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Seatplan rating 7.4


  • Boarding 7.5
  • Seat for sitting 7.5
  • Seat for sleeping 6.3
  • Service 6.8
  • Entertainment 6.3
  • Food & drink 6.2
  • Punctuality 7.7
  • Baggage 9.5

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James_Lyons flew Air France Premium Economy, on a A380 (01/04/2013 07:37)

It is 100x better than economy. But it is not comparable to business, however the price is no-where close to business, therefore it is a pretty good deal. The seat is very superior to any economy seat. The fixed shell is a great plus and it definitely feels very spacious. The only backdraw is the poor recline. The seat is not so comfortable for sleeping as it doesn't recline, however there's a lot of space underneath the seat in front so you can sleep with the leggrest extended and on your side with your head on the armrest, as weird as it might sound.

The service on the other hand is not as good as it should. Yes you get priority services and all that stuff, but once onboard there's not much attention. They treat you as an economy passenger and the crew is not present during the flight. Another bad thing about Premium Economy is that it shares bathrooms, galley, etc. with economy.



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klausmennekes flew Air France Premium Economy, on a A380 (07/12/2012 20:17)

Terrible seats. Very limited and uncomfortable recline with leg rest absolutely useless no toilets in premium economy, mediocre food. Flew recently DL Premium Economy ATL - DUS exit row aisle and will do so in the future.
The price for Air France Premium Economy not worth the difference. The complimentary glass of bubbly and chocolates can't make up the weakness of this "upgraded economy"



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Vertrek flew Air France Premium Economy, on a A380 (02/07/2012 10:41)

LHR-CDG (A320)

Check-in: Hassle-free, did it through the app and printed my boarding pass through the self-check in machine.
My luggage was labeled "priority".

Boarding: Was chaotic, everyone ignore the "SkyPriority" (SP) sign, in fact, everyone were q-ing in the SP line.

Flight and Seat: was a very smooth one, as a PE passenger, I was seated in the business-class section of the cabin, but without the middle seat being reserved. however, I got the whole row to my self as it was only 30% full in J and PE.

Cabin crew, beside of this one lady who was a little bit arrogant, were really friendly. A stewards quickly moved as he saw me coming through a galley to give me way and hit his head to the overhead locker, before smiling and said "sorry for blocking the alley".

Meals: It was served in the famous AF white lunch box. consisted of stuffs I couldn't mention, but it include an appetiser, 3 pieces of main, a dessert and a box of chocolate. The quantity is perfect! and so far, for all of my 2012 flight, the taste is second to none! I would rate 9/10 for this short haul PE catering.

We arrived in CDG on time, if not early (can't really remember, but heard the captain said early) and had a 6 hours layover. CDG was gorgeous, beautiful design and I navigated easily through out despite of not speaking any French but the basic.

Went to the transfer desk and asked to pay for upgrade on CDG-SIN flight, and the lady couldn't be friendlier. was served with a smile and she even apologised with the sorry facial expression because of the full flight. Replied with "Merci beacoup" and was responded with a surprise and even a bigger smile, before pointed out my AF256 gate and are. went there in no time and decided to use the lounge.

As a PE passenger travelling intercontinentally I need to pay EUR25 (this access is free for EU flight) however, as the nice gentlemen in the lounge were unable to call the person who is in charge for taking payment, they all decided to gave me a free entrance and make me as their "guest"! shook their hand and thanked them for the kindness.

Enjoy the spacious empty lounge overlooking the taxi way and the terminal entrance and used the shower facility with L'occitane amenities prepared in a toiletry bag. The staffs in the lounge were all smiling and friendly even though they don't speak english (which is not a problem at all).

CDG-SIN (A380)

Boarding: SkyPriority line does make a different and a nice lady guarded the line to make sure only F, J, PE and ST Elite and Elite + were given the access!

Flight/Seat/Meal/IFE: Love the PE seat as it was spacious and offered a lot of leg room, cushion were nice and a water bottle was provided. Flight Attendants were less smiley but professional and chatty.

There were a self service bar at the back of the galley and 2 cabin crews were always there attending it. And drinks + snacks always available. Spend about 30 to 45 mins chatting with the crew quietly and the crew offered almost every passengers that come to a galley a snack (hot snack such as "porridge" and so on), which were really professional and courteous considering the last time I asked for a hot chocolate in QF I was answered with a sour face and a "sigh".

Dinner service was quick and offered a EU or Asian options. opted the asian one. It was enough and tasty. Drink service was followed afterward. Breakfast was nice can't quiet recall what it was but I remember the apples, yoghourt and rice pudding, this was followed with a drink service as well.

IFE was not as huge as SQ or CX but consist of the latest. Would love to see the IFE improves as it was very redundant due to either subtitle or overdubbed movies.

