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Seatplan rating 5.3


  • Boarding 6.7
  • Seat for sitting 5.3
  • Seat for sleeping 5.7
  • Service 3.7
  • Entertainment 4.3
  • Food & drink 3.7
  • Punctuality 6.7
  • Baggage 4.3

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epeek06 flew Air France Economy, on a B777-200ER (Config. 2) (21/05/2013 09:54)

Note: Normally I give a detailed review of my flight, but have decided this time to only highlight important aspects.

Boarding: Plane was delayed for an hour due to technical engine problem, for my it didn't pose a problem, rather on the ground than in the air.
Boarding was swift and efficient, took place in the new terminal 2E at Paris CDG, impressive terminal if you take into account other terminals at CDG.

Seat: 35A which is the seat at the front of the back economy section. Endless amounts of leg space (for sleeping it was great, I could put my feet up on the door emergency slide compartment). Nevertheless, seat is narrow and no windows available (until you lean your seat backwards you gain a window :))

Meal: Vegetarian ravioli, to me it really seemed as if they had forgotten to cook the ravioli before sending it off. Side dishes and other meals; nothing great I have seen better on other European Airlines, including easyjet.

Crew: Mix and match, one of the crew who served me seemed correct and friendly, another crew I landed on a typical Parisian attitude, he insulted the passenger next to me, it really seemed he had forgotten everything he was told during his formation as a steward.

Flight: Fortunately, arrived with 15 min delay, considering we left one hour late from Paris.

Overall: Apart from the positive new terminal E experience, I would say it is another sad day for Air France.



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DutchinSwitzerland flew Air France Business, on a B777-200ER (Config. 2) (21/04/2013 20:16)

As mentioned in an earlier thread, i'm on my way to Hong Kong. On the way out i'm flying AF while using my beloved KLM for the return.

The check-in counters for flights to France are at a special section of GVA airport and therefore normally really quiet, there was no-one at the SKYPRIORITY desk and I was assisted immediately. After some searching the friendly girl located me in the system and soon I was on my way again. Interestingly received only one boarding pass for both sections of my flight which I think is a great thing.

Security check is basically 10 metres away and wasn't busy at this time so I swiftly made my way to the lounge.

The AF lounge at GVA isn't one of their best but it's good enough to work or relax a bit before flying. This time i discovered that they even had soup (quite tasty even) something I haven't seen before.

Boarding was slightly delayed due to a late arrival of the incoming aircraft but was first in line and on board

The plane used was a rather old A320 which, maybe because of the short turn-around, was quite dirty with bits of paper and other things scathered on the floor. Staff was clearly too busy to really care about passengers so jackets were not taken and no drinks were offered (not sure whether this is normal on these short flights).

Pushback was 10 mins late but shortly after being airborne a small cold meal was served consisting of a salad and some artichokes and dried meat with a small box of chocolates for desert. Drinks were offered in a very hastily fashion which is probably due to the short flying time.

Arrival was slightly delayed as well, currently in the lounge in terminal 2e Waiting for the second part of this journey which will be in seat 5a on a B772, one of the most busy lounges by the way

Will keep you posted



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joannasf flew Air France Premium Economy, on a B777-200ER (Config. 2) (06/04/2012 00:21)

This was my second attempt at Premium Economy on Air France. The first time I thought it was just ok, but this time it was simply the worst.

I had such a horrible flight. I went from San Francisco to Paris, Paris to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Paris and Paris to San Francisco. The flights from Paris to Amsterdam and back had no accomodation for Premium Economy passengers, so I sat cramped up in Economy. Poor....Retruning to San Francisco, the following happened:

1. When asking for champagne I was told that the passengers in Economy had drumk it all. I asked the flight attendant if there was any available anywhere on the plane and she huffed and puffed and went to Business Class to get some.

2. The flight attendant neglected to close the curtains between Economy and our cabin hence allowing all those passengers to tromp through to use our bathroom making it impossible for us to get to use it.

3. My screen wasn't working so there was no movie for me....eleven hours without any entertainment. When I asked the flight attendant if there was another seat with a working screen he told me that the only ones available were in Business Class and he wasn't allowed to move me. That's rubbish. I used to be a flight attendant and you can move anyone anywhere you think best.

I became quite angry and vocal and he simply shrugged his shoulders and said that there was nothing he could do. I was livid.

4. There was NO service. I rang for the flight attendant four times and FINALLY someone showed up. We were fed lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 6:30 with NO service in between.

Our menu told us that snacks and ice cream would be available but no one told us when it was served or where to find it.

5. The food was literally ineatable. Simply horrible. They offered some chicken and noodle thing that was unrecognizable....YUK...This was the same food that was served in Economy.

6. The seats are hard as rocks. Very uncomfortable and that stupid little foot rest is nothing more than annoying.

I will NEVER fly Air France again. I was so angry that I actually wrote them a letter. Steer clear of this airlines. SImply horrible....



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