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Air China » A330-300

Seatplan rating 8.0


  • Boarding 9.0
  • Seat for sitting 8.0
  • Seat for sleeping 8.0
  • Service 8.0
  • Entertainment 5.0
  • Food & drink 6.0
  • Punctuality 10.0
  • Baggage 10.0

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The Airbus A330-300 is a modern twin-aisle long haul aircraft of which Air China currently operates a fleet of 11 and has an additional 9 aircraft on order.

In Air China’s configuration, this airplane seats 301 passengers – 30 in Business Class, 16 in Premium Economy Class and 255 in Economy Class.

The Business Class seats feature an 80in seat pitch and 180 degrees (fully-flat) recline. These seats have individual power outlets at every seat and 15.4in PTVs with AVOD.

Air China’s newly introduced Premium Economy Class is only a slight upgrade from its Economy Class on this aircraft type. The Premium Economy seats feature the same seat recline as those in Economy Class, but offer a greater seat pitch of 36-37in. These seats also have PTVs with AVOD installed. The catering is the same as in Economy Class.

The Economy Class seats feature a 30in seat pitch and individual power outlets shared by two seats. Please note that these seats do not have PTVs. Overhead screens are available.

Air China uses this aircraft on domestic, regional and primarily international routes, such as Beijing-Dusseldorf, Beijing- Munich and Beijing-Sydney, Beijing - Singapore and Beijing - Taipei. 

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Seat plan for the Air China A330-300

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You are here: home > Airlines > Air China > Seat plans > A330-300