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Class rating 6.4


  • Boarding 7.4
  • Seat for sitting 6.2
  • Seat for sleeping 5.2
  • Service 5.2
  • Entertainment 7.3
  • Food & drink 4.5
  • Punctuality 7.3
  • Baggage 7.9
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Air France's Premium Economy product (formerly known as Premium Voyageur) is being installed across its long-haul fleet with the exception of the 747 aircraft, which are due to be phased out by 2014.

Air France has made space for the new seating by removing 40 economy seats, replacing them with the new cabin, which has a 2-4-2 configuration on Boeing 777s or 2-3-2 on Airbus A330s and A340s (22-28 seats in total depending on the aircraft).

Premium Economy is divided from both economy and business cabins by wall partitions rather than curtains, and the three rows of seats are a fixed shell type so that passengers can recline without encroaching on the row behind them. Seats are 20% wider than economy and have a 20% greater seat pitch at 38 inches.

Features include a sliding recline mechanism, a 10.4-inch (26cm) TV screen, individual seat power and reading lights as well as on-the-ground benefits such as priority check-in. Seats also have laptop power and a table wide enough for laptops and tablet computers to be used side by side.

Service includes a cocktail and crackers followed by wines and champagnes. There are two hot meal options prepared by Michel Nugues, member of the Toques du Ciel association. For some destinations in Asia, there are local speciality meals.

For flights from Paris lasting 10.5 hours or more, a self-service buffet containing mini-sandwiches and Häagen-Dazs ice cream is offered.

Note that this seat and class is different from Alize, the premium economy class that is offered on certain leisure routes to the French overseas territories in the Caribbean and French Guyana.

Premium Economy

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JulianaDezaux flew Air France Premium Economy, on a B777-300ER (Config. 3)

Food quality is horrible on the AF flights that I have taken - 3 flights in total for this leg Premium economy seats are very uncomfortable and ergonomically horrible for the back. Seats don't recline - they slide down Service was horrible. Pressed the call button 3 times for some water to take my medication. It was turned off after a few minutes BUT no one came to... more




James_Lyons flew Air France Premium Economy, on a A380

It is 100x better than economy. But it is not comparable to business, however the price is no-where close to business, therefore it is a pretty good deal. The seat is very superior to any economy seat. The fixed shell is a great plus and it definitely feels very spacious. The only backdraw is the poor recline. The seat is not so comfortable for sleeping as it doesn't... more




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