK quality but lack in presentation, a pity the fish was a little bland.

After supper I settled down with the IFE system. Plenty of choices to keep most people entertained for hours, but same as on the incoming flight. So I caught up on the couple of movies I'd missed out befor. The lie flat seat was not fully flat and set at 75% angle for sleep and a bit short for my 6'2" length. 2 mild sleeping pills helped me to snooze off for 5 hours.

Waking up over Normandy the view was a treat and quite mesmerizing. A disappointing breakfast of fresh fruit, yoghurt, and some baked goods was served. Then it was time to freshen up, and straighten ourselves before landing at CDG.

Arriving at Terminal 2D was like a step back in time. Those cramped narrow walkways give away its age. Finally getting to immigration on a fast track, the trip was over.

Overall a mediocre business product that did not ticked most of the boxes. An aircraft with an urgent need of a refit, to be in line with the A380's much better experience.



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mgerard flew Air France Premium Economy, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (10/11/2011 02:47)



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JustinSF flew Air France Premium Economy, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (09/11/2011 18:04)

I Flew Air France 0083 from SFO to CDG on 6 October in Premium Voyaguer class on a 777.

At the time I purchased my ticket, Premium Voyageur was $400 more for the round trip fare than regular economy. It was definitely worth it. The seat is vastly superior to a standard coach seat. Although the seat itself is only 1 inch wider than a regular economy seat, it is separated by a wide armrest, so that you never have to compete for an armrest or bump your neighbor's elbow... a nice improvement.

The leg room is great; I'm 6' 2" tall and never felt cramped. The two-part table is well thought out. The entertainment system is one of the best I've ever experienced, with a large bright clear screen and plenty of movies and TV options.

The seat is very comfortable for sitting, with good privacy and space, but not so great for sleeping; this isn't business class! Food is same as economy, and is acceptable, but certainly not excellent. The flight attendants were polite and helpful.

Boarding was disorganized, both in San Francisco and on the return flight from Paris. But it didn't matter, as there was plenty of space in the bins overhead. My baggage was delivered right away on both ends of the trip.

Overall, VERY favorably impressed; i would recommend it. Just don't expect business class, and I think you will find it's a good value offering.



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frshangh flew Air France Economy, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (20/10/2011 09:55)

I had the worst experience with Air France during my last trip to France. French but living in China, I have fly home several times a year.

I manage to get a emergency exit at check-in ( I am 1,90m and 95kgs) but to my big surprise, I was on the window side and had absolutely no space for my shoulders. The guy next to me was also tall and wide shoulders so we had a lot of problems to fit in those seats during the flight.

Furthemore, right in front of me, there were the plastic protection for the door. This big piece did not allow me to stretch my legs. BUT THE WORST WAS, my TV screen did not work at all. The crew tried to reset few times but in the end they gave up. I said why I cant have movies, it IS A 12HRS FLIGHT. We are sorry but we cant fix it. SO THAT's IT....

Air France has no good reputation for economy class comfort. It is very bad to be honest. I am sure they amend the ranks layout in the plane to gain few more at the back and make more money out of it. It is also from the type of plane they are using, B777 are not that good and seats in Eco are quite tight.

His code-share partner China Eastern Airlines, they are using Airbus (more space) but no in-flight entertainment. Meals are not as good as AF but they have the plug for laptops so u can charge by watching videos on your laptop.



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Lesabrowning flew Air France Premium Economy, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (16/01/2011 01:34)

I flew Air France Premium Economy from Paris to Atlanta in December. I found it to be worth the extra cost. It is a far cry from Business Class, but it is also a fraction of the price. The extra space, early boarding, extra armrest, bottle of water and the other small goodies make a big difference. I think the seats are very comfortable compared to basic economy. I just booked another round trip on Premium economy, this time Los Angeles to Paris. I highly recommend it!



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martinique flew Air France Business, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (08/10/2009 17:01)



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Air_Lac flew Air France Premium Economy, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (03/08/2009 15:30)

Leg room and space in general is much better in Alizé than in Economy. The screens are larger. You can board the plane as one of the first and also leave the plane as one of the first. Food is certainly not the business class food you would expect - mediocre...particularly disappointing was the breakfast.



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goswrang flew Air France Economy, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3) (30/09/2008 12:07)

Nice, new, clean aircraft, with in-flight entertainment screen on every seat. Not video on demand, but a system where you have to know when the films starts. Great food and friendly staff. Takeoff and landing bang on time. A bonus for the night "buffet" in the back of the plane where passengers can help them self to snack, drinks and towels during the night.



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