Arrival: Landed on time, and as usual, SIN is flawless. Bag was among the first.

Flight Changed: As I changed my flight a week earlier, I did the changed through AF Twitter and it was done in a matter of hours without wasting any money to call or the annoying "holding" song; paid my penalty in the airport.

All in all, love and enjoyed my journey with AF. Can't really fault them and CDG both the airport and the lounge were gorgeous. Looking forwards for my next one! Another happy customer with AF for sure!

Safe Travel.



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FrustratedRegistration flew Air France Business, on a A380 (01/06/2012 22:24)

Check-in at Washington Dulles was slow.

The lounge is bright but very plain with a poor selection of food and drink. Boarding was calm but I soon realised it was because the upper deck was almost empty. In retrospect they boarded us far too early.

The cabin is fresh and calming, though it's hard to know if I would have felt the same if it were packed. The food and drink were good and the crew polite and attentive if a bit formal.

This was the first "(angled) lie flat" seat I have experienced where I was conscious of sliding down when attempting to sleep. I had flown the other direction with their partners KLM and reckoned I could see that the seat was the same design / manufacturer so I don't know if it is AF's fabric that is more slippery. We landed on time but transit in CDG was not pleasant.



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GillThwaites flew Air France Economy, on a A380 (11/05/2012 13:38)

This was the middle leg of our flight to PLZ in South Africa. Security at CDG was yet again very slow and chaotic. The monorail between the two Terminal E buildings wasn't working, so we had to get on a bus. Once at the departure gate there was a huge queue of people waiting to board. However, we weren't in a rush so waited.

We were in seats 89J&K on the outward flight, on the top deck. There is a different walkway to the plane dependent on which row you are sat.

The small economy cabin on this deck was arranged in at 2-4-2 configuration, and we had a row of two which was great. There is a very useful storage compartment by the window seat which is large enough for a handbag/laptop bag which means if the overhead storage compartments are full, or you don't want anything on the floor in front of you, you can utilise this - it is also very useful for putting drinks on!!!

Flight took off on time and landed on time. Flight crew were good, if not appearing too friendly, but very efficient. Like the fact there is a little drinks cabinet provided in the galley at the back so during the night you could help yourself to water, juice, fizzy drinks and snacks without bothering the staff.

IFE was good although my other half wasn't so keen. A good range of games to play though!

On the return we were in seats 89A&B. Flight crew much friendlier on this one. Again, couldn't complain about the flight. I'm not a big fan of Air France, but this time we couldn't find fault with them.



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Vertrek flew Air France Premium Economy, on a A380 (27/03/2012 04:53)

LHR-CDG-JFK AF006 Premium Economy.

Check-in: LHR T4, collected my boarding pass in the kiosk and drop my bag in the counter, as a Premium Voyaguer passenger, my bag was labeled "Priority".

Boarding: LHR-CDG: It was fast and efficient and was greeted politely with a smile, CDG-JFK: SkyPriority has been implemented in CDG and Premium Voyaguer is on the list along with La Premier, Affaire, SkyTeam Elite+ and Elite therefore, my boarding process was seamless and Q-less.

Cabin and Seat:


European Premium Y is located in the same cabin as European J. but without the middle seat being reserved. The meal was given out in a form of AF plastic box which was collected at the end of the flight. The food, despite of being small, it was one of the best and smartly presented.


Premium cabin is a small cabin in the upper deck between Affaire and Voyaguer. The cabin is cosy, clean with purple mood lightning. The seat itself, despite of being fixed shell, it was really comfortable, the cushion is perfect and leg rooms is plenty for 6ft. The seat slides forward and gives an added comfort when resting.

Surprisingly friendly and full of smile! The cabin were chatty and show a genuine interest when chatted. The toilet was dirty with tissues on the floor and one of the crew saw it when the door was open, politely apologised to the Q and asked if she could clean it first. Again, just like my last KLM flight, the crew were relaxed and seems to enjoy what they do despite of the cuts that are made by the company.

IFE: Big Screen. easily navigated touch screen IFE. Good resolution with noise cancelling headphone. Quiet disappointed with the selection as it was limited.

Food and Drink:
Nothing special to write about. The selection was Mushroom Risotto or Chicken. The self service bar is a big plus!

Baggage: was waiting on the belt.


Great cabin crew, great premium economy seat, for a reasonable price. I am a one happy passenger. Despite of the bad reviews, AF managed to impress me with both product and services, I'll definitely fly them again! In fact. I am considering flying both AF and KLM for my summer holiday! :)

Also, I wonder why people complaint about CDG, it is a nice airport and I could easily navigate throughout the terminals.



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