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Economy seating on ANA's regional 787 is configured 2-4-2 (A,C - D,E,F,G - H,K) and is the new pod-style, which means that only the seat cushion moves. The seat manufacturers say this allows you to recline without inconveniencing the passenger behind you.

If you want an exit row, 23 is an option. Row six will probably give more space, but remember that it faces the economy class bar. For this reason, we think row three is the best as it will certainly be quieter and there should be some extra legroom.

Normally, the middle seats are to be avoided if possible, but ANA has used the 787's extra cabin width to put a double arm rest in the middle seats, giving more room to stretch the elbows.

All seats have seatback TVs and entertainment on demand.

Generally, wherever you sit, the 787 should give you a more pleasant experience. Cabins are pressurised at a higher level than normal, meaning that you should feel less dehydrated and more refreshed when you arrive. 

Other hi-tech features include electronic window blinds with five tint settings that you control from the window seat. Even when these are set at their darkest, you can still see through them. Windows are also much larger than normal.

Other innovations are the women-only toilets and a bidet facility in all washrooms.

Something else that will please all passengers are the over-size storage bins that will accommodate cabin-approved bags width-ways, rather than length-ways.

Seat plan for the ANA B737-700ER (Config. 2)

Legend for seat plan for the ANA B737-700ER (Config. 2)

